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Mane Choice, Hairfinity and Mielle Organics vitamins Ingredients Comparison.

[caption width="279" align="alignnone"] [/caption] Since the vitamins we have are competing against each other,  why not show you a breakdown of the ingredients of each one to help you make a decision when buying them.  What differences do you notice? 

Dos and Don'ts of Natural Hair in Ghana

When naturals in Ghana ask me what to do or not do with their hair, I tend to smile because it means starting from the basic Regimen and sharing some dos and don'ts of natural hair in Ghana. ** Make sure your hair is at least damp before combing. Be sure to ditch the small tooth comb and use a wide tooth comb. ** Use a moisturizer as often as you need to and find ways to retain moisture. Our weather is usually dry for the most part of the year so look into moisture retention if you want to gain length. My new technique is to moisturize 3 times a day if necessary and deep condition twice a week if needed. ** Limit the use of shampoos. At least a weekly use is enough. As a natural, you can go without a shampoo for weeks if you have been using natural oils. **Find a good sealant. Many of the so-called natural oils may not be enough to seal YOUR Hair. Some hair do well with grease eg Vaseline and Dax. So don't worry yourself with Natural oils all the time. One caution will be to cl