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Back On Vitacost Hair Skin and Nails Vitamins

I began the second part of the vitacost vitamins on 30th May.

It's my hope that the rest of the two weeks on these vitamins will also yield positive results like I've seen.

By estimation,  I should be done by 12th June. After that,  I'll decide on what to do. I like that I don't have any breakout or negative reaction to the vitamins.

I may do a full review when I'm done. I hope the nature's bounty capsules arrive soon too.

Full Wash Day

Since I'm a bit okay,  I decided to give the hair a full wash day treat especially considering how I'd gone for more than two weeks without proper deep conditioning.

I started off with  a plan in mind and followed through. Perhaps,  pre-planning can curb my tendency to  cut corners. I do so all the time with wash days!

I set off to shampoo with  Sheamoisture African black soap shampoo. Before that, I had mixed Cantu sheabutter deep treatment mask with Jamaican Black Castor and coconut oil. I heated water and put in the mix to warm it in order to quicken the absorption (still carrying corners Lol).

I applied the deep conditioner after T shirt drying the shampooed hair.  I left the hair for about 30 minuter and went to shower. I haven't done a step in,  step out wash in years and I think the sink method of shampoo will work best for this. I mean you shampoo, step out,  deep condition and come  back to rinse.

This will really ensure maximum use of the deep conditioners. Initiall…

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Hair Vitamins Won't Give You Healthy Hair

Lately,  hair vitamins have become a go-to  for ladies on a healthy hair journey with the assumption that  these vitamins will give them the healthy hair they want.

Let me bust your bubble and point it out that  taking mane choice,  hairfinity, nature's bounty or whatever vitamins won't give you healthy hair. What will give you a healthy hair is a proper hair routine/regimen as well as shampoo,  conditioner,  leave in and oils.

These hair vitamins only aim at increasing hair growth; what's the use of getting growth only for the hair to break off due to improper hair care habits.

The same thing applies to using Jamaican Black Castor Oil In the hopes that your hair will be healthy overnight.

These oils won't work if all you do is continue treating your hair in the old ways. Get a hair regimen and use the  hair vitamins to supplement your efforts.

I don't depend on theses growth  aids to get strong and healthy hair; I use hair products and techniques daily and weekly to gr…

Osiris Avise Apricot Facial Scrub Review

The  Osiris Avise Apricot Facial Scrub is part of the beauty products haul I did a few weeks ago.

Facial scrubs are key in exfoliating and unclogging pores. What you choose to use as a scrub should provide the end result without compromising quality too. There are tons of facial scrubs on our market but I prefer shopping in pharmacies. This guarantees quality and affordable products. My favourite place is the Ernest Chemist shop. Yes, it's a huge pharmaceutical company and it surprises people that they stock up on skin care products. These are all part of taking care of the body so let's rejoice.

Back in 2012, I used St. Ives Apricot scrub and loved it so I was hoping for a similar experience with a different brand. Aside the affordability of the Osiris scrub, you get your money's worth with the big tube too.

However, I don't think  I enjoy using this scrub. The first thing is the granules or beads aren't enough to scrub the face with. It feels like using a plain scru…

Bun Challenge

For now,  we want to take a break from treatments and move to styling in the form of bun challenge.

Yes,  we've come half way into the  year and the #ghanaianemprezz12monthschallenges.

The essence of bunning is to protect the ends thereby ensuring length retention. If you have all the growth and loose it,  then,  we've done nothing! Therfore,  we are going to hide our ends for the next 30 days.
There's a difference between buns and ponytails. With bunning, your ends are tucked in whist with ponytail,  you ends are out.

You can add extensions to do the  buns or use your own hair. No braids or weaves are allowed, just your hair in buns. The reasons are that we'll  have mini challenges this time and you'll need to use your own hair.
Don't leave any hair out in the front. Here are some bun styles you can wear. You can switch them up.

A Time To Heal

I've been  racking my brains to find a suitable title for this post and the only word that came to mind is a time to heal.

This May,  though my birth month,  has proven to be a tough one too for my health. I fell ill,  got treatment but the medications failed. I just got worse and had to be admitted again.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="288"] The last picture I took despite the pains I had[/caption]

All is well that ends well so I think I still owe God a Thanksgiving. It's not something I wanted at this time of the year, especially when things were looking brighter financially.

It's been a rocky healing process and I still have to keep my prayers up so the treatment works this time.
I'm not sure I'd wish this on my worst enemy; I'd rather pray for the person.
It's difficult but it's a time to heal.

Lying on the hospital bed felt serene in a way. I shut my mind to all my cares and burdens and realized that it was the onl…

Healthy Body, Long Hair

My aim this year is to have both healthy body, long hair as well as a pretty awesome face! To achieve these goals, I've created a routine to ensure that each minute contributes towards reaching the targets.

Aside using apple Cider Vinegar on my hair,  I enjoy it as a drink when diluted with water. I want to restore the alkaline-acid balance so I take the drink first thing in the morning. I may not see results immediately but I know it will work eventually.

In addition, I've dewormed too. All those months of kebab and abokyi( grilled meat) LOL. A healthy body leads to healthy hair too. The next thing is being consistent with my vitamins as usual. It's  very easy taking the vitacost hair vitamins even though I take the two at a time.

My acne is non existent now thanks to a rigorous facial regimen for the past one month. My skin is soft and smooth and I no longer have  a fear of oils on my face. I'll be pushing my luck by mixing coconut oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil tog…

Coconut oil and Castor Oil Challenge Update

This is the third week of the coconut oil or castor oil challenge. Apart from increasing hair growth, making Jamaican black castor oil goes a long way to thicken the hair and keep the scalp in top notch shape for optimum growth.

As for coconut oil, I'm sure we've all read about the immeasurable benefits such as preventing over moisturized hair, protecting the hair for the shampoo process, providing strength to the strands and also preventing breakage.

I've been using the We Naturals coconut oil although I have  an oil mix. The We Naturals coconut oil doesn't have an overpowering smell, it's affordable and easily accessible too. It's very easy to be swayed by some types of foreign products but our own products are equally effective.

I use Jamaican Black Oil on my edges daily to not only help regrow the edges but the thicken the hair too.

If you don't know about Jamaican black castor oil, then read some of my posts on it here,here, here, here, here and here!


Castor Oil For Acne Treatment

First,  a friend had told me how she uses castor oil to fade stretch marks but I didn't think it will apply to these acne scars.

I contemplated on giving it a try thus I used some castor oil for acne treatment on my face.
I usually use the clear and smooth acne pimple medication at night and go to bed. I don't see results immediately because it takes more application for it to work. It's not something I can afford to do because I can't go to work smelling like alcohol Lol.

This time,  after using the acne medication, I allowed it to dry up before following up with we Naturals castor oil.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="336"] WE naturals castor oil[/caption]

On Day 2, I skipped the acne treatment and used only castor oil.
For Day 3, I was staring hard at my face in the mirror to find the pimples that had surfaced only to see none! To add to the excitement,  I noticed the acne scars were very faint! What???.
I asked husby to verify if ind…

Crochet Braid with Leave Out

Here are pictures of my latest escapades with crochet braid. This time, I had a leave out at the front prevent further damage to the edges.

I prefer crochet braids because they are light on the head; weaves tend to be heavier on my head. In addition to this,

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="510"] crochet braids with leave out[/caption]

The leave out part is short so I cover the demarcation part with a headband. We used one and a half pack of kanekolon hair. I like this particular hair because it wasn't tangling nor felt silky. When hair doesn't tangle easily, styling takes less time. It also allows for easy combing and even styling.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="434"] crochet braids with leave out[/caption]

To maintain the hair, I focus the moisturizer on the leave out section. I also apply oil mix to the edges to prevent any damage as a result of pulling the hair back. Wearing the pulled up style so o…

3 Months No Buy Challenge

As at 13th May, all the products I needed had been  bought so I can declare a no buy challenge! The only thing I skipped was the ors creamy aloe shampoo because it wasn't  a need.

For this reason,  I'm putting myself on a no Buy Challenge for 3 months starting from today till August 16th. I won't even be replacing anything that gets emptied too.

The only exception  is my supplements - hair, skin and nails vitamins or iron supplements. The supplement is a necessity considering how low my iron levels can drop.

Can I do it? Definitely! I've done it before.

Create Face and Body Care Regimen

I've been talking a lot about my facial regimen lately and want to share some tips on how to create face and body care regimen. I'm all for long hair but what's long hair without  a beautiful face to go with it?

Ever since I reintroduced scrubs in my face routine,  my face is slowly getting to the even tone I want. I knew using face scrubs would definitely be a game changer so I was super excited when I got back to the scrubbing business.

I haven't changed my facial routines so much,  I've just being more consistent.

Now, let me give you a run down of my morning and night routine and how it fits into my tight schedule.
I remove any make up with baby wipe and use the FC face wash and cleanse. I,  then,  use a facial exfoliating scrub. For moisturizing, I have three different routines for different nights.

I use anew 10% glycolic acid peel for overnight treatment. I may also follow up with  the bio oil. Night 2, I use clean and smooth acne pimple medication. Night 3…

May Edges Update

The journey to recovering my edges or hair line is a tough one. I can't recall the last time I took a break from nurturing those hairs on the edges. Prior to delivering my baby, I still struggled with the damage on my  hair line. Since I can't postpartum anymore, I guess the blame is on too much braids-cornrows, box braids which I take down within days.

This time, I'm doing my best not to suffer any setback. It's not easy staying away from those exotic looking styles on instagram and facebook. LOL.

 May edges update.

Consistency has been a vital tool this month.  With giving the edges all the attention it needs in order to get back to the state I want it, I can really wear a fine pony.

Despite seeing some improvement in the edges/hairline,  I'm switching to Tropical Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil since I've had good results from that  too.

Honestly,  these edges don't look so bad but they aren't great either. I want full and thick edges this year so whatever…

2 Weeks Post Relaxer Update

I'm currently 2 Weeks post relaxer and I've started taking the vitacost hair vitamins and will do a first update next week.

I've been maintaining my hair by moisturizing and sealing daily. There are times I really miss my length especially when all I want is to bun and go. Anyways,  at this point, I though the new growth wasn't much until I touched the  scalp and noticed a considerably good amount of growth from the biotin.

The only thing I'd been taking was the Now Foods Biotin so I'm totally convinced that biotin definitely helped with hair growth. However,  I know the hair skin and nails vitamins will also get the work done as well as keep me fit.

My last blood work seems to  indicate some sort of deficiency so I'm keeping an eye on my health. I'll be using only the vitacost HSN  till 11th June when it finishes.

I've been  using the Cantu sheabutter moisturizing lotion followed by oil; I'm considering mixing my oils with the sheabutter fo…

Bentonite Clay Treatment (Hair & Face)

I got bentonite clay a few weeks ago for the purposes of detoxifying my hair. I created enough for both  scalp and face.  Clay treatments have become part and parcel of me and with each experience, I fall in love with it more and more.

To prepare the mix,  I used three tablespoons of bentonite clay. Then, mixed with a teaspoon of Braggs apple cider vinegar and about three tablespoons of water.

I had applied coconut oil to the hair and covered with shower cap which created damp hair. I applied the clay treatment on the damp  hair and left it to dry.

When using clay treatments, you have to pay attention to how your hair feels after rinsing. For me, I still deep condition because the clay kind of clarifies the strands. Deep conditioning restores the moisture back into the hair.

With bentonite clay, my hair feels extremely dry after using it. I prefer rhassoul clay as a result of this. Rhassoul clay leaves my hair more moisturized and soft; probably I should say my natural hair. I'm yet t…

Baking Soda Honey Mask

The baking soda honey mask was a recipe a friend shared when I noticed her skin was smoother and clearer. I simply had to  try it and at the end of the day,  I didn't regret it all! I'm also glad it's part of May Skin care goals.

Simply mix a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of baking soda. I added some aloe vera gel too. It feels like a facial scrub when using the mix so I guess that's a double benefit there.

I applied the mix on dry skin but wet skin is probably better. I scrubbed the face gently and rinsed with cold water. I followed your  with  a lotion moisturizer which I use when  I want to wear make up.
I use oils at night  time instead. My face felt  smooth  and soft after rinsing.
I have three more treatments with this mask and I can't wait to do them!

I Shaved My Face!

I saw the shaving of face  technique Yesterday when one of the YouTubers I follow shared her method.  I decided to attempt it but on a small surface area first.

I used a brow razor and scrubbed just the left and right cheeks. It was painless and very easy. I did the cheeks because that's where I have pigmentation from acne. I realized the dark spots are fading gradually and just may be,  shaving the dead skin off at that place will speed up the process.

After shaving,  I applied queen Helene mud mask and used escenti gel wash after rinsing off the mask. I used my sponge to gently scrub as I normally do. By the way, m facial brush is in so I won't have to  do manual scrubs again Lol.

I applied anew Retexturizing 10% glycolic acid peel and allowed the skin to dry and followed up with castor oil.  This has been my facial oil for about a week now and I love it. I tend to break out from oils but not with this castor oil (I use the We Naturals castor oil)
I didn't do any make up to…

Cocoshea moisturizing Co Wash Review

I needed a Co wash so I decided to give the new zabrinaturals products a try starting with their Co wash.

Price : 25gh (you pay for delivery too)
Consistency : light and easier comes out of the pump. I use about 4 pumps per wash.

Smell : very mild citrus scent that doesn't linger for long. I like it.

Slip :1/5 I'm not so sure if the ingredients are natural but I do know with we Naturals, the ingredients are which may account for the lack of slip. I don't mind though because of the next point.

Moisture :4/5 The hair stayed moisturized even after 48 hours! The zabrinaturals co wash is very moisturizing and goes on the hair easily.
It also claims to be pH balanced so that's very good.

As a Co wash, I think they did a pretty good job and I pray it stays the same because for now, that's the cheapest Co wash on the market and effective too.

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Tropical Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil available

At last,  we've restocked  the Tropical Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

The Tropical Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil 4oz is 45gh whilst the 8oz is 65gh

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Wash Day : Weave Leave Out

This wash day was all about cleaning my leave out.
The 1-2 inches leave  out has been doing well and I need to keep maintaining it well.

I used the Wen Cleansing  Conditioner and just applied oil mix to seal in the moisture.

I know you'd have noticed that I haven't used shampoo in a long time. I simply clarify with Sheamoisture African black soap shampoo. Well,  this routine ensures that my hair retains moisture right from the wash process.

My hair is still short so this is the right time to keep moisture levels high as the hair grows. Will I use shampoos again? Probably for review purposes. If I'm sent some,  why not? On my own,  I think cleaning conditioners will be just fine.

No More Biotin

I won't be taking biotin and not because it wasn't working but I need a wholistic vitamins. I can't combine hair skin and nails with biotin since the former has it already.

So,  I need a good combination of vitamins. The options are either hair skin and nails vitamins (wish I hadn't stopped the gummies because they were a good source of vitamin C which helped me in so many ways - I may get back on it),  prenatal vitamins or regular women's health vitamins.

These three are on the plate at the  moment. I'll get back to you on which ones I choose. I may combine two even Lol.

It's My Birthday +Revelations

Today is my birthday which you would know if you follow me on instagram, facebook or Twitter. (@emprezzabena)
Well, I'm going to officially reveal my age for the first time on this blog because I think it's no biggie,  right?..
I slept late last night,  actually made it a point to be the first to wish myself a happy birthday on my Facebook page. That was like 12 midnight Lol.
When I woke up, husby tried getting baby J to sing a birthday song for me but he was so busy kicking me off the bed so he could snuggle with  his dad hehe hehe. See trouble! I got a nice wish  from husby and later a call from my dad (I'll do a full post on him on Father's day cos he's simply awesome) Daaaaa, are you reading this?

I got a lot of wishes from friends and readers too and the messages are still streaming in (Thank you all).
I said I'd reveal my age right?

My first full length picture on this blog.

Today,  a stranger asked my age and I wasn't hesitant for the first time in my life.…