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4 Wash Day Tips For Relaxed Hair

There are a variety of things you can do  to enhance your wash day experience. Prepoo treatment is not overrated. I know some bloggers don't see the need but do what works for you. When I ceased doing the Prepoo, I into get the same moisturized hair. Use heat to deep condition. Unfortunately, I know getting a steam cap is a problem but do try to get one for your hair. It makes a huge difference . Air drying in sections helps stretch the hair and leave you with smooth hair too. I don't worry about too much shrinkage during the air drying. Use detangling products especially shampoos and leave in conditioners to reduce knots and tangles when manipulating the hair.

How To Finger Detangle Relaxed or Natural Hair

Detangling shouldn't be a hassle if you know how to use your fingers to aid you. I often talk about this technique and so decided to demonstrate it. Apart from  using conditioner and oils in the detangling process,  your fingers will not only guide you to remove knots quickly,  they will also help you separate the intertwined strands.

Relaxer pH and Why You Need To Know It

Well,  I came across a post about the relaxer pH, I found them quite interesting. Our hair has a pH of 4.5-5.5 and these relaxers have a highest of 14. That's how strong they are in order to work on our hair. Source : black hair media The pH balance determines how harsh the chemical is. Research has shown that the lower the pH, the less damaging the product is to your hair. Water has a pH of 7. Anything less than 7 is considered acidic. The lower this number gets the greater the acidity. Any pH greater than 7 is considered alkaline. The higher the number gets the greater the alkalinity. A one point difference in pH's could have a significant impact on your hair A product with a pH of 13 is 10 times more alkaline than a product with a pH of 12. This same product would be 100 times more alkaline than a product with a pH of 11. The pH levels even tend to vary among the same products from batch to batch. A relaxer that worked great for you the last time you touched up, may cause mo

10 relaxer application tips

Over the years, I've leanrt some things about relaxers and today, I share 10 relaxer application tips. 1. Don't mix lye and no lye at the same time 2. Always neutralize properly 3. Protect previously relaxed parts using petroleum jelly or sheabutter to prevent the relaxer being washed out from processing the already straight part. Simply put, relaxer over run can cause thin hair and breakage. 4. Know your texture so you choose the appropriate relaxer. 5. Follow instructions 6. Always deep condition after relaxing to restore either protein or moisture back into the hair. You can use either a moisturizing or protein based deep conditioner. 7. Don't mix different brands of relaxers 8.Let your stylist know what you want 9. Store relaxer properly 10. Avoid relaxing in the afternoon: you tend to sweat when the weather is hot. Sweat can cause your scalp to get irritated.