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Product Review: Motions Moisture Plus Conditioner

--> Here's my review of the Motions Moisture plus as requested Full name : Motions Moisture Plus Conditioner Price : 15gh Purchased : Local cosmetic shop at American House/ can be found at Accra mall cosmetic shops What it says: With Silicone and Panthenol, For medium to Coarse textures. For relaxed, pressed, natural and weaved hair.Radiantly shiny, healthy-looking hair can be yours with Motions moisture plus conditioner. The thick, emollient formula infuses each strand of hair with ultra-moisturizing conditioners to help transform your hair from dry and dull to glam and gorgeous.

How To Prepare Aloe Oil

--> We know by now the many benefits of aloe vera on the scalp, hair and skin. Go a step further by making your own aloe vera hair oil. Watch the tutorial by  Akushikagonenatural . I'll share mine whenever I do it.

How To Use Palm Kernel Oil On Hair

Palm kernel oil is one of the wonderful oils God has blessed us with and can thus be easily found in the markets. This oil is derived from the nut of the palm fruit, different from palm oil which is obtained from the fleshy part of the fruit. One characteristic of the palm kernel on the market is the unpleasant smell. Something that tends to pput people off thereby rendering it a less popular oil in the hair journey of most GH ladies. However, the smell shouldn't prevent you from enjoying the benefits of this precious yet inexpensive oil. Read More