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Olaplex Wash Day

 The Olaplex No.O and No 3 have received massive hype within the hair care community and for good reasons. I'll post a full review on YouTube soon.  I began with the  No.0 on dry hair and topped up won't the No.3. I left it in for a while and then shampooed and conditioned the hair. Though I like the John Frieda Hydrate shampoos, the conditioner doesn't really have much to offer. However, I'm glad I've tried the Olaplex and would be definitely invest in the large size. I moisturized with the As I Am So Much’s Moisture and Olaplex Oil. My hair is doing okay now and I look forward to seeing more length retention .

Emoliants and Occlusives

 Your hair product may contain additional ingredients in the firm of emoliants and Occlusives in order to deliver the best results. Occlusives  act as a barrier to hold that moisture in. (Sealants) include:  Petrolatum Mineral oil Lanolin Waxes Silicones These ingredients have had a bad reputation but the problem isn't about the ingredients but then how we use them and when we use them. I stopped the No mineral oil bandwagon years ago when I gained better knowledge of ingredients and their correct usage. Emoliants are lubricating and film-forming and help smooth, soften and seal the hair cuticle. They are hydrophobic or water-repelling ingredients which prevent loss of water from your skin and hair.  These include:  Oils Butters  Ceramides Basically, some products may contain all of these! When sealing, these ingredients play a crucial role in preventing moisture loss. Several emoliants can double as Occlusives too! In the LCOB technique, we essentially combine humectants, emoliant

Humectants For Your Hair

 Humectant simply refers to substances that attract water from the air or from deeper in the skin. This equally applies to the hair! Occlusives refer to substances with the ability to prevent moisture loss. This gives rise to the need to  moisturize and seal! Keeping moisture in the hair has been out mantra over the years and with the influx of new ingredients and brands, therw are now new ways to incorporate moisture into the hair. Hyaluronic acid is also noted as a great humectant as well as Glycerin. There are two new ingredients on the horizon now; the Polyglutamic acid and pryyol Aside the moisturizers we use, you can still incorporate additional humectants. To use hyaluronic acid, spray a little water based leave in conditioner and then apply the hyaluronic acid and then seal with your butter or oil. To use Glycerin, the same method applies. Aloe vera is also great for prepoo treatments.  P olyglutamic  acid helps draw moisture from the atmosphere into your skin. Its properties a