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7 Weeks Post Relaxer

And I have 3 weeks more left to touch up and I am extremely excited!

I've been moisturising in sections using a mixture of groganics creme, water, oil and I make sure to shake it every time before I use it.
As for the edges, we are back on it again... 
For this wash day, I used groganics conditioner with doo gro shampoo. I'm aiming at a bun by May, 2020 hence I'm using growth products to stimulate the follicles. 
What's up with your hair?

Hibiscus Rinse + Wash Day

During the week, I prepared hibiscus infused in water and rinsed the hair with it. My hair, immediately, became extremely hydrated and soft. 
For the wash day, I deced to prepoo with aloe Vera oil using adyeam cap. 

It's been a while since I did this! I shampooed and condtioned and air dried. 
The only part that excites me is the front hair is gradually getting long enough to hide the damage done by the braids and weaves I wore; the edges would be less visible. 
**I'm actually 6 weeks post ** I have about 2 weeks to go before next relaxer and I'm just counting down to seeing the length I gain. I'm trusting the nature's bounty vitamin to keep working like this. 

In enjoying my hair growth a lot more and its been fun seeing products get used up at last!. 
On another note, I did get braids but I ended up with sores on my scalp hence I took it down. The headache was just unbearable. For now, I'm just going to focus on the growth so I can wear buns by middle of next year.  I've also had a few goals planned: *Take biosil vitamin for about 2 months and move to viviscal and see how they work. *Continue to use up the products I have, especially, the oils *Also do about 3 touch ups if possible. I'm waiting for 24th December to touch up and get a roller set done.  For my current routine, I take the nature's bounty hair skin and nails vitamins. I'm sure I'll be done with it by end of December too.  As for moisture, I do moisturize and seal as often as possible due to the harmattan. I do miss my length at this point so I'll keep working on the length.  How's your hair doing?

Wash Day with Wave Nouveau

My hair has grown thicker and shrinks to an annoying level too.
To wash, I used Groganics deep freeze shampoo and conditioned with Jo Naturals banana conditioner.  I tried a new product in the form of Wave Nouveau daily humectant. 
This moisturizer promises to be more hydrating so I'm going to use it for some months and then review it. The intriguing thing about it is that it's meant for Jeri curls!  I followed with ORS vital oil which I want to use up by December.  Over all, I'm happy to be washing weekly and look forward to more length! 

The Perfect Wash Day!

I haven't had such a proper hair wash the whole of this year hence my excitement!
First, I've accepted that I can't do the normal shampoo-conditioner steps. However, I'm glad blogging back then gave us so much washing information. I chose to do the double conditioner wash method and I'm not going to lie, that's the only way I'll be washing my hair henceforth. It's the only method that suits my schedule. First, I deep conditioned witg Sheamoisture manuka honey masque. I warmed it for some seconds and applied it. Covered with a shopping bag and then when I was through with my chores, I shampooed with groganics shampoo and conditioned with Jo naturals banana conditioner.  That's all I did folks!

Even when I will be doing tea rinses and other herbal remedies, I'll stick to this method. I can still prepoo too so it's a win win. The only thing I hope for is my hair would love it even as it gets longer.  It's so exhilarating sharing this with you be…

What Is Going On With My Hairfinity Challenge

It's past midnight but because I'm unable to sleep, I decided to do a hair update.

I've been on liquid iron for close to 2 weeks now after it was detected that it's gone low again. My diet hasn't been helpful either hence I'm left with no choice than to take the liquid iron as prescribed. I've paused the last few capsules to focus on the liquid iron. The catch is the liquid iron has some is the ingredients in the hairfinity hence I can't take both of them. 
On another note, I got 2 touch ups and my hair is going good. I just haven't had the time to take pictures due to a family crisis (keep us in your prayers).  The plan is to increase my water intake as soon as I can, add more yogurt to my diet and also take in more beet root juice.  Stay tuned for the update in the coming weeks. 

Hairfinity Week 4

I've done quite well in taking the hairfinity consistently. However, it came at another cost!
My hair is back to the length it was prior to the 2 cuts in July. I haven't damaged my hair with any product for the first time in a long time! Whilst that's good news, I have worse news and that explains why I haven't been able to write.
I've virtually spent a full week on my health. It turned out that I had low iron again! Though it's not as bad as it used to be, I've been put on 5 bottles of liquid iron for the next 4 weeks.

Thus, I can't take the second bottle and the rest. One of the things I noticed about my hair was though it was growing in well, it looked a bit patchy in some areas and that immediately alerted me to a potential low iron situation. I'm so conscious of my body hence I'm quick to know when something is off! I'm glad I got it checked. This isn't about the hairfinity, if you've watched my video, you'll know I've give…

What's The Use of Retinol For Your Skin?

Retinol belongs to a class of compounds known as retinoids. These agents are derived from vitamin A, an ingredient that increases cell turnover and enhances collagen production.  Not only does it impressively decrease wrinkles but it’s lauded for its ability to clear up acne and blur pigmentation caused by sun damage
As a person ages, collagen and cell production slow down, but retinol helps to encourage cell regeneration and ensure that new collagen continues to form.  As collagen is replenished and old skin cells are shed, fine lines recede and skin appears brighter and smoother.
BeginnerGranactive retinoids 0.2%

0.5%Advanced 1%Prescription retinol 

One Week Update Of Hairfinity Vitamins

It's been a week already and though I don't do mid week posts, I had to do this now for the 7 days.First, no pimple or breakout (yet) ♥️♥️♥️♥️

I'm sure I won't get any breakout but let's see how it goes. 
Nothing has changed except I've began wearing wigs!!! Yes, I haven't done long hair wigs in ages and I wanted to experience that feel of styling hair again. 

One beautiful aspect of wigs is the change in looks! I want to really keep this long hair going until I reach my first goal ie the cornrows with my own hair, hopefully by December. If there's the need to do an update again, I'll be sure to do just that for you.

90 Days Hairfinity

I've been around, just contemplating on the next moves and finally settled in 6 months of Hairfinity but beginning with 90 days first.I will do a full update when I'm done with the first bottle - if there is enough growto see.

The reason why the top is longer but sides are shorter is because of a tapered cut gone wrong! I wasn't happy with the way the back was initially shaped hence I had to get it lower in order to get a decent look.
This is our beginning length. Let's see how it looks in 4 weeks, that's around 18th August. If the press is good, I should be able to get through the 2 remaining bottles. If it happens that I have to stop taking it for a couple of reasons, I'll update you. For now, my next post will be next month.
If that doesn't happen, I'll do a full update on  October 18th when I will be done with the 3 bottles (hopefully).

July Hair Updates #1

I don't want to keep repeating information so for this July, I will be using the month as updates for all the routines. That means at least 4 posts in 4 weeks! 

Week 1 Washing  I, finally, shampooed using groganics shampoo and aloe shea conditioner (a new brand -Jo Naturals. My scalp wouldn't let be go another week without proper cleansing.  I applied the groganics head full of hair creme and brushed the hair down  I've paused the gummies I was taking to finish up a new medication (wish I could go deeper into what is ailing me but I'm not ready yet).

Due to this change, I restructured my alarm to remind me to use the hair mist as often as I could.  I'm impressed with the progress so far but I can't wait to get to the cornrows so I can elimaite the stress of getting the hair moisturized daily as it's always out at the mercy of the elements. 

How I Use Biovene Vitamin C serum

I've had Biovene Vitamin C serum 27% for some days now and it feels absolutely different from The Ordinary vitamin C suspension.
Three major differences are that this can be used twice a day whereas The Ordinary says preferably at night.
 In addition, there is no gritty texture to deal with as compared to The Ordinary Vitamin C 23 suspension. 
Lastly, there is no oil in the Biovene Vitamin C serum whilst The Ordinary has squalene in it. The oil isn't the problem, the challenge is that once you apply it, you can't use a moisturizer.  With these differences, Biovene will certainly be a stable solution for the interim as I will also test Dear Klairs Vitamin Drop soon. After this, Timeless Vitamin c and hopefully, other brands too. 
I'm not in love with the smell of the Biovene as it reminds me of paracetamol 😂😂Aside that, it calms my skin and my skin needs a lot of love now as I'd neglected it for 4 weeks. Stay tuned for a full review when I'm through with it. 

What You Didn't know about Tampons

Tampons are such a taboo topic among ladies in Ghana but here's what I've discovered about them. Watch and do share! 

Click  Here 

Rice Water Wash Day

My hair is doing okay though I've began feeling nostalgic about my length. I really miss the length and I've returned to the full steam growth challenges. Yes, I'm on the grow it quickly bandwagon and will use all tools and resources available at my disposal to achieve the goals I've set for myself.

Let's recap what I do now.  🔥Use msm infused water daily  🔥Use groganics head full of hair creme and Jamaican Black Castor Oil  🔥Take 1 gummy a day, collagen and prenatal vitamins alternatively.  🔥Postive affirmation and imagining what I wish to achieve.
I can comb the hair now and it's quite exciting being able to massage my scalp and actually feel hair on it 😂

Sunscreen Types and Uses

SPF: Sun Protection Factor. SPF measures the UVB protection of a sunscreen. (You can assume that UVA protection holds strong, while UVB defense wavers.) Unprotected skin takes 20 minutes to redden and burn in the sun, so an SPF 15 sunscreen or moisturizer will extend that 15 times longer, or roughly 5 hours. (You should play it safe and reapply after 2-3 hours, though.)They also explain it in terms of percentages, which explains why you might experience more of a skin tan using SPF 15 than SPF 30: SPF 15 blocks about 93 percent of UVB rays during this time. SPF 30 doesn’t block double the rays; it simply ups the ante to 97 percent, whereas SPF 50 takes it to 98 percent.UVB is the chief culprit behind sunburn, while UVA rays, which penetrate the skin more deeply, are associated with wrinkling, leathering, sagging, and other light-induced effects of aging (photoaging).UVA: Ultraviolet “A” rays can penetrate deep into the skin. This leads to premature aging, or “photoaging” — fine lines…