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Banana clip Updo With Pin Curls On Natural/Relaxed Hair

TGIF!!*doing an azonto dance** When you want that extra swag to your look, rock this style. It can be done on either natural or relaxed hair.    My Version

Relaxer Dos And Don'ts

It's fair to say caring for relaxed hair is not as simple as my fellas think. It's not about sit, slap the relaxer on, wash and see you in 4 weeks time for another rendezvous. These are the few things I've learnt about relaxed hair.
Protect your ends with conditioner, oil or grease. The rational behind this is that in the process of washing out the relaxer, the water definitely runs over the already processed hair. As this increases, you eventually have the already processed hair becoming weaker and also causing overprocessing. The protector can be applied a day before the relaxer or right before the relaxer. I use sheabutter.

Selecting Shampoos Based On Purpose

--> Shampoos may be purchased for specific purposes. Let's examine some of these shampoos and their classifies these shampoos into four main groups.Chelating ShampoosConditioning ShampoosBaby ShampoosAnti-Dandruff shampoosCleansing Shampoos
These shampoos are designed to get gunk off your hair and scalp. (produced as: volumizing, clarifying, balancing, oil control, or thickening).
Clarifying shampoos are meant for deep cleansing.If you see things like Dimethicone, Polyquaternium-7 or Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, on the label, the formula will probably deposit conditioners on your hair that you don’t want if you’re trying to clarify.(The Chelating shampoos: A chelating agent can chemically bind with minerals and keep them from depositing on your hair.This type of product has most application to areas of the country where there is hard water. Soft water already has the minerals removed. Look for products with the ingredien…

Natural Hair Dos And Dont's

We are aware that we deal with both the rainy and harmattan seasons. However, treating natural hair in these seasons will vary depending on:
The products you useYour regimenHow you style your hair Even though there are a lot of naturals, most naturals assume that all you need to cater for the hair is water and sheabutter. These products are good for moisturizing but when it comes to other aspects of the hair care journey, most naturals are ignorant or too lazy to care. They complain and nag about not seeing any length as well as facing difficulties in caring for the hair in general. If you are reading this post, kindly note the following dos and don'ts to save you the headaches. The points provided are based on what I know and what I've read:

Never, ever,ever comb natural hair in its dry state: For 4b hair like mine, you can't even get the comb through it. Yet, ladies will attempt combing the hair and worse off, with small tooth comb. This causes major breakage as well as s…

Selecting Shampoos Based On Ingredients

Most of the questions I get from my facebook pals have to do with how to choose a shampoo from the lot. With the  kind of attendants at most cosmetic shops in our markets, it is always safer to know the exact product you are looking for (see an encounter in Gossip Train5#Shopping Time). From what I've learnt, depending on your hair needs, there are several considerations in the choice of a shampoo. I will discuss two categories; choice based on component/ingredient and selection based on purpose/function.We are going to use a bit of science so buckle up!

According to,Paula Begoun, author of states that only the first five or six ingredients of shampoos impact the formula’s effectiveness. lists them as follows:

Baggy Method And Green House Effect (GHE)

-->  What is the difference between the baggy method and the Green House Effect?

Baggying involves using a moisturizer (which contains chemicals) and a plastic cap to help retain moisture and hydrate your hair.

The green house effect is mainly to help promote hair growth in a natural way as well as restore moisture.The greenhouse effect encourages your body heat and natural oils to moisturize your hair.
These two methods can aid in hair growth and retention. Some women that do this regularly (3-5 times a week) have shown that they get 1 inch of hair growth a month. This method is great for anyone with dry, brittle ends.

Twenty-One Plus More-Thank You To My Readers

I can't find any better way to say a big THANK YOU to all of you for visiting, reading, following as well as subscribing to this blog.

Let me say, WELL DONE to my partners AfroDiva of AfroDiva Diaries and my Hubby.You are a blessing sent from heaven. For your energy, time, brains and fingers, may the good Lord continue to take you to higher levels and open more doors of opportunities for you.

I have also reached 21 google connect friend followers and I know of those who follow via bloglovin, twitter, facebook, google plus and through the email. I also extend my sincerest gratitude to Dr fomsky of for featuring my button on her page.I appreciate your support! It's my prayer that you find fulfillment whenever you pass through each page. May the Lord reward you all for your help.

I've not forgotten the inspirational women of  Bloggers Like Me  who have dedicated their resources to the good of all women in the blogging world. THANK YOU!

To those I can'…

Hair Journal: Castor Oil For Hair Growth Update

From the 31st of March -1st July, I decided to use regular castor oil on my hair for growth. Check out the post on Castor Oil For Hair.
I mixed it up with some coconut oil and used it daily and I totally forgot that it was a challenge I set for myself. I was flipping through some previous posts when I came across the post on it. It also popped up at a time when I have decided to try the JBCO. Well, even though I didn't notice any change in hair growth rate, it did other things for the hair.

Hair Journal:Wash Day With Vitamin E Pre-poo

I decided to do a pre-poo with cayenne pepper infused in olive oil with Vitale hair growth serum. Wondering what pre-poo is? Pre-poo refers to the use of oils or conditioner to before shampoo since shampoos can dry out the hair by stripping it of all its oils. Remember the squeaky clean feeling you get sometimes after using a shampoo? A pre-poo can also be a form of hot oil treatment(a full post on this).

Flexi Rod Set: On Flat ironed Relaxed Hair

Yep, it's late but as I revealed in Wash Day And New Discoveries, I slept with the hair in flexirods. Something like this: Took them, fluffed the hair with a wide tooth comb and this how it turned out:

Jamaican Black Castor Oil In Ghana Now!

--> Hurrayyy!!!! By courtesy of sheabuttercottage, JBCO is now available in Accra. If you don't know the essence of this oil, read these...
Jamaican Black Castor Oil works for all hair types. It will moisturize, thicken, strengthen and rapidly increase hair growth. It increases blood flow to the scalp, supplying valuable nutrients to hair follicles. Jamaican Black Castor Oil will also prevent hair breakages, dandruff, eczema and dry, itchy scalp. Jamaican Black Castor Oil has crossed over into other ethnic groups, and is now being used widely for some of the same purposes, as well as new found uses including eyelash and eyebrow hair growth and as massage oil...Over the last ten years, it is an established precedent that Jamaican Black Castor oil is more effective than the clear pharmacy castor oil because of the ash content due to roasting of the beans. Therefore, it stands to reason that the more ash content, the more effective the oil. This is not a myth, i…

How To: Curl and Straighten Synthetic Hair

Many people believe that synthetic hair cannot be curled or straightened unless it is labeled heat resistant. However, this is untrue. There is an easy way where synthetic hair, whether its on a wig, weft, or loose hair can be straightened without burning the hair.

This method will help you be able to re-style your synthetic hair giving you the same styling options as human hair.Read on...

Woes Of A Young Ghanaian Woman Scholar

I decided to do a post on Ghanaian perceptions about a young woman scholar when I watched some of the videos of youtube vlogger, BeautifulBrwnBabyDol, who became a professor at a considerably young age.

As I watched her videos on education, I could relate to most of the things she said. Back home in Gh, there are still boundaries preventing women from climbing up the academic ladder. You'll be fortunate if you can get to read a Master's degree (second degree) and a Doctorate degree as a woman. Why? These are some of the perceptions:
If you don't marry before obtaining a second degree, you'll never get a husband.You are considered snobbish, arrogant, over confident if you have a second  degreeYou won't be submissive to your husband.A woman is not intelligent enough to read a second degree.

My Hair Journal:Wash Day And New Discoveries

My cornrows had been itching like hell and since I know how my hair acts when washed in braids, I took them out.
New Discovery
When I took the rows out, I pondered on whether to use Aloe Vera juice to detangle or use the Queen Helen (the deep conditioner) as I normally deep condition before shampoo. When I touched the dc, I, immediately, noticed that it had no slip like the ORS Mayonnaise.

Tutorial: How to Flat Iron Relaxed Hair

TGIF!!!You know what goes on here on Friday so let's get CREATIVE! If you are like me and have experienced flat ironing in the hands of a hairdresser, the experience might be quite unpleasant. However, you can flat iron your own hair with help from crystalroselove. Watch and learn.

The Concern Over Silicones

According to and, there are several categories for silicones approved for use in hair care products. 1. Dimethicones  2. Low molecular weight cyclic silicones (cyclomethicones)  3. Dimethiconols 4. Dimethicone copolyols  5. Phenyl trimethicones  6. Amine-functional silicones

Hairspiration : BECCA - Ghanaian Natural Hair Diva!!!


Personally, I feel that it is important for us as naturals to have some natural haired icons who inspire and motivate us on this hair journey of ours. Most often we in Africa have to look for those natural hair icons elsewhere. In an attempt to find out those people from my home country Ghana who are also natural, I found the sensational Afro-pop singer Becca. One of my natural hair icons is Becca.

My Hair Journal: Yoghurt Deep Conditioner

This Saturday, I used a yoghurt deep conditioner. My Verdict? Keep reading.
Since I've run out of protein based deep conditioner, I gathered the following ingredients for a home made one. I shampooed first with Mane N Tail moisturizing shampoo.
What I used
Three tablespoons of plain yoghurt
One egg yolk
Aloe vera "meat" (one leave)
2 tablespoons of Olive oil
1 tablespoon of honey

My Hair Journal: Testing Mango Deep Conditioner

What a way to start my experiments for this month! I decided to give my hair some moisture because of the dry air this week and assembled some few kitchen ingredients for the test.

What I used
One medim size mango (blended)
Aloe vera "meat" ( one leave)
4 tablespoons of sunflower oil
1 tablespoon of honey

Bantu knot-out On Dry Relaxed Hair

By tamekans
PS: I hope to put up a post on the challenge day 9. Stay tuned



I think one of the major challenges that natural haired girls face is finding a salon that meets our hair needs.
This is a difficult aspect in our lives since most of the hair stylists in Ghana are trained to work with relaxed hair and tend to treat natural hair in the same manner, often using rattail combs to comb through our coils of hair.

Relaxer Update 2! Gaining Length!

Yes, do you want some creamy crack ? lol. Well, remember my last update of ending my stretch? I got a touch up today and it was generally stress free!

As soon I sat in the chair, I gave the hair dresser some advice:

We are working with 10 minutes so no chit chatting with othersNo combI'll sit down for only 5 minutes