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Vitaverz vitamins week 3

I'm still on the vitaverz vitamins though not consistently as I want. In fact, I've skipped about 3 days. Not funny at all.

How about growth? I think I'm seeing some growth but again, I can't be sure until I do an official check at the end of November. I'll be diligent in November in order to give a fair review.

Length Check

I did a blow dry at the salon and took the opportunity to do a length check. I was extremely anxious because it seemed my hair isn't growing like it was doing last year. I guess I wasn't right because I'm almost full neck length!
That's about 6 inches retained despite all the  trims and breakage. I'm still taking vitaverz vitamins and will continue it till end of November to do a review.

I'll be doing another length check for the front again as a yard stick to judge the vitamins. Somehow, I think it's working well because I don't have breakage and shedding. The whole of this year,  shedding has been my main concern due to the postpartum issues. I'm glad the postpartum shedding is over!
I have stocked up on some castor oil for my edges too. I've been diligent with the mixed one so using the undiluted version isn't a problem. I want to end the year well so I'll be deep conditioning more often- especially twice a week until I'm satisfied w…

Flexi Rod Set on Damp Hair

I'm sure by now you aren't surprised that I tried a flexi rod set on damp hair because you know flexi rods are the only sets I can do on my own.

This Flexi rod set on damp hair also went very well.
First though, here's what happened.
I've finally stocked up on some deep conditioners and other products which I'll be sharing in due time. Among the products are renpure cleansing conditioner and ORS hairepair nourishing conditioner. I used the renpure to clean the hair and deep conditioned with the ors hairepair nourishing conditioner for about an hour.
Verdict? I'm already in love with the ors hairepair nourishing conditioner! My hair felt very soft and smelled good too.
I air dried for some time, applied kinky Curly Knot today leave in conditioner and sealed with some Sheabutter from mejs naturals. My hair smelled so sweet Lol.
I put in the Flexi rod and went to bed with it without covering with a scarf. That was what caused some of rods to come off Lol. I like that my…

Flexi Rod Set Short Hair

I managed to  Flexi rod Short hair this weekend. The flexi rod is probably the most easiest set on earth Lol because I find it so easy to do compared to roller sets and perm rod sets.

I haven't  successfully done these in more than a  year!
To start off,
1. Prepooed with mejs neem oil [check out my give away for mejs naturals products on my Facebook page
2. Shampooed once with sheamoisture yucca and baobab [review on]
3. Applied queen Helene face mask for clay treatment. This has bentonite and kaolin clay as first five ingredients and I've seen some bloggers and YouTube ladies use these face mask.  I did get a clean hair as well as almost emptying the tube before it expires Lol.
4. Deep conditioned with coily crown miracle detangle for 30 minutes and air dried.
I put it the Flexi rods and left them overnight. I used them on dry hair.
I got some pretty decent curls; unfortunately, I couldn't take shots of it.
I sweated everything out at the he gym but I…

Shop Voucher Give Away

As the year comes to a close, I want to show my appreciation for your unflinching support.  If you are in the US,  don't worry. I'll be holding one for you very soon. You are part of my top supporters.

For those in Ghana,  the give away is on the Facebook page
You get to win 50gh Shopping Voucher for mejs naturals. It's awesome, right? Don't miss this!

The Oil Mixture Challenge

The oil mixture challenge is organised by Yemi lets grow our hair and she's basically going to use oils in her stash to increase moisture and growth.

For me,  I have three bottles of oils I want to use up in the coming months and the challenge actually ends in December . I've already began using the jbco mix daily thus that batch should be done by December.

The  second oil is the grape seed oil which I learnt can go rancid if kept for long.

The last oil is actually a butter mix consisting of Sheabutter and other natural oils I made last year. You are allowed to laugh at my hoarding nature. Truth be told,  because the hair has been  in a short state for 2 years, I haven't been able to use up products much faster like back in 2012 and 2013.

Here's one the of oils I used back in 2012 thereabouts.
I know that's going to change by mid 2016 so I want to clear this batch before I suffer terrible side effects from using  such oils.

As for the Sheabutter mix, I apply it on my ski…

Vitaverz hair skin and nails vitamins week 2

This vitaverz hair skin and nails vitamins seems to be winning my heart.  Though I'm in a crotchet braid, my nails to serve as a yard stick to measure the effectiveness or otherwise of the vitamins.

My nails are growing a tad bit faster than normal. I won't jump to conclusions but I'm getting more convinced about  the potency of the  vitaverz vitamins.

For my hair,  I'm OK with what I was seeing which was thickness. It's too early to claim the thickness but when this style comes off, that will be the first thing I will check.

I'm half way through the pack and will continue taking it in November. I won't take a break so I'll get the second pack down asap. After the vitaverz,  I'm hoping I'll have the good n natural vitamins for two months,  perfectil for two months and hope that grogranics will be in.

How To Spend Less on Hair Products

If you think being on a relaxed or natural hair journey is expensive,then, you need to think twice about the hair products you have neglected and find out how to spend less on hair products.

Why? Your journey is all about how you manage your finances in accordance with your hair needs and products.
For me, my decision to overlook certain types of hair products is influenced by my desire to achieve health and length simultaneously. I don't want to end up spending so much on products that are costly when I can equally find inexpensive yet very effective ones on our markets.
I plan to do another whipped sheabutter, use African black soap as my shampoo and focus on rather stocking up on deep conditioners and moisturizers.

Furthermore, in a year's time, my length will require more products so I'm not misusing what I have now. I do saturate my hair with products but not too often.

Also, you don't need curl creams and souffl├ęs that cost an arm and leg. Our local businesses have ma…

One Place To Get Affordable Hair Products

The mantra is always less is more when it comes to hair journey and there is one place to get affordable hair products which we seem not to have noticed . Some few things I'm noticing about being a blogger is the opportunity to discover products as a result of window shopping

Drug Stores/Pharmacy
Most often, we tend to overlook this place when shopping for products. I, first, discovered the awesomeness of drug stores when I went to get regular castor oil. As I was waiting to make payment, I saw bottles of VO5 products among others. When I compared the prices of the hair products there to market prices, I made the decision to check out products in drug stores or pharmacies whenever I could. Till date, I still practice that habit and it has led me to find affordable yet effective products. Also, some of the items aren't easily obtainable elsewhere so it saves me a lot of searching.
My recent discovery includes Tresemme products, and more. Do stay tuned to my facebook page for these…

Can Water Only Wash Clean Your Hair?

Here's one of the questions that have come up with the water only wash. Can the water only wash clean your hair? There are several things involved in the water only wash cleaning stages.

First, you scritch that is use your finger pads to lift sebum and dirt.

There's also the position of your head during the rinse. You tilt your hair downwards to allow the flow of water to wash out the dirt as well as make detangling easier.

Another the cleaning step is the acv, Aloe vera juice. You can use aloe vera as a cleanser to remove dirt from your hair. It is said to be a mild cleanser which means it won't deplete the sebum coverage. You have to experiment with how often you use to figure out the best time to use it.

clay treatments or herbal rinses can also be used to clean the hair during the water only wash routine. However, these clay treatment, according to the website, can undo the sebum coverage. Clays like bentonite are known to clarify so I won't be surprised if they strip …

Sheamoisture Yucca & Baobab Shampoo Review

A friend gave me the sheamoisture yucca & baobab shampoo and I was very excited to be trying my second  sheamoisture product.
This shampoo sells for around 55gh in most online shops in Ghana so you can easily get it. In the review,  I talk about the consistency of the sheamoisture yucca and baobab shampoo , how I use it and whether I'll repurchase it.


Why You Should Chelate Your Natural Hair

I'm going to talk about the need to chelate your natural hair. Chelating and Clarifying hair, to the best thing of my knowledge, are some things relaxed ladies do very often.  Whereas naturals may not be using a relaxer (some relax their edges), most do use commercial products.  Even using natural products can still cause build up and as a result, a lot of ladies focus on cleaning the hair with a sulfate based shampoo.
What about the build up from the water you use to wash the hair in the first place? Have you ever considered why even after clarifying your hair,  you still feel the strands are coated?

The kind of water we use especially for those who purchase from the tankers and also use water from the polytanks like me can hinder our whole wash day purpose and result.  Most of these waters are hard, meaning the mineral deposit from them will create build up that can only be cleared using a Chelating shampoo.
In addition to this, if you Co wash more often, then,  you'll have an …

Crotchet Braid with Zip Style

What  is the  crotchet braid with Zip style? My Ghanaian readers are already familiar with the zip braid.

The zip braid looks like fish tail braid. Only the roots of the hair are braided that way with the extensions with your hair completely tucked in the braid. This zip braid works best for naturals as you don't have your hair sticking out of the braid. With the root zipped up,  you continue  with the normal box braid or twists.  I didn't twist nor braid the rest of the hair.

I had the front left out of the cornrow for the crotchet. I left it like that to blend with the rest of the crotchet braid. Thus,  only the front part was braided using the  zip technique. The rest of the hair is normal crotchet braid.
The whole process took about 2 hours.

Water Only Wash #3

It felt so good having water on my scalp and I think my hair had become accustomed to the water only wash method.

Because of that, I'm just going to keep doing it. After the salon shampoo, my hair and scalp has lost all the sebum so it's back to the beginning.
I'll be spritzing this time more than total immersion in water so as to avoid sleeping with damp hair which causes colds and flu. On weekends, I'll deep condition.
Today's Wash
I sectioned the hair to make scritching and preening easier. I covered each part with jbco mix whilst preening to remove the excess oil that have settled at the root.
PS: if your hair keeps getting dry after moisturizing and sealing, try preening the oil from the root to the tip. It works wonders. I can't explain the science behind it but it has worked magic on my ends several times.
After covering with two shower caps, I took to writing this post.

Hair Trimming Postponed

Though I'd initially planned to do hair trimming the hair last week,  unforseen circumstances forced me to reschedule it.

The main reason is that I want to keep track of the vitaverz vitamins for the next 60 days. Therefore, I'm holding on till I do a proper length check at the end.

Until then,  I'm just going to rock the brown black look Lol.

Vitaverz hair skin and nails vitamins Update

It's been 8 days of vitaverz hair skin and nails vitamins and I must note that it's going well.

It seems my nails are going in faster but I'm still keeping my eyes on it. As for the hair,  I can't say the same. I'm giving it two more weeks before I can make any pronouncements as to whether there's a significant change or otherwise.
Also,  since I've made it a point to use it for 60 days, I'm in no rush to pull and tuck my hair to check the length.

The vitamins really don't smell good and the taste lingers for a while after swallowing. After that,  there's nothing else. The capsules are quite big too yet swallowing isn't hampered.

I don't have any breakout yet nor has my diet changed like when I began taking the Mane Choice Manetabolism healthy hair vitamins.
What are your current growth aids?

African Female Celebrities With Gorgeous Natural Hair

Today's post will showcase African Female celebrities with gorgeous natural hair. Have fun!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="387"] Becca's natural hair[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="442"] Yvonne Nelson's natural hair[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="446"] Ama K Abrebrese's natural hair[/caption]

Do you know them?
Image credits: instagram

My facial care routine: dry skin

Hi empresses, after making the requested video about my facial care routine, I realize I haven 't shared any details about the routine during dry weather.
I know one of our biggest problems in Ghana is the way the harmattan can dry the day light off our face!
I have a couple of videos of the products I'll be mentioning so you can check them out when they are published.

When I visited Tamale, Northern regional capital, in December, 2014, I knew I was going to battle with the harmattan. Yes, it indeed got a surprise from me. I popped into a supermarket and grabbed Forever Clair hydrating wash as I had seen and read the bottle back in shoprite. It was the number one product I had armed myself with to face the weather and I was glad I did.

The 2 Inches of Hair To Be Cut

Well,  it's not fun to have 2 inches to be cut yet that's what I'll need to do to get rid of the coloured sections in order to have even texture. 2 Inches may seem small but that's about 4 months of growth! I want to maintain my length too thus the first aim is to trim of the 1 inch or so of the coloured hair which is definitely booked for this week. That will be in preparation for either a weave or braid or vixen crotchet this week too. I'm not afraid of the 1-2 inches I'm going to cut, possibly today,  Wednesday. I'll wash and let my stylist blow dry and trim all the brown tincture lol. I'll post pictures when I'm done. I don't want to sound weirded but I look forward to this trim.

Water Only Wash and Faster Hair Growth

The short trial I had with the water only wash seems to have increased my growth and I'm inclined to believe that there's a relationship between water only wash and faster hair growth.
Now,  for the whole of September, I didn't take any hair vitamins nor any vitamins for that matter. The only thing I did which is what I think is the key has to do with the scalp massages.
One thing that water only wash advocates is daily scalp massages to increase sebum production as well as hair growth. I was extremely diligent with the daily scalp massages and even after the experiment.
Over the past few days,  I've noticed a lot of growth which is very soft and moisturized too.

Prior to washing, I spend a few minutes massaging the scalp to lift the dirt. That also helps to relax my mind Lol.

Whenever I wet the hair,  I massage the scalp to allow the water touch the scalp properly  since I don't wash in sections.
This influenced the decision to make scalp massages part of the challenges…

6 Weeks Later...

I'm dealing with 3 different textures; heat damaged nape, texturized hair and natural hair including new growth. The natural hair is two because the texturizer didn't touch some points Lol.
After blow drying and straightening,  the nape got super straight,  I was tired of breakage (I still have short hair at the crown) and most of all,  I was wasting time!
I don't know where the hair will be in a few months time but I did texturize to even out the  whole head and since I didn't want straight hair, I choose to texturize /texlax leaving about 80-90% texture.
It's been interesting handling this puzzling journey but I'm on  it for life so don't worry.  The Taurus in me is definitely being revealed in the hair journey. I accept my indecisive nature and live with it always. If I wake up one day and choose to dye the hair green,  I won't mind because I've accepted who I am. Now, I want to nurse the crown area to restore the hair as well as keep treating the…

Avoid Salon Shampoo

I've decided to avoid Salon Shampoos and here's why.
After my last wash at the salon,  my hair hasn't been itself. It's been dry and crunchy, something my hair hasn't experienced in months. The only different thing I did this past wash day was not to take my own shampoo along. Prior to this salon visit,  I'd taken my own products from A to Z. Even for Co Wash at the salon,  I use my own conditioner. S
That being said,  I could immediately tell it's the salon shampoo that has caused the dryness. To correct this,  I Co washed with herbal essences hello hydration conditioner to restore the moisture. Secondly,  the shampoo had stripped all the sebum I had so even the roots weren't as moisturized how much more the ends. Afterwards, I applied kinky Curly Knot today leave in and sealed with Grape seed oil. I'm virtually back to stage one with keeping the hair hydrated but I'll be very diligent in getting it back again.

For this reason,  I'll avoid Sal…

Vitaverz Hair skin and nails vitamins

The funny story behind the vitaverz hair skin and nails vitamins is that I went to the pharmacy to get perfectil. However, being a blogger, I looked hard at what else was one display and saw this vitaverz. I took both and compared the ingredients which were actually very similar.

The only visible difference was in price. The vitaverz cost 20gh whilst perfectil was 50gh. The vitaverz is 30 capsules, once a day whereas perfectil is 60 caps, twice a day.
I don't like the smell but all vitamins smell funny lol.
Here are the starting pictures. I'll give you an update soon.

Wash Day Onion Garlic Prepoo

This wash day, I did garlic onion Prepoo treatment first.
During the week, I put some chopped onions and garlic in coconut oil,  and topped up with black tea which I knew wasn't going to dissolve. However,  at least,  some of the caffeine did get into the garlic Onion Prepoo mix. The next one I will use is coffee which can dissolve in oil.

I went over to the salon to finish the wash day. The stylist gave me a good scrub during the shampoo) I really loved how she used her finger pads and not the nails).
She applied coily crown detangle deep conditioner and sat me under the hooded dryer for some minutes. I really don't remember the last time I did a DC under a hooded dryer.
I don't know when I'll go to the salon again for a wash though I'll be going there for a weave or something similar for some weddings this month.

African Threading Relaxed Hair

Is it possible to African thread relaxed hair? Here's another question that comes up on my blog frequently.
Well, the answer is yes.

When you are stretching your relaxer application periods, you'll most certainly have to keep the new growth from tangles and matting which is only possible if it's stretched. The natural hair growing in will require almost the same treatment as one who is fully natural.
Stella of Ghlonghair loves to use African threading underneath her wigs. Three are other ladies in our hair group who use African threading very often to not only stretch the hair but also as a protective style.
Therfore, the simple answer is yes, you can do African Threading on relaxed hair too.

Co washed

On Wednesday, Instead of water washing, I decided to Co Wash.
Prior to washing,  I scritched with the pads of my fingers to lift oil from the scalp and to redistribute it to the ends of the hair.

After preening, that's spreading the oil from the scalp unto  the length of the hair, I wet the hair

thoroughly, applied herbal essences hello hydration conditioner and massaged it through the hair. I rinsed it out, sprayed Africa's best hot six oil on the t shirt dried hair and covered with a shower cap and satin cap for the  night. My co washed hair felt very soft and moisturized for a while because I skipped leave in.

Water Only Wash #2

On Monday, I decided to do water only wash again. I rinsed with only water without any pre treatment with coconut oil.

2) T shirt dried to reduce water content in the hair.

3) Applied kinky Curly Knot today leave in and sealed with Grape seed oil.  My hair felt amazingly soft and so hydrated.
Next morning, the hair was still soft since I made sure to  cover with a satin cap before bed.
I applied the KCKT again in the morning and sealed with Africa's best hot six oil. My hair was still soft at the end of the day.
I'm ditching all other leave in now because this is the only combination that leaves my hair moisturized for long periods. I can't pinpoint the exact reason why the other leave ins don't work like that. May be the absence of silicones in the kinky Curly Knot today leave in and the thickness of it are the reasons. Well,  whatever the reason, I'm settling  on this for now. I'll test this '' theory" with another thick silicone free leave in. Do you…

Water Rinse

it's been requested that I share more details about how incorporate water only wash in my regimen. The water rinse method or the water only wash method isn't something new. I chose to give it a try to see how I can keep my hair hydrated.
After a few times of using only water to wash the hair, I've realized that applying oil before washing  is going to reduce hygral fatigue too, especially, coconut oil. So,  before every rinse, I apply the oil,  cover with a cap for a while and then move to the shower.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="541"] My small pony achieved[/caption]

I wash with water during shower by simply using the flow of the water.
I thought shirt dry a bit and allow the hair to air dry. At bedtime, I cover with  a satin cap to trap in the moisture.
At times, I follow up with leave in and a bit more oil, usually, grape seed oil.
I do this about 2 or 3 times a week.
This week,  I intend to  do it again and I'll be sure to keep y…

Wash Day: Honey Challenge #1

Hi ladies,
This is the first week of the honey challenge. That is using honey in our hair regimen.
I Prepooed overnight with coconut oil.
Next morning, I wet the hair under shower, mixed honey with and herbal essences hello Hydration conditioner.
After rinsing out the mix, I applied the herb essences again.
I allowed the hair to air dry after t shirt drying for some minutes.

I followed up with Africa's best hot six oil and African Pride Sheabutter leave in conditioner.

We Naturals Hemp Oil Line Review

I'm very thankful for the we naturals hemp oil products sent me by We naturals.  Their new hemp oil line range has awesome products. Check out my review of the shampoo,  conditioner, leave in, hair butter and hot oil treatment. The We naturals hemp oil line is made in Ghana. I know they can send it to you wherever you may be.


Hair Update, Water Only Wash, Honey Challenge

All there's to know about what's going with this gorgeous hair of mine, how the water only wash helped and also how the honey challenge is going.

I started the water only wash a couple of weeks ago and have since made it a part of my regimen. I've really enjoyed having water only scalp frequently which has also given me hydrated strands. The water only wash method is a technique developed for the purpose of reducing the products used on the hair in order to encourage the production of natural sebum. The sebum is meant to act as the moisturizer and main product in the regimen.

For my hair, I've decided to make some changes to the hair since I've been losing as a result of trying to keep it stretched, keep tangling to a minimum and also maintaining it during the week. I share all these details in the video so be sure to watch it and give your suggests, comments, views and to also subscribe to support.


3 Easy Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar On Natural Hair

Today, I'm going to share 3 easy ways to use apple cider vinegar on natural hair. For most naturals in Ghana, the best known products are usually expensive yet there are very effective ones that are also easily accessible. Apple Cider Vinegar is a hair product you'll always find in my home. Aside haven used it when I relaxed my hair, I do use it on my natural hair too.

***As a final rinse
When I want to be double sure the hair's cuticle is closed, I do a final rinse with ACV diluted in water. Also, when I Co wash, I like to use the vinegar to act as another rinse. Somehow, my hair feels smoother when I do that meaning the cuticles are closed.

****Scalp Cleanser
Though there are divided views about Apple Cider Vinegar as a cleanser, that is like a shampoo, I, have personally seen how effective it is on the scalp. So, even if it can't clean the hair itself, when it comes to cleaning the scalp, this stuff is the truth! For ladies with dandruff, using acv diluted on the scalp …