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Coconut Cream Deep Conditioner

Its time for some creativity!. If you have some coconut cream/milk siting around somewhere, then grap it for your deep conditioning.  Check out the recipes and be sure I'll give you an update on how it worked for me.


This week, I reminded a lot of people of their grand-mothers and mothers during the 70's.
Apparently because I decided to wear my Afro. I went "old school" without even realising it.
And people just stared at me as if I was ........, I don't even know what word to use.

How To: Start Your Locks

When it comes to natural hair,  it's not everyone who wishes to be a loose natural. However, often times, you don't know where to start and how to start the loc journey. You have to know the type of locs you want, how it is installed, how to care for it as well as maintaining it. These tips should guide you: pecadora99


Product Review: Queen Helene Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream

I have been using this product for months and I think it's time to share my experience with you. A good number of ladies have raved about how effective this product is and in my quest to find a moisturizing deep conditioner, I chose to give it a try.
Price:Ghs10.00,  Madina market (Also available in most cosmetic shops)

How To Wash Your Own Hair: Roller Setting Techniques

It's the last part of the series on how to wash your own hair. If you don't want to air dry or not a fan of air drying, you can do your own roller sets. Yes, it's possible to put in rollers all by yourself! mskibibi


How To Wash Your Own Hair: Air Drying Techniques

This is second part of the series on how to wash your own hair. After washing the hair, you can choose to allow the hair to air dry; that is, without the use of hooded dryer or blow dryer. Four methods are illustrated in the videos below.
Scarf method by HairliciousInc


Hey Divas!!!,

Today is Free Fro Day!!!
It's been a loooonnnnggg time since I wore my fro to work.

R.Q.A: How Do I Wash My Own Hair?

It's R.Q.A time (Reader Question and Answer).
My ladies on facebook have asked me how I'm able to wash my own hair. To make it easier, I've decided to do a three part series on the whole concept of washing your own hair. This one will discuss what is required and how to do the wash, the second will be on drying techniques and the last will be on styling techniques.

Be Inspired: African Hair Bloggers

I follow a lot of hair blogs and in the process, I've come across ladies who have and are still making an impact in hair care in Africa. For these ladies, healthy hair is not limited to those in the diaspora; it is a world wide phenomena and extends to this part of the world. These are the few I know; if you know of any other, kindly drop it in the comment box. In no particular order:

Dabs of www.naijahaircangrow.blogspot.comOmozo of of of www.thesizzlingmommy.comNatmane of deepbrownkinks.blogspot.comTendayi of

Tutorial| Goddess Side Braid

I can't wait to have enough length to try this style by Dessy Gt

Hair Length Chart


Why We Can All Have At Least Bra Strap Length Hair

--> I know what you are thinking-for the where? You mean a Ghanaian woman grow her hair to that length? You don't know what you are talking about. Stop dreaming! How is that possible?

Don't worry,  after you head over to, you'll believe it!

Growing The Edges With Daktarin: Week One Update

Maraba (Welcome)

I promised to post updates on the edges and here we are a week later! My god daughter and I were chatting when she suddenly remarked that my edges had a circle like look. I didn't believe her until she took a shot. Alright, I know I mixed the daktarin with glovers mane, which also contains sulphur and when you use the miconazole, you have to give it at least 2 weeks to work but this result has left me in totally awe! Before                                                                      After God willing next week, I'll give you another update. Emprezz

Natural Hair and Religion in Ghana

--> Many times have I been approached by people who often ask me if I am Seven Day Adventist or if I belong to Deeper Life(These are both churches that require members to have natural hair). And honestly, I used to get very upset because I don't understand why people just assume that because I had natural hair, it had to be re-inforced by a faith.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against people of such faiths or people who make such comments. I've gotten to understand that most people in Ghana who were natural back in the day were Adventist and "Deeper Lifers" so its a natural tendency for people to assume so.

But honestly for me,going natural is a choice that one has to make because one chooses to and not because my church says so. Because after all,what happens after you no longer belong to the faith?

Have you had any such experiences?

Fill me in !!!

How To: Havanna Twists!

Remember the crotchet braids style? This type of twist also uses the same method except you twist the hair after crotcheting. Watch how it is done by  TashaMylee

That's that... I Don't Like

This fantabulous idea of a blog post on "That's that ish I don't like" was suggested by Kelly of (A member of the fantastic world of inspiring female bloggers-BLMGirls -Bloggers Like Me.

Let's roll
I hate it when people assume am not a Ghanaian because I blog about my hair care. The fact that we don't have hair bloggers in Ghana featured on international sites doesn't mean we don't have one; AfroDiva and I are here.

Green House Effect Challenge

Recall the post on green house effect and baggying? Ok, our lovely Dr.Fomsky of has organized a challenge using the green house effect to nurture our hair. Yours truly is joining the challenge  for the rest of the year. If you wish to participate, simply click Official Greenhouse Challenge. I'll also be posting my own comparisons as the challenge progresses.

I'll see you there!

Dark And Lovely Ultra-Cholesterol Conditioning Mask Review

Most often, I use a deep conditioner that needs to be left on for more than 15 minutes and requires heat to work. However, I needed an alternative deep conditioner that I can fall on when am tied up and won't require time and heat in order to work. I was browsing through the product arsenal of The Game shop when I came across the Dark and Lovely Ultra-cholesterol conditioning mask 500ml by Softsheen Carson and decided to purchase it.
Price: Ghs10.00

Wash Day: Two Heads Of Relaxed Hair

-->  Be forewarned that today's post is a bit lengthy. When I gathered my arsenal to crack down on my hair for a wash, Nyira decided to attempt her first wash. Funny enough, she had started reading about deep conditioning on Tonkabelle's site. Nyira is fascinated with the success of the ladies on the various hair blogs she visited and wasn't going to take a "no" for an answer.This is what she did:
Pre-pooed with sheabutterWet her hair in the bathroom. She's had braids for a couple of weeks and needed to thoroughly clean and condition her hair. We used BO-16 shampoo, which contains  a milder sulfate. She, then, applied Dark and lovely Ultra cholesterol for 7 minutes. She was pleased with how her hair felt so soft and kept massaging the hair from time to time as the product worked.

Wig Techniques

For the rest of this year, most ladies will resort to wigs to avoid the breakage that comes  with the harmattan. However, wigging has its own techniques that can help you achieve your goal. Here are a few tips to help you wig up!
Dip the wig combs in oil to help keep the friction of the combs off your hair.You can also take  the combs out completely and use large bobby pins to hold the wig in place to prevent snagging.

Growing The Edges With Miconazole/Daktarin

Yep! I posted this on our facebook page this afternoon and decided to share it with you. The one I bought is the foot cream; not the vaginal one. It contains miconazole nitrate 20mg per 1.

Oils In Ghana: Rapeseed Oil

--> As more Ghanaian ladies are becoming aware of the herbs we have at our disposal, I've decided to add a series on oils to show case what we also have in order to achieve healthy hair over here. I'll start off with rapeseed oil also known as Canola oil. Canola oil  comes from a rapeseed plant. Rapeseed belongs to the mustard family (remember mustard in the bible?). 

It helps to repair damaged cells in the hair shaft and protects the hair from spilt ends.

My Two Year Natural Anniversary-Journey of Self-Love

--> Yay!!!
Its my 2 year Anniversary!!!
I cut my hair somewhere in October/November 2009 at the University of Ghana in level 300.
It's been an amzing experience since. It's been a journey of Self Love, Identity,Self Acceptance and so much more.

Wash Day: Lazy Deep Conditioning

Instead of co-washing yesterday, I opted for deep conditioning but I was too lazy to go through most of the processes. Having been co-washing almost everyday, I  didn't co-wash because I felt the hair was clean enough for deep conditioning (my opinion).

Do You Know Why Your Relaxed Hair Is Breaking?

--> Once upon a time, I didn't know why my hair never got past my collar bone. Then, I took matters into my own hands when I couldn't take the nonsense unwarranted breakage I was always experiencing. Fortunately for us , Dr.Fomsky's series on why your relaxed just won't stop breaking  has come to solve this problem for you. She discusses the levels of breakage, how to curb it using deep conditioners, hair care practices that contribute to breakage and how to curb this problem.

Hair Products I Want To Try

By chance, I went to the mall during the week. In the process, I found the following products in shoprite and a shop adjacent to shoprite as well as The Game :
Affirm Conditioning Creme Relaxer with Protecto (STEP 2)Affirm Moisture Plus Conditioning Relaxer with Protecto for Dry Hair & Sensitive Scalp Formula (STEP 2)

Weave Failure: Not My Fault

Well, this isn't new for those who interact with us on facebook. If you've also noticed, the current protective style widget is gone but not forever. I failed and as much as I want to blame myself, I won't do so; I'd rather blame the weather.  I hate this HOT weather!