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How to curl your hair using a Bohemian headband

Now, I guess you recall the "Bohemian Hair style'. How about creating some curls with your own Bohemian headband. Watch tradesecretsCA!

An Updo For The Week

One of my favourite youtube ladies, NotoriousLYNappy1, is back with gorgeous styles. Here's one...

Relaxer Update (4): Last Relaxer For 2012

Alright! The deed has been done-I relaxed yesterday, 12 weeks after my last relaxer. It’s been a joyful as well as frustrating journey.
The joy was in knowing that I was doing the right thing for my hair by stretching my relaxer. It’s made the hair thicker and bouncier, soft and silky. The fullness got my hair dresser excited and another client said she wouldn’t fix a weave if her hair was like that. I don’t bother discussing hair with people anymore because most often, they wouldn’t believe or take what you say. My hair dresser stretches for six months so she’s not surprised that I also stretch.

Faux Side Bang and Ponytail

Hi Divas,
I've been wearing my hair in twists for the past two weeks. This week,I will be wearing it in this style-Faux Side Bang and Ponytail.
I wore it on Sunday to church and I loved the look.

MVP Nourishing Leave-In And Styling Lotion Review

After using my liquid leave-in conditioner, I knew a creamy leave-in will be the best option for me. I went over to a cosmetic shop and requested for the leave-ins they had and as I held each one, the MVP stood out as the creamy one.
Full name: Most Valuable Product Nourishing Leave-In And Styling Lotion
What it says: Uniquely formulated to tighten and add resilience to the hair shaft while conditioning the internal part of the hair. Hair feels alive and healthy allowing for style freedom.

400 Years Without a Comb

--> On the journey of  discovery for more insight  into the hisory of African/Black Hair.I discovered a video called 400 Years Witout a Comb- The Inferior Seed by Willie Morrow, author of 400 Years Without A Comb. I must say that the acting is bit bad and the video quality is not soo great (its very old).However, the information in the entire set of  6 videos is very informative and insightful.

Relaxed And Natural Hair Pyramid

It's feels so good to be alive on this beautiful 12-12-12! Thank God we have witnessed the last calendar combination of this century! On to the biz of the day.
I have been reading about this hair pyramid and fortunately, I got to see the pyramid in the course of reading a post by a member of hairlista. I had to share it with you, ladies (and possibly gentlemen)! These pyramids serve as a guide to achieving a balance in the hair care process. 

My Merry Light Weave Review

This is a video I did on a weave I fixed with MerryLight Hair.

How To: Saran Wrap Natural Or Relaxed Hair

The saran wrap is used to achieve a straighter, smoother hair . The lovely prettywitty77jenichris23 and kinksNcurlsLc1 show us how to do it. This is something I'll be venturing into when I can get my hair into a wrap.


2013 Hair Care: Regimen And Products

In order to succeed in the coming year, I have put some measures in place. You may think your mother is the best cook until another mother's cooking. The same applies to hair products; you'll never know how others work until you test them. For all you know, they would work better for you. Therefore, even though some products and regimen worked well for me this year, I'll venture into new ones (See post on 2012 In Review: Hair Care Products for products I won't use again and those I'll be keeping). For now, these are the things I’d love to do. 
Protective style with my own hair. I have to learn how to cornrow this year. Seriously!Pre-poo before every wash whether overnight or with hooded dryer. When I get the dryer, I’ll pre-poo with it and do the overnight deep conditioning.

2012 In Review: Hair Care Regimen

Wash Days
In the quest for what works for my hair, my regimen has changed probably on a weekly basis. I have worked with:

2012 In Review: Hair Care Products

All glory and honour be unto the Most High God, his only begotten Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, our comforter for the opportunity to experience the end of year. I thank the Lord for your lives as well and for all the support you've given us.

I have tried what I consider "a few products"lol. Let me start with
Mane n’ Tail deep moisturizing shampoo(out)won't repurchase

The Ugly Truth About Hair Care

Nothing is perfect in life and so is a hair journey. I love this video by shlinda1. Let me know what you think.


21 Questions: Hair Tag

-->The lovely Kim Fancy of has tagged me to answer these interesting questions about my hair. Enjoy it!
Why did you start taking better care of your hair? I was tired of the limp, constantly short hair.What are your 2 favorite hair products? Coconut oil and Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing conditioner.Who's hair did you admire as a child? “Rudy”(Keshia Knight Pulliam) of Cosby show.

Wash Day With Coconut Cream Deep Conditioner

Ok, I know this update is late but I still want to fulfill my promise of showing you my results from using the coconut deep conditioner. Alright, let’s get to business!
I used banana and the coconut cream I got as a Christmas gift last year-I didn’twant it to go waste since it’s been almost seen a year on the shelf. I checked the expiring date to be sure I was using a good stuff.