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Relaxed And Natural Hair Pyramid

It's feels so good to be alive on this beautiful 12-12-12! Thank God we have witnessed the last calendar combination of this century! On to the biz of the day. I have been reading about this hair pyramid and fortunately, I got to see the pyramid in the course of reading a post by a member of hairlista. I had to share it with you, ladies (and possibly gentlemen)! These pyramids serve as a guide to achieving a balance in the hair care process. 

How To: Saran Wrap Natural Or Relaxed Hair

--> The saran wrap is used to achieve a straighter, smoother hair . The lovely  prettywitty77 ,  jenichris23  and  kinksNcurlsLc1  show us how to do it. This is something I'll be venturing into when I can get my hair into a wrap. kinksNcurlsLc1