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Quick Bun Tutorial for Short Natural Hair

Do you have short natural hair? Well, here's one quick solution for you. I really loved this quick pictorial of a bun and simply had to share it.
All you need are
Afro kinky hair

Wash Day With Sheamoisture Yucca and Baobab Shampoo

Upon reflections and meditations, I've realized that perhaps my knotted ends have to do with my current twists. In addition to that, I often get tired of the gruelling  minutes spent detangling so I stop and use either the shampoo and running water to continue the detangling routine. These led me to rethink my regimen and where it will lead me.
I hadn't shampooed in a while so I brought out sheamoisture yucca shampoo (thanks Diana for this gift).

First of all, this shampoo smells like perfume - deliciously sweet! However, it doesn't have the same slip as the coconut and hibiscus shampoo. I topped up with the hello hydration conditioner and two hand full of coconut oil (I'm evaluating this oil in my regimen). I find my hair responding well to grapeseed oil. So, I really spent time detangling the ends which was such a daunting task. I'm happy I want to wear my own hair throughout September (more about that soon). Despite all the efforts to smoothen the ends, they re…

Reevaluating Hair Regimen

I'll be back with an updated hair regimen due to some few things I've learnt.

My knowledge of my hair has changed over the past few weeks and that will be changing my perspectives on how I can have moisturized hair which is my goal.
My current hair typing might also probably change.

Wash Days; From Clay Treatment To Co Wash

I didn't want to use a shampoo so I went in for rhassoul clay treatment again. I mixed
Rhassoul Clay
and applied it on my hair, covered it for some hours before rinsing. I followed up with the last bit of Aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor (I'm actually sad about that :'(:'()
I topped up with the keracare humecto which is also running out smh. Fortunately for me, what is left can last about four washes.
I twisted the hair to prevent it from knots and tangles when it dried.
Co Wash
Two days later , I used the Cantu Sheabutter curl cream to retwist the hair but that didn't turn out well at all so I Co washed with the We Naturals Hemp Oil conditioner. After that, my Auntie installed African Threading and my hair was very stretched upon take down.

I love the results of threaded hair! That's my most trusted and guaranteed method of heat free stretching so you'll be reading more escapades with this technique.
How was your wash Day?

Ayilo/Shile For Your Hair

Omg! yes, Ayilo/shile for your hair!You should have seen my face when I made this discovery a few days ago about Ayilo or Shile which is actually kaolin clay!  Some call it white clay.

It's the type of clay pregnant women  love to eat and we on the healthy hair journey have been missing out on this.
When I was wondering how to get bentonite or rhassoul Clay, I decided to see if we had other clays in Ghana that could be used so I save cash.  It turned out that the kaolin clay is indigenous to us in Ghana.
Here's an article about using kaolin clay on your hair
I will be using the ayilo in September so expect my verdict.
Source : Ayilo and Pregnancy

Did Mane Choice Manetabolism Hair Vitamins Work?

Well, I'm done with the Mane Choice Manetabolism Hair Vitamins.

I won this vitamins in a give away and I still smile when I think of it.

I missed some days in July so I finished taking the supplements on the 9th of August.
In this final review, I talk about whether I got acne or broke out, my water in take, and of course, whether I gained length. Enjoy the video

Tresemme Naturals Moisture Conditioner Review

I purchased the tresemme naturals moisture conditioner because bloggers made me do it LOl! This conditioner is silicone free so I had to try it out for myself, a sort of joining the band wagon. I don't regret joining the tresemme naturals moisture conditioner hype because I saw positive results with this conditioner. It has even influenced me to seek out more silicone free conditioners!

In the review video, I talk about the price, how I use it, how my hair responds to it and how it has also helped with moisture as it claims.

EYA Naturals Leave In Lotion Review

Hi empresses, I'm very excited about this eya naturals review because a lot of you have requested reviews of our locally made products.

This was actually the first local made hair product I tried and it didn't fail me at all.
In this review, I talk about the price, availability, where to buy it, the texture, effectiveness and how my hair responds to it.

Wenaturals Hemp Oil Range First Impression

Hi empresses,
You can't imagine my excitement when Wenaturals decided to send me the full set of their hemp oil when they saw it on my wish list!
I was ecstatic when the delivery man brought the items the same day Wenaturals said they would! That just tells you the awesome customer service they have!
There is a shampoo, conditioner, leave in, hair butter, and hot oil treatment!
Apart from the sleek package that was part of my reasons for getting interested in the range, I like that you have the products you'll need on your journey in one package! Talk about stress free hair journey.
Alright, so these plus the fact that it is from hemp seed oil ignited the desire to test the range and the wonderful folks at Wenaturals made my day with this gift.
I'll reviewing each product separately to give you a more detailed information.
Get more in the video below

Do You "Volume Check" or "Length Check"

The latest trend in the natural hair community is having huge hair be it huge twist out, puff or wash n go.
Along comes length checks using your volume and thickness instead of the usual body part measurement and tapes which I personally find to be inaccurate.

Igbo curls recently shared a picture of her hair using the volume/thickness rule and I must say that it's a creative way of sharing your progress.

Photo source: instagram.

I prefer the volume - thickness measurements.
What do you think?

4 Silicone Free Conditioners

Before I talk about the 4 silicone free conditioners, What is the use of silicones in hair products?

How do silicones work?

While often maligned, silicones are actually one of the most effective ingredients in both hair and skin care products. Silicones work by covering hair with a thin hydrophobic (waterproof) coating. This coating serves several purposes:

Reduces the porosity of the hair, which makes it less likely to absorb humidity (Which is why it’s great for smoothing and straightening!)Reduces moisture loss from the inside of the hair (Great for conditioning.)Lubricates the surface of the hair so it feel smoother and combs easier (Makes your hair feel slippery and less tangled.)
Read more

I have joined the Silicone Free Conditioner bandwagon for the sole reason that I love how my hair doesn't feel sticky after using a conditioner. I mean when I use this type of conditioner, my hair feels clean and no film or coated feeling.
I talk more about the effect o…

What To Do Before You Get A Weave On

What do you do before you get a weave on? I'm answering more questions that pop up every now and then as someone who dabbles in extensions a lot. Here are my tips for you.

**Chelate or Clarify your hair before you weave up. Getting rid of build up on the scalp and hair will ensure that you don't have itchy scalp within days of installation. When you allow your dirty hair to be braided, you are only creating a breeding ground for bacteria too.
***Do a protein treatment whether mild, medium or hard. This strengthens your hair for the tension from the cornrow beneath the weave. Also, you give the hair the nourishment you can't provide when it's weaved up. Even if you wash your weave and the hair under the weave, the products won't penetrate as much as when your hair is lose.
***Get a braid spray or make your own. This is to keep your hair moisturized under the weave. It's better to have it on hand prior to getting the weave so you can start the moisturizing process a…

4 Tips For Successful Detangling

To have a successful detangling section is the dream of every lady on a healthy hair journey and in this post, I share 4 tips for successful detangling.

Select your detangling method. This could be dry or wet detangling, finger or comb detangling or a combination of some or all of these methods. At each stage of your hair growth, one or more methods may be better to accomplish a successful detangling process. Dry Finger detangling involves removing the knots, shed hair and tangles prior to the application of any product, especially, before shampoo. It is done with the aid of oil or slightly damp hair. Wet detangling as the name suggests involves the use of a detangling product such as conditioner. It may also involve detangling under running water. You may choose to use only your fingers or a comb in any of these methods. You can also combine both.
Select Products ahead of time:
For Dry Finger detangling, the major products you will need are oils of which coconut oil is key. You will nee…

My Twist Out On TWA

Curiosity leads to discovery and being on this journey is all about discovering your hair's potential and I've discovered the my twist out on TWA isn't the ultimate hair style LOl.

I'm not obsessed with curl pattern as my hair naturally doesn't have the curl.pattern for wash n Go. Yet I know my hair can hold a curl with the right technique and products. To get this result, I've started experimenting with different product combinations. This excitement is a factor for keeping my hair twisted for easy access. ☺☺
Here are some twist outs I've attempted.

Dove Damage Therapy Heat Defense conditioner Review

I bought the Dove heat defense conditioner when it was on sale at The Game, Accra Mall. It was hard getting reviews online about this conditioner probably because it isn't really something people know of. However, the curiousity in me pushed me to pick it up and I don't regret it. What I do regret is not picking up more bottles because the price has been increased now.
I talk about the consistency, slip, how I use it and how my hair responds to it.

How To Moisturize Your Two Strands Twists Without Unraveling Them

Wearing two strand twists does make life easy and reduced the manipulation of the hair. In order to avoid redoing your twist every single day in order to maintain moisture, I'm sharing some tips on how to moisturize your two strand  twists without unravelling them;
The Products
Put my moisture spritz in a spray bottle- leave in, moisturizer, light oil.
Make sure to position the spray bottle a bit far from the twist.
Spray the mix onto the twists
Use fingers to gently pat the mix into the strands.
You can apply butter on the twists if you wish.

Whether loose or pinned, that's my simple technique for keeping my twists moisturized without unravelling them.

Rhassoul Clay Treatment for Hair & Face

I've been up to a lot of stuff during the month of July though due to phone and internet challenges, I couldn't share with you all these things but here's an update about the rhassoul clay treatment I did a couple of days ago.
During one of the days I felt happy and in the mood to experiment, I did a mud wash using Sheabutter Cottage Rhassoul Clay.
In the video, I take you through a step by step process from mixing the clay to the application.
I will be doing more of these clay treatments as time goes on.


The Most Natural Looking Crotchet Braids

I got crotchet braid installed with the help of my stylist and I must say that it is the most natural looking crotchet braids I've come across. This particular style is very cheap to do and when it turned out so gorgeous, I told myself that was the best hair style I've ever done. We used just one pack of Afro kinky twist hair and because I can't cornrow, I went to my stylist for help. The whole process took about 3 hours. It's been a week already and I've tried different styles with it which I'll be sharing in the course of time.

33 Weeks Post : A Little Dose Of Patience

Being 33 weeks post relaxer does make me merry yet I'm only about 1/4 through my goal.
What's being going on? I'm in a new style-more on that after a few weeks.

I'm not really consistent with jbco as I want to so I'm going to use my reminder again. I also want to focus on using it in the morning as in the evening, I'm just too sleepy to bother.
I've been diligent with satin cap which is good news. It makes sleeping much more comfortable too.
I've reshuffled my product list, thereby, changing the my priority. I need a deep Conditioner so I will restock the aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor. I really love the short amount of time required in its use and since I don't use any other protein product, that will get the work done. Aside that, I'll be getting two others that were on my 2015 goals in a few weeks time.

Morning At Home Facial Care

As requested, here's a few tips about how my morning at home facial care and how I get my glowing skin before work time( which for me is 8am- baby J is up and about by then Lol).
I have the demo video below for you to answer all the questions I've received. Too much talking won't show what I do Lol.
Get a facial scrub
A face towel
A face wash or cleanser- liquid or soap
A face cream or moisturizer
Your bathing sponge ( or soft sponge)
Here's the video showing how in use these items.


Easy Ways To Care For Your Hair As A New Natural

I may not be considered a new natural as I've had two previous experiences with my natural hair. However, it doesn't change the fact that people still give me the same attitude each time. Here's how to cope as a new natural in this our society that has some negative perspectives about being natural.(see my post here and here).

Let your reason for going natural keep you moving on. Listen, it's very tough rocking a TWA out here if you don't dress the part, talk the part and walk the part. When elderly women rock TWA, it's OK yet when a young person like me wears it, then, people raise their eye brows.

I've been through it all and this time, I cared less about it. I did get some even from men but that lasted only a day. You've got to be very confident that your hair will grow back, healthy and strong

These are the easy ways to care for your hair as a new natural.

Cantu Sheabutter For Natural Hair Detangling Cream

Disclaimer: I was sent Cantu Sheabutter For Natural Hair Detangling Cream to review. No monetary compensation was paid; all views expressed here are my candid and honest opinions.

Full name: Cantu Sheabutter for Natural Hair Coil Calm Detangler
Price: 35-45gh



Here are my views about it

Shampoos For Ghanaian Natural Hair

Today's post is all about the shampoos for Ghanaia natural hair though I wonder if there's anything like that LOL. When ladies as me why I hardly talk about some of the top notch products being raved about day in and day out, I tell them my hair journey shouldn't be complicated.

Shampoos are the first products you need when it's wash day and with knowledge about sulfates, most ladies are looking for shampoos that would give them the best results. Be it moisturizing, clarifying or sulfate free, choosing a shampoo can be a bane of naturals in Ghana.
The few shampoos I have used haven't disappointed me namely; creme of nature shampoo, ors aloe shampoo and now we naturals hemp shampoo.
African black soap aka alata samina is also awesome for natural hair.
My advice to you is not look at the expensive nature of a shampoo and qualify it as being effective. Cheap can be equally effective.

Protective Styling/Accountability Challenge

Let me start off by saying that this challenge is hosted by Jen of Justgrowalready and Jay of relaxedthairapy [ Yep, the two Js]

For me, this is an accountability challenge. I've had several forms of protective styles but the key thing missing is the ability to keep them in for a long time.
Therefore, I want to use this particular challenge to help me keep this cornrows till at least 31st of August. I've already done a week so an extra 4 weeks would be awesome.
I'll have a weekly update to let you in on what goes on.