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Collagen Type 1 and 3 for Hair Growth

On my lifestyle blog,, I've shared my 20 days of collagen for my skin.
I do know collagen affects hair growth too hence I'll be on the lookout out for the growth I can get.

I'm taking the msm vitamins but these two together will definitely be an amazing experiment.
As stated on the package, the body uses collagen and after a while, it gets depleted. By supplementing, I will be boosting collagen production in the body which will certainly trickle down to the hair too.

In the nutshell, I want to see the impact of this non biotin vitamin too just as I did for the msm vitamins.

A Trim, A Setback and The Come back

My hair was doing so well until I noticed the new growth was also affected by the last hair dye and was too fragile. It was a lot to cut off but it's OK. It will grow back.

This has set me back but I have a plan to get it to grow faster. I've been using emu oil daily and it seems my scalp really loves the lightness of the oil. There's no tacky feeling or oiliness mess so I'll keep using it for weeks to come.

The next thing I'm considering is either another bottle of gummies or hairfinity or beautifully bamboo tea or vitamins. Just for 3 months.

I also have castor oil and 2 more growth oils I intend to pay attention to. For now, the emu oil has helped heal my scalp and I want it to work for 3 months or more before I switch. My next touch up is September ending hence I want to boost the growth in any way possible.

I'll give you the final decision by end of the week. Thanks for reading.😉😉

Wash Day At The Salon #4 Protein Deep Conditioning

Protein deep conditioning is popularly called protein treatment. They are deep conditioners with protein to help strengthen the hair.

( Call or WhatsApp 0541458372 to buy one)

There are 2 types of protein deep conditioners.
The Hard Protein is done once every 6 months and some people use egg for that (stop doing the weekly egg treatment to prevent protein overload which will make your hair hard and cause severe breakage).
These are very strong and are usually in the first five ingredients on the package. Eg keratin.

The medium to light protein deep conditioners usually have protein ingredient in the middle or bottom of the ingredient list. Eg hydrolyzed silk.

The steps .

1. Shampoo the hair and rinse out
2. Apply the hard protein and leave it as directed. Rinse out .
3. Follow with moisture deep conditioner else your hair will feel hard!
4. Rinse out and apply leave in conditioner and roller set .

If you use a medium or light protein, you don't have to use a moisture deep con…

Washing At The Salon #3 Moisture Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning also known as steaming in Ghana should be done at least once a month. Here's the sample routine at the salon.

(Call or WhatsApp 0541458372 to buy any of these).
1. She will shampoo the hair and rinse out .
2. Then , she will apply your moisturizing deep conditioner (Usually doesn't have protein in the first ingredients). This means the steaming cream will provide more moisture.

3. Leave the deep conditioner for the duration stipulated on the package and then rinse out. Most of them require sitting under the dryer for 30 minutes.

4. Allow the hair to cool down and rinse out, apply the leave in conditioner and oil and roller set.

That's it!

Washing At The Salon #2 Tea Rinse

This wash process has to do with doing a tea rinse and going to the salon.

A tea rinse helps with shedding. Brew your tea(no milk nor sugar) and allow to cool. Now, take it to the salon.

(Call or WhatsApp 0541458372 to purchase any of these products).
1. She shampoos the hair and rinse out.

2. She will pour the tea on your hair and leave it for about 5 minutes without washing it out.

3. She will apply the conditioner as the tea is in the hair and leave for 3 minutes .

4. She will rinse out the conditioner

5. She will apply the leave in conditioner, hair oil and setting lotion and roller set the hair .

Are the steps clear enough? Comment below and share this with friends too.

Washing Your Hair At The Salon For Relaxed Hair #1

This series is to guide those who go to our hair dressers and don't know how to follow the wash steps.

I'll be doing about 10 posts to cover all the diy and other things you try to incorporate at home during your wash. Let's begin with a regular wash.
The boot camp routine.

(Call or WhatsApp 0541458372 for a wash set )
1. Let the stylist shampoo your hair using your product or her product. She will rinse out the shampoo.

2. Let her follow with the conditioner and leave it for 3 minutes.
3. She will wash out the conditioner and follow with Leave in Conditioner and setting lotion.
4. She will roller set your hair
5. When the hair is out of the rollers, she will apply your hair growth oil on your scalp and your hair oil on the hair itself. I prefer using the oil on the hair during the setting of the rollers. (It is able to infuse into the hair as it dries).

That's it for the relaxed hair wash.

New Hair Style + New Collagen Supplement

It's been quite great so far with my hair and I began a new supplement to boost growth as well as enhance my skin.

What I take is the Maxi Collagen powder with biotin  vitamins A and C. (visit to get one). I mix it with any beverage I have and the taste is quite pleasant so I drink up easily.
I got some hair extensions done with glue (again) and this time, I was very alert throughout the whole process so I didn't have issues with the application of the glue. The plan is to keep this for the whole of July and then in August, wash the hair and another full weave with the hairline area bonded with glue again to prevent damage from any braiding in that area..
I am sure by the end of the year, I'd have the length I want and that's what I'm working toward achieving.
For my skin care journey  visit where I share tons and tons of my skin care products and routine.
Thanks for reading and catch you in the next few days

Virgin Hair Fertilizer For Fast Hair Growth

I just had to try the virgin hair fertilizer most of my friends have been raving about..

Here's  a rundown of the product. If you wish to get one  got

Hairfinity Is My Hair Growth Booster!

It's been barely 2 weeks and the thickness and growth from Hairfinity is just what I had hoped for!

This is the second experience with Hairfinity and this time, I was able to check for the effect because I know how my hair felt prior to taking it.

I'll be stocking it in my shop ( and I can guarantee that I won't be disappointed at all! I don't mind taking it for the rest of the year but I have the natrol hair skin and nails vitamins as the last one to test.

I can't wait to experience the 3 months of growth with these vitamins. I'm glad my interest in my hair is gradually getting to the point I want.

For oils, I have been using a new hair booster from an awesome lady. I'll review it after 4 weeks so stay tuned! For now, I love the smell, the texture and the packaging! If you want a hair pomade like that, stay tuned for my final review and then we'll judge its impact.

How To Use Chebe Powder and Oil On Relaxed Hair

In case you have relaxed hair and wondering if you can use chebe powder the answer is a yes.

All you need is to be able to plait your hair or twist up. You can also use cornrows.
To prepare the chebe mixture, add a few tablespoon full to a creamy product. I usually recommend your moisturizer or butter for a good hold.

Shampoo and condition your hair well and apply the chebe mixture. Plait up the hair and leave it for at least 7 days before reapplying the chebe mixture.

When you are ready to wash out, which could be in a month or whenever you want, just shampoo the hair and condition as usual.

You can use the mixture again for another couple of weeks.

In case you need chebe powder or chebe oil, call or whatsapp 0541458372.

Neocell Super C Collagen in Ghana

If you've not tried collagen supplements, this is the best time to do so. Collagen helps in diverse ways but the key ones I've personally experienced are thicker hair and glowing skin!
Within a few days of taking the collagen tablet, a lot of colleagues remarked that I was glowing so much! That was the first time I've had so many comments about my skin in a day! In addition to that, I notice my hair got thicker and darker. The pigmentation of the dark colour was the best I'd seen since my high school days. With these benefits, I always ensure I take at leat 2 tablets a day in addition to the Hairfinity vitamins.

You'll get the neocell collagen as well as the Dr's Best Collagen Powder and Tablet at or call or whatsapp 0541458372 to order.

It's A Give Away!!

We've reached another milestone, the Emprezz shop has a physical location now.

Drop by on Friday, 25th May, 2018 to enjoy the give aways and discounts.

We also have satin bonnets and scarves.

Call or whatsapp 0541458372 for directions to our shop. See you! Do bring your family and friends too.

Wash Day in 2 Weeks!

Laziness in hair care isn't an awesome feeling yet I find myself struggling against my own desire to wash this hair. Probably I lack motivation because of the length at this stage but I still managed to finally wash the hair.

I made a watery mixture of bentonite clay and applied to the hair, left it for 5 minutes and washed. I used VO5 conditioner afterwards to restore the moisture. I made sure to add vinegar to the clay treatment to help detox the scalp too.

I, then, followed with rice water as final rinse and sealed with a mixture of jojoba and peppermint oil. My scalp has been acting funny for the past few days probably as a result of not washing it for that long.

I plan to do more scalp massages with the brush this week to promote blood circulation to increase growth.

I'm still not motivated to do my hair as I want but I do make efforts to moisturize daily with Hawaiian silky 14 in 1 moisturizer and seal.

I'm on the 30 day beauty secret supplement too but I might visit…

Jamaican Black Castor hair growth oil

The excitement over seeing the actual hair growth oil from Tropic Isle Living was simply unimaginable!

I mean after several years, they've finally made one oil purposely for our hair to boost growth. I've seen a lot of growth from my own ESO scalp oil so I always expect other hair growth oils to be that potent. When I used the Ecoco Flaxseed and castor growth oil, I was a bit disappointed with that so I'm hoping this makes up for it.

My first impression: it tingles a bit, smells slightly minty too. The smell doesn't linger so I'm certain those who hated the Jamaican Black Castor Oil will love this one. I guess the makers listened to the complaints of customers.

Have you tried this new black castor hair growth oil? Should you want one, call or whatsapp 0541458372 to order or visit to order.

Beautifully bamboo Hair Growth Tea (2)

As part of detoxing my body, I've suspended all vitamins for a couple of weeks to allow the body revamp and rejuvenate itself.

As my morning beverage, all I do is brew it and drink it - no milk nor sugar! I enjoy my slim tea that way too.

As for my hair, I'll show a picture of it at the end of May.
Have you tried the tea before?

Relaxer Update (May 2018)

My hair has been awful these days and it's all due to the hair dye. However, this has finally been resolved so let's see how it wet with this month.