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Ghanaian Weather and Hair Journey; What You Didn't Know

In school, we are taught two basic seasons; rainy and dry (harmattan) seasons. Well, that may be the case but does that pertain to our hair journey too? I wouldn't say so. The observations I've made as regards the changing weather are what am going to share with you.
*** These few weeks have seen a combination of rain and sun all in one day. The sun gets super hot and by evening, it rains. How does this affect your hair? When you moisturize and seal based on the morning weather, you may either use heavy sealants or thick products in general to ensure maxim protection from the harsh rays of the sun in order to retain moisture. However, with the rain fall in the evening comes a change in routine to avoid too much moisture penetrating the hair from the atmosphere. 

How To: Remove Glue From Your Hair

What am sharing is from my personal experience. When I got the invisible sew in some months ago, the middle part was glued down. Also, I've had some tracks glued into my hair before and on both occasions, I successfully removed the glue without causing breakage to my own hair!

So how did I do it? A detangling conditioner!
[1] part the hair into small sections so you can apply the conditioner directly to the root of the hair.

[2] Apply the conditioner to the dry roots, only a section at a time. You may mix in coconut or olive oil for more slip. That means when you apply to a small section, you work on it before applying to the next section. This is to prevent missing some portions which will happen if you apply the conditioner to the whole head of hair at once.

[3] Use your fingers to feel the glued parts whilst combing it out gently with a medium teeth comb. Repeat the steps until the whole head is free of glue.

[4] Rinse the hair under running water whilst combing to ensu…

Hair Update: Need New Products [PT2]

--> Catch part one here
Satin bonnet: I use two pillows covered with satin case but I do ohem sometimes so I need extra protection.

The ors aloe shampoo is a stable and the one I've had for almost 2 years finally ran out so it needs to be replaced.
Yeah, I know am not allowed to buy a new product until something runs out. I'm hopeful I'll empty another product pretty soon so I can buy this. It's quite expensive though (:
The keracare humecto you already know, is another stable so it's getting restocked.
Am not getting everything at a go; what I intend doing is to purchase them in order of necessity over the months even if it's till December. The first thing I want to get is the satin bonnet, moisturizer, relaxer, then the shampoo, and the others.

Let me know what you think about these products.

Deep Conditioning+ First Foam Roller Sets

I know I'm on a mini wash spree but since deciding to go with the flow, I've felt better and my hair has finally become what I desire.
The new thing I've done is to add oils to the deep conditioning mix which I suppose has contributed to the smooth hair I have. Thanks, Josephine for the encouragement!

Additionally, I left the deep conditioners longer than 30 minutes; in fact, hours before rinsing which I believe allowed the hair to properly absorb the product. For this wash, I applied ORS replenishing conditioner mixed with oils on dry hair and covered with deep conditioning cap for hours!
Then came the fun part- after my stylist rinsed out the DC, she applied S curl no drip moisturizer and used the conair foam rollers to set the hair! Wanna see?

The weather, The Hair, and The Plan

It's been a crazy lately with hot and scorching sun and unpredictable rains here and there.
It gets so super hot that I literally have sweat coming down from my scalp. The consequence was the abrupt take down of my cornrows- something I hadn't planned of doing till the second week of May. The end product of this sweaty scalp was smelly hair which I'd tried to ignore. Well, for reasons I won't dwell on,I took down the cornrows to avoid more embarrassing situations from recurring. It was such a terrible feeling as for the first time I didn't undo my hair out of my own volition! I don't think I can continue this trend with my hair so the lace wig will be a compulsory companion.

Hair Update: Need New Products [PT1]

--> So far, I've been enjoying the no buy challenge I placed on myself because it's helping me in several ways:
**** I can easily tell what is  isn't working since am not switching products regularly. I have a few products I use to deep condition now thus am able to compare performance better with each treatment. That will also help with my reviews as it's easy to pinpoint  products pros and cons with even one application.

**** I think hard about what I want to get before getting it. I have a lot of wants but am able to decipher the needs from wants because I have to think hard about how much am spending and the purpose of the product. The limitation on what I can buy has led me to do more research about products before buying them.
**** I've been able to use up two conditioners already thereby reducing the current stash which means I can buy something to replace them if I desire to but won't do any way :)

For now, I've decided to give the Elasta QP oliv…

Product Review: Motions Moisture Plus Conditioner

Here's my review of the Motions Moisture plus as requested
Full name: Motions Moisture Plus Conditioner Price: 15gh Purchased: Local cosmetic shop at American House/ can be found at Accra mall cosmetic shops What it says: With Silicone and Panthenol, For medium to Coarse textures. For relaxed, pressed, natural and weaved hair.Radiantly shiny, healthy-looking hair can be yours with Motions moisture plus conditioner. The thick, emollient formula infuses each strand of hair with ultra-moisturizing conditioners to help transform your hair from dry and dull to glam and gorgeous.

Wash Day: Handling Underprocessed Hair

From my Facebook updates, most of you know I had wanted texlaxed hair but what I have is blown out hair lol.
For this wash day, I still kept everything simple.

7 Days Of Moisture

Via green house effect and baggy method.
From today to Sunday, I intend doing any of the two to provide moisture alternating between day and night. On Thursday, I hope to co wash and then a full shampoo wash on Sunday. The idea of staying away from extensions isn't going to be easy but at least for this week, I want to nourish the hair in the best possible way through moisture. To prevent moisture overload is a reason for the day ghe so the hair gets to dry as the sun is high during the day.

Going On A Break...

from extensions.
I want to treat the hair properly to enhance its moisture retention, softness as well as nurture the scalp from all the stress as a result of the braids. 
To allow for better growth too, I'll continue apply JBCO every morning and night. The motive behind it is to give the scalp all the nourishment is needs before getting back into extensions again. I'm keeping up with a  steam+conditioner wash alternating with steam+conditioner wash+deep conditioning every 3 days. Protein deep conditioners will be in rotation with these moisture treatments once in a while to keep the protein-moisture balance. I do not wish to experience any setback this year and forever! My regimen still remains simple because am just in love with my hair but not the complications of a hair journey. 

How To Prepare Aloe Oil

We know by now the many benefits of aloe vera on the scalp, hair and skin. Go a step further by making your own aloe vera hair oil. Watch the tutorial by Akushikagonenatural. I'll share mine whenever I do it.

How To Use Palm Kernel Oil On Hair

Palm kernel oil is one of the wonderful oils God has blessed us with and can thus be easily found in the markets.
This oil is derived from the nut of the palm fruit, different from palm oil which is obtained from the fleshy part of the fruit.
One characteristic of the palm kernel on the market is the unpleasant smell. Something that tends to pput people off thereby rendering it a less popular oil in the hair journey of most GH ladies.
However, the smell shouldn't prevent you from enjoying the benefits of this precious yet inexpensive oil. Read More

Wash Day, Rhaussoul Treatment, Relaxer Update...


1. Pre pooed with oil mix for hours before applying rhaussoul clay. A friend gave me the Sheabutter Cottage rhaussoul clay and I couldn't wait to try it.

2.  Mixed some of the clay with a bit of water; eye balled the quantities. Applied the clay on face and hair and went about house chores.

The Struggles After TWA

--> Hope you are all doing great with your hair journey :)
I have to say that I do get the texlax itch  but I've got so much support from ladies especially relaxed ones who keep me on tract. Amazing, right? Thanks to Anita of who shared her sister's progress with me.