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Fading Acne Scars With Aloe Vera

Since I don't have new acne breakout,  I've turned my attention to fading the acne scars with aloe vera gel from my backyard.

The Preparation

All I do is before taking the shower,  I scope the gel from the fresh leave and mash it up to a smooth consistency. I massage fresh aloe vera gel on the affected areas and allow it to dry.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300"] With make up[/caption]

It seems it will also be comfortable sleeping with  a dab of the gel on the cheeks. I'm sure it will take a while but I'll succeed.

How I use the aloe vera

Now,  the honey and lime mix is my facial scrub whilst the baking soda and aloe vera gel serve as Pre or post cleansing treatments depending on whether I have a make up or not. If no make up,  I can apply those before shower else unless after cleaning the face.

When using aloe vera gel like that, be careful not to get it onto your lips because it's very bitter. May be the already packaged one mi…

Currently On My To Buy List

Currently on my to buy list

**Afro pick and small combs to lift the roots when I do wash and Go, for braid outs and other styles that require fluffing.
**Bentonite clay: mainly to use as a substitute for shampoo on some wash days.
**Aloe vera Juice ( to detoxify my body and cleanse the system)
**Apple Cider Vinegar to use on my skin as well as a a cleanser for my body and face.
**Peppermint essential oil (Bought)
**Zabrinaturals products eg Co wash (Bought)
These are the essential hair products for now.

This year,  I'd planned on not buying anything unless needed; I do realize I have to create a small to-buy list to cater for those products I need to restock. Right now,  I have a few things I have on my list before I go on a no Buy Challenge.

Aside these,  I don't think I want to buy any product till the year ends or at least until I run out of the current stock. I want to completely deplete what I have, especially oils. As for hair vitamins, they will certainly be a part of the regula…

Smooth and Soft Face

When you desire smooth and soft face, you ought to brace yourself for unconventional products and techniques too.

It's been just about a week or so since I upped my facial care regimen and now,  I'm enjoying the  fruit of the labour.

See the difference now?

Apart from having a smooth and soft face, the acne scars are also fading gradually. I'm praying my facial cleansing brush arrives soon to boost the fading process. The acne scars I currently have are the result of not taking in enough water to flush out excess biotin. I guess I was too focused on taking the supplement without considering my own advice to urinate more. The more you expel excess biotin, the lesser the chance of getting acne break outs. The worst part of the story is that I pop the bumps which is a bad habit.

Now, I've paid more attention to the biotin. I've increased the water intake as well as urinating more. I've also decreased the dosage to allow the system restore its balance. I don't want…

April Regimen

It seems I never keep to a regimen for long. Well, I love to switch up a lot but that changed about two years ago and since then it's been the  same basic routine with  a few modifications here and there.

One thing I notice about long hair ladies is developing regimen specific to the season. Even though we have two basic  seasons,  I notice that some months can throw a curve at you.

Also,  regimens are based on the  current products. By doing that,  they use up the products and achieve specific results. I'm following that route by developing  a regimen based on the products I have. This will make my life super easy.

So,  beginning with April,  here's how the regimen will be.
**Clarifying once in the month
**Wen Cleansing Conditioner for wash days
***Overnight deep conditioning with Ors hairepair nourishing conditioner
**Kinky curly knot leave in
**daily moisturizing with ors hairepair moisture cream or oiling (moisturizing and sealing in the morning isn't my thing but I've…

Baking Soda on My Face!

I have a mix of baking soda and water on my drawer for this war on my acne scars and someone laughed when I said I use baking soda on my face!

Now,  the baking soda doesn't dissolve in the water completely; may be because I used a lot or its just like that.

On application, it feels like regular water. However,  as it dries up,  it feels sticky and very sticky Lol. You see the white on the face too.

Effectiveness? I don't know much about that because I don't use it alone. Yet I'm hoping it works on those annoying scars.

How do you get rid of your scars? I saw some facial scrubs by clean and clear ( I think that's the name). They are a bit yummy looking too. I'll pick up one and try it. At least it's different from the current one I use.

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Biotin For Thicker Eyebrows

When I take supplements like biotin,  I hardly pay attention to areas like the eye brows and so when I realized my eyebrows looked different, I racked my brains to find out the cause.
I do see the effect on my skin and face so when I randomly looked at my brows in the mirror,  I was shocked to see how thick and full my brows were looking and becoming.

I mean I have less dense eyebrows and worst  part was the way the ends taper off. No hair at the  ends. Now, though,  I see hair filling in at the end and it's coming in thick too.

I'm just surprised that consistently taking my biotin has yielded this result. I know that you need to take a supplement for 3 months to see the effectiveness or otherwise and I've been on the biotin since January so I guess that's a huge plus for me.

This has given me the boost to keep taking the biotin.

On another note,  because I didn't take a picture of my brows, I can't do comparison.

I've began the Now Foods biotin so I guess the be…

Finding Your Own Path

When I visit any hair blog, Instagram feeds and Facebook,  and  realize the faces in the pictures are happy with what  they have. They love their hair and it hit my mind,''you need to work on finding your own path''.

I can't say the same about me. I mean I love my pictures but do I smile because I love my decisions? Well,  the answer isn't clear cut. I love long hair and prefer long hair to short hair in all honesty.

The Decisions

I love natural hair so much but I love the simplicity of relaxed hair. Whatever path we choose,  we need to  affirm what we want.

I'm creating  a path for myself. One I will be happy with. When I think about my relaxed hair, I smile. When I think about my natural hair,  I smile. Yet the difference is I can't have both. Come rain or shine,  I can't keep cutting my hair. In fact, behind the scenes,  things aren't rosy. I know some readers go haywire when I cut my hair. Well, all my hair choices are my own decisions but at my…

No More Acne Breakout

No more acne breakout since the last one popped up about three days ago.  I haven't taken any supplement  for two days to give my body the time to rid itself of excess biotin and for my hormones to stabilize.

I'm going to start my Now Foods biotin today. I'll be taking  just 5000mcg once a day till that also runs out.

I'm super excited about this crotchet braid. I view it as an extension of my hair and I treat it as such. In doing so,  I see my whole body differently now. As I work on getting my face  back to its old self,  I do it with all pleasure.

I've been drinking more water too. This morning,  I applied honey lemon mask and will follow up with  a facial peel and the clean again with witch hazel. I may use the clear and smooth acne pimple medication or the evening Primrose oil.

How's your holy Saturday going?

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Hot Oil Treatment Under Crotchet Braids.

I've been very consistent with the hot oil treatment for the month and I'm happy to say that it is possible to do the treatment under my crotchet braids too.

That's my clay treatment on the face; kill two birds with one stone.

I poured the oil in an applicator bottle and warmed it up. I dipped my hands in the warm oil (not hot)  and massaged it between the cornrows.
Washing Crotchet Braids
I diluted the Renpure cleansing conditioner with water in the applicator bottle. I lifted the Marley hair and applied the shampoo. To rinse,  I poured water in the applicator bottle again and pumped the water through the braids. I allowed the water to run through the Marley hair to wah the hair too.
Because I won't be  deep conditioning so I won't have to rinse off more products, I will stick to the  cleansing conditioner.
I wrapped the hair  in the T shirt.

My face felt very dry as a result of the clay treatment. That is expected since the clay detoxifies the skin. All you need is a g…

Today's Facial Routine

Since I wear foundation EVERY single day to cover the dark spots,  I use the oil to remove the make up as soon as I get home and follow up with a facial routine to remove the blemishes and scars.

I, then,  use the cleanse and wash. After this,  I wait till bedtime to do scrubs. I purchase some lemon in order to mix it up with the honey brown sugar Scrub. Lemon is known to help with lightening dark  spots. This completes my  dark spot treatment mixture. I keep it in the fridge and take out when I'm ready to apply.

I apply the mixture and allow it to dry. When it's time to scrub,  I use  scoop the sugar.

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Removing Make Up With Oil

I don't have a make up remover because I wasn't keen on one until I began wearing make up daily. Now,  before I pick up one,  I still need to improvise so I use opted for removing make up with oil. How does that work?

I pour the oil on a cotton shirt or micro fibre towel and use it to clean the face. The oil sticks to the make up thereby removing it from the face. Just as oil and water do not mix, the oil on the face doesn't cake there Lol.

I follow up with my homemade facial scrub,  witch hazel and acne  treatment. My facial scrub is a homemade one too until I find time to go to the drugstore to pick up one of my favourite scrubs.

As we celebrate the season of resurrection, let's remember to remove our make up before retiring to bed.

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Clean And Smooth Acne Treatment

A few week ago, I embarked on a facial care journey. One of the products I use in combating acne is the clean and clear acne pimple medication.

This is an update of the facial treatment for 23/March. I poured the oil mix on a micro fibre towel and whipped the make up off. I washed with Forever Clair wash and cleanse. I applied honey lemon scrub and left it for some hours.

With the honey lemon scrub.

I washed the scrub off and applied witch hazel and followed up with clean and smooth acne treatment for the night.

The clean and smooth acne treatment deserves a full review so I'll only say that it's been amazing product.

I've increased my water intake so I can use the washroom more often. This gives the body the opportunity to eliminate toxins from the body.  Give or take, in about a week's time, my skin will be back to normal again leaving the scars as my focus.

The lesson here is to take precautions when using biotin. You need to flash out excess biotin from your body to prev…

DIY Facial Scrub

I have some dark scars from some pimples I popped (I know I shouldn't have) and so I need a facial scrub to help reduce the scarring yet I don't have one so I use a DIY facial scrub.
Though I'll be restocking my facial Scrub,  I decided to  make one that can get rid of the scars too. I used brown sugar, honey and fresh aloe vera gel for the scrub.

Can you see the  dark scars on the cheeks?
I prepared enough for a week and is stored in the fridge.
I cleanse the face  first with forever Claire Wash And cleanse and follow up the scrub. I intend to do this every 3 days.  After scrubbing, I use witch hazel to clean again and apply clean and smooth acne treatment if it's bedtime. For morning,  I simply use the  wash and then moisturize.

I'll grab a face cream one of these days instead of use my body lotion  though it's also meant for the face.

How do get rid of acne scars?

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Tea Rinse Challenge

We are on the #ghanaianemprezz12monthschallenges number 4 which is tea rinse.
Now,  haven gone through the Scalp Massage,  no Comb and hot oil treatments,  we want to ensure that our hair is strengthened as well as minimize shedding as we enter the rain season.  The tea rinse helps to stop shedding and keep it under control.

The Teas
If you've not done a tea rinse before,  you can start off with the usual black tea we drink to see how your hair responses to it. If you experience hardness,  then,  follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner. The black tea acts a sort of protein treatment as I mentioned in one of the posts which causes the hardness.

If you don't wish to go through this route,  you can use green tea or any other tea. Green tea and other teas are equally very effective in combating shedding.

You can do the tea rinse at least once a week. You can also pour it our your cornrows or weaves too.

You can brew all the teas together and keep it down throughout the month to r…

Removing Acne Scars

For the past few days, I've been rambling about removing acne scars from my face after I failed to eliminate excess biotin from the body Lol.

This is the  damage I'm working on currently. Just to give you a background.
I've been taking  biotin supplements this year and for a while,  I didn't bother to eliminate the excess (ie using the washroom more).

To make matters worse,  it was about the time of women so double hormonal fight Lol.
Anyways,  that's just what's going on with  the cheeks. I'll share more pictures as time goes by.

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Evening Primrose Oil Night Routine

After using the baking soda as a night treatment Yesterday, I was about to repeat the application when I decided to take my evening Primrose oil supplement before I forgot.

I just decided to Google the benefits of evening primrose oil in acne treatment when I found that it can be applied as a topical oil too. I simply pierced one capsule and rubbed the oil on the cheeks.

It doesn't smell bad at all! In fact, it smells sort of sweet Lol. I'll use this day time too.

A friend has been using the We Naturals Castor oil on her skin directly and the results are amazing. I'll purchase one (yes,  I sell it but I don't take it for free. It's 30gh for the 250ml.) For now,  let's see how the evening primrose works.

I'll still apply the baking soda somewhere in the routine.
Look out for more facial care updates.

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Bedtime Baking Soda Facial Treatment

As the battle for a smooth face continues,  I've upped my bedtime facial care by incorporating baking soda facial treatment.

The Remedy
I picked up this remedy from Google. The scars on my cheeks are the most annoyingly visible so I mixed 2 teaspoons of baking soda in water, dipped a cotton ball in it and dabbed the cheeks. Initially, it felt like normal water on the cheeks but when it was dry,  I could feel a stickiness on the cheeks. I mean both left and right cheeks have been disfigured by acne scars Lol.

Prior to this,  I had used oil to remove my make up,  washed with FC wash and cleanse and scrubbed with clean and clear facial Scrub. I applied a bit of the oil mix again on the face.

Tomorrow is another day.

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Last Week of Nature's Bounty Gummies

Nature's Bounty Gummies are chewable and  contain biotin and vitamin c. I've been taking these supplements for some weeks now. An uncle of mine gave them to me as a gift and I'm just more than grateful. These vitamins are quite sweet too :)

Unfortunately, by the end of this week,  I'll be done with the nature's bounty gummies vitamins. I really loved taking these supplements and will restock later in life LOL. The one thing I love about them is that you can pop the vitamins into your mouth wherever you are. You don't need water to take them and because they look like sweets, you won't need to answer why you are taking vitamins. This is a question I get asked quite often.

For now,  I have the Now Foods biotin to use up too. In as much as I enjoyed taking the gummies, too much sugar in the body can also be harmful to the system. Switching to the capsules for a while will give the body the time to flush out excess sugar too.

After which I'll begin the vitacos…

The Nape Area

Whenever we talk about edges or hairline,  we all are in on the regrowth yet we forget that when we take showers, the water also touches the nape area or what is called the kitchen area.

I haven't really been concerned about my nape and from reading blogs,  it seems ladies were trimming of shaving their napes. I don't think we do that in Ghana.  It was a bit of a cultural shock to me but I guess we have different hair experiences.

I don't know the history behind the shaving of the kitchen but I know we in Ghana,  rather fight to grow it.  Usually,  the pony fits at the middle  but the nape and hairline are just too broken to fit in. Whilst we are working on recovering  our hairline,  we need to pay attention to the nape areas so as to have full hair.

My attention was drawn to the nape area when I noticed one part was out of the weave. The left side of the nape sticks out and truth be told,  do we consider how the water we use to wash could touch those places causing breakage?

Kaolin Clay Treatment

To prepare the kaolin clay treatment, I used just one out if the three rocks of Kaolin by putting it in water and crushing it. After which I sieved for smooth consistency.

I used the masher that comes with earthen ware.
I've put the other two in water to dissolve by the next application. If you can't wait, crush  and sieve like I did.
I added fresh aloe vera gel and honey (Thanks,  Pat).

I had a very smooth texture and started off with my face, then, to the front section of the hair. I applied everything in less than 3 minutes.

I ended with my neck area. What I noticed was the clay had some slip too.

With this,  it should be easy to do kaolin clay treatment each week! All I need is to get more rocks next month. One rock is enough for biweekly use! With 3 rocks,  I can a month worth of Clay.

Approximately 3gh can get me clay for a month which is very cheap. I'm very much excited about this inexpensive way of maintaining my 4c natural hair.

Now, rinsing was such a piece of cake! The…

I Got Kaolin Clay (Ayilo)

The Kaolin Clay aka ayilo or shele in Ga and Twi is known to help with curl clumping which is my  goal.

The three clays cost 2gh (less than a dollar).  I'll crush it into pieces, put it in water and allow it to dissolve. I'll use it twice a week with aloe Vera gel.

I've also been wetting my each morning before styling.  If I'm going to enjoy this hair,  then,  I need to feel free to nurture it without following strict rules.

A friend gave me some fenugreek powder which I'll later in the month but for now,  it's all about the clay so expect an update this week. I'll apply the mix and allow it to sit for some hours before rinsing.

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The Quest For Long Hair

If I'm going to be wearing my hair out as the hairline gets restored,  I might as well make good use of it and find ways to grow my long hair ( I mean at least necklength this year).

Inspired by a reader,  I realized that  my struggle with short hair is a matter of mindset. By remembering that this is just for a few months,  I'm motivated to keep going.

I know usually by 9 months, my hair is long enough to blow dry so I might be able to straighten it too. One of the reasons for  my failed journey last year was not getting a good flat iron. Perhaps,  that will have made keeping the hair straight  a lot easier.

Anyway,  no need to cry over spilled milk.  I'm going to purchase a small flat iron from aliexpress ( have I told you that's how I get some stuff these days?).

For now,  due to time constraints, I may not be able to  share all that  I do to the hair but I will surely let you in when I can.

My mane choice is still in the pipeline. Initially, I dropped it but I've be…

It's All About Your Hair Care Routine

When I'm told my hair grows fast,  I, usually, try to explain that  it's all about your hair care routine.

I've had different routines and regimen for different purposes and I can say that whatever product you use can only be effective based on your routine.

Whilst some hair thrive on daily co washing, some do well with weekly or monthly washing. Identifying what will work at what time will ultimately be the  key to reading your length goals. The same regimen might not work all year for the reason that we have different seasons. Some products and routines work best during the wet season whilst others are for the harmattan. For example, in the dry season,  frequent deep conditioning will not only provide moisture but also act as a buffer against dry ends. In contrast,  the wet season means less deep conditioning to prevent moisture overload and more protein treatment to strengthen the hair.

Your hair care routine is the gateway to a successful hair journey.

Don't forget to …

Second Scalp Scrub

A second scalp scrub was promised a few weeks ago. I totally forgot about the Scalp Scrub I was supposed to do at the end of February. The instructions are to use the scrub twice a month. See the first scrub here.

Preparing the Scalp Scrub

I simply mixed it like the previous one. I used the ors scalp scrub which had to be mixed with baking soda. Please note that baking soda isn't the same as baking powder. Bicarbonate of soda is obtainable in any shop; just be specific else the market women would sell baking powder to you. Most people don't know the difference between the two. If in doubt, go to shoprite at Accra mall.

The one I use was purchased from shoprite and was less than 10gh. That box is enough to last 2 years even. LOl. The only thing is to ensure the package is airtight. Also, keep it away from the reach of kids. Mine is kept on top of my refridgerator.

I applied the scrub mix, left it on for about 20 minutes or more.  I deep conditioned with the We naturals Hibiscus hon…

My Hair Is Growing

This morning, I was complimented that was that my hair is growing. Well, that's exciting to hear considering that I'm just beginning to come to terms with my whole new journey.

There are days I'm so excited to do some hair treatments; other times,  I could care less. 80% of the time,  I could care less. If my hair is growing in,  then,  I guess I'm doing something right.
I've not been so hard on myself when it comes to the routines. I do what needs to be done at the moment.

Since its going to be wash and go for the rest of the time my hairline fills in,  I may probably just use up hair products. Aside this,  there have been some changes in my schedule that make it impossible to spend time thinking about what to do to the hair. Somehow,  the thoughts of not braiding are really appealing and deep in my heart,  that's what I want. You and I know I love to braid for aesthetic reasons which makes it hard staying away from extensions.

Anyways,  I'll keep doing what I…

ORS aloe creamy shampoo review

The first I ever bought was the ORS aloe creamy shampoo and have always mentioned it in my product videos.

As soon as I discovered the multi purpose use of this shampoo,  I stuck to it and haven't thought of looking back. I do have one I want to try but that's for later on the year. Here's a video on the reasons I love this shampoo.

I have several wash day posts with the ors aloe creamy shampoo.

Product review: ORS Aloe Shampoo

My Natural hair regimen

How to use shampoos on relaxed hair

My Current Hair Products

Hair Product Selection Made Easy

10 Hair Products Worth Buying (2015 edition)

Deep Conditioning Dry Hair

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What's A Healthy Hair Journey?

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="199"] top knot bunMy meditation these days about hair have changed drastically from yearning for what others have to getting what  I want.[/caption]

Until somewhere June 2011, I had no idea that ladies had taken matters into their own hands to grow healthy hair.

A Healthy Hair journey is all about keeping your hair healthy. So why is length such  a big deal? It's because healthy hair can give you the retention of growth and ultimately translating into length.

My  journey is such  a difficult one to comprehend. But my last big chop hasn't necessarily set me back. If anything  at all,  it's helped me achieve what I wanted which is healthy hair.. The dyed hair is gone and I'm good.

The mantra that most people recite is health over length and it's rightly so. The desire for healthy hair is so strong that I don't mind the big chops. They gratify a desire for health. That said,  I don't want to su…

When To Take Vitamins?

Hair vitamins or supplements can contribute to our overall health when used appropriately. For the past months, supplements have been an integral part of my daily routine. I started with biotin and added some hair, skin and nails later on.

When others embark on a hair journey, the key motivation is long hair. Since one can't grow long hair overnight, these supplements come in to reach our goals faster, enjoy more thickness and also get to show off all our hard work.

Each bottle of supplement has its own directions and dosage. That's the first thing to examine when purchasing these products. In addition to that, each ingredient has a role to play and if you have an allergy, it may impact negatively on the body.

If you ask me when to take vitamins, I'll say do an experiment and find out because we have different bodies and respond to products differently. When I can, I take the supplements in the morning with my breakfast. When I forget, I take it before going to bed. The key a…

Coffee Rinses For Hair Growth

One of the ways I curbed shedding was using black tea but that wasn't at peace with my hair therefore I switched to coffee which had no hardening effect after and later I discovered  coffee rinses for hair growth too.

I'm incorporating coffee rinses again but not just to prevent shedding.  Caffeine is known to promote hair growth so I'm aiming at killing two birds with one stone.

The good thing about coffee too is that  I don't need to brew it with hot water. The one we have easily dissolves in cold water too so it will be easy adding it to my wash days. Actually,  I've already done one rinse already and the focus was on the hair line. I poured the rinse particularly at the hairline.

I can't measure the impact but as long as I notice less shedding  and the hairline filling in,  it's OK.

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Postpartum Effects?

I've been contemplating about the state of my edges and if it's still not the postpartum shedding that's at work. At almost 2 years postpartum, could it be that I'm still experiencing postpartum effects and  haven't completely been free of that stage?

My edges have become extremely sensitive. Even though they were left out of the weave,  I don't like the way they look. Somehow, I think the slight pulling close to the hairline has affected the  remaining hair that was left out.

Well, I can't continue fighting the same battle everyday so I've began using the oils on the edges twice a day instead of once a day. I'm going to get healthy hairline come what may.

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Hair Update and Wash Day

Here's my first hot oil treatment for the challenge as well as a hair update. By Thursday, the weather was so hot sweat was literally dripping from my scalp. The weave was long so it was very uncomfortable. Even though I've switched to the wig,  the sweat drips. My make up takes the brunt of the  sweat. I'm not going to lie and say I will wear my hair out. I don't feel comfortable with my edges at all so I don't know if wearing it out is an option.

I guess what I said purposed for the year  is happening so I accept full responsibility for my decisions. I didn't  want to braid this year and it seems it's going to have to be that  way till my wigs can't fit the head. Lol

I haven't done a wash since the take down and because my weekends are packed,  I did the wash on Thursday night.

Hot oil with my oil mix for a while. I applied Sheamoisture African black soap deep cleansing mask( pick one from the store)
I used the scalp massage shampoo brush too. This br…

Cantu Sheabutter for Natural hair Deep Treatment Masque Review

When I was given the  Cantu sheabutter for natural hair line,  I knew my stash wasn't complete without a key product which is the cantu sheabutter for natural hair deep treatment masque.

Deep conditioning is a must if you want to achieve healthy hair and a good one at that. For anyone embarking on a journey, your deep conditioners can make or break your strands (in the literal sense).

I bought one from Mejs naturals on Facebook and have since used it for my deep conditioning sessions. After several uses,  here's my review of the Cantu sheabutter for natural hair  Deep Treatment Masque.

I explore the consistency of the product, the smell, how long it takes to work, how often I use it, the price, ways to use it different from the deep conditioning as well as whether I'll continue using it. Let me chip in that you can always contact me for any product and I'll help you find it or purchase it.


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Hair Update, Inversion method, Sew in

This is a summary of what is going on with my hair,  the inversion method and the sew in I got. I love to test out hair growth bandwagons and the inversion method was the biz last year. However, I failed several times to complete the required 7 days until I recently found a comfortable way to invert.

I also have a sew in to help protect hair and to take me out of boredom with my hair.

I had to stop the inversion to keep the weave intact but I've got plans for it in April so get all the details in the video.


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#1 Tip To Stop Biotin Acne Breakout

It's not everyone who takes biotin and goes Scott free with regard to acne breakouts so today,  I'm sharing my 1 tip to stop biotin acne breakout. Biotin has been known to aid in hair growth and nails growth. Personally, I've been taking biotin in different forms for about 3 years now and counting.

[caption id="attachment_2897" align="aligncenter" width="300"] biotin[/caption]

Biotin, although water soluble, can create havoc if taken in excess in the form of acne breakout. A lot of solutions have been given to curb this problem. The first suggest is to increase your water intake in order to dissolve the biotin in the system. Others also advocate starting from a low dose and gradually work your way up to a larger dose.

Even though ladies try all these techniques, these seem to have yielded nothing. Recently, a friend complained about biotin breakout so I put to test what I'd suspected all this time and she had amazing results within days. All …

I Got A Break Out From Biotin

Biotin has become a household vitamin for ladies on a hair journey. When I was talking about how to stop a break out from biotin,  I was so diligent with using the washroom and peeing but as soon as I neglected eliminating water from my body,  I got the break out from biotin.

It's funny because I thought I could get away with it for a couple of days but my body said no way!  I knew I wasn't using the washroom as I should because I was deliberately avoiding doing it. I was lazy and that 's the reason.

As soon as I went back to eliminating the biotin,  the cheeks cleared up and now I have only one bump left. All it took was two days of peeing more!

I picked at the pimple so I have black spots to clear. I think I had about 5 pimples in all at both checks. I'll be using a few homemade items to get rid of the black spots.

This is just to prove my point that getting break out from biotin isn't about how much water you take,  but how much water you eliminate.

Don't forget …

Switching to Nature's Bounty Gummies

Frankly speaking,  the nature's bounty gummies have really spoilt me Lol. I forget to take the Now Foods biotin  sometimes and it's all because chewing sweet gummies are more fun than swallowing pills. They taste too good!!!

I'm therefore switching back to the combination of two gummies and one biotin. My body tolerates biotin pretty well. One of the contributing factors for my use of biotin is because I know the body removes excess from the body in various ways. Aside that, these gummies have vitamin C which is also valuable in maintaining a healthy body. I'm not keen on growing my nails long but I do use it as a measuring point to see the effectiveness of the vitamins.

For the skin, I believe that these supplements have helped with the glowing skin I enjoy. I don't have a problem skin but the extra boost I derive from my supplements are most welcome. I do take breaks in between but for the most part, it's been a consistent routine. The other thing I love about …

My Current Hair Products

I'll be giving you regular updates about the hair products I use and how I use them to  help the new ladies who've just began their hair journey.  The hair products I've been using are  the Wen Cleansing Conditioner, Cantu sheabutter deep treatment mask as deep conditioners.

I won't be buying any shampoo but I don't also like the Wen cleansing  conditioner so I'll either get As I am Co wash for weekly washing and restock the ors creamy aloe shampoo to clarify and chelate once or twice a month. Until then,  I'll use the Wen.

I'll keep the Cantu sheabutter mask down till I have enough length. This mask required about 30 minutes of heat so I don't want to waste it on this short hair. However, I'll try using it as a leave in conditioner as indicated just because I feel it's all about the moisture retention ability of the hair when it comes to using products. So, if a deep conditioner can function as a leave in effectively, why not give it a try?


Shampoo Scalp Massage brush For Sale

I'd wanted to buy the shampoo scalp massage brush for myself but I figured others might want it too so I added a few to my stuff. Back in 2015, the hype was all about the shampoo scalp massage brush. What does it do?

This brush promises to clean your scalp, remove build up on the scalp and leave it fresh and clean which leads to better growth. The bristles are quite big enough not to cause scratches and pricks when using it.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="252"] Shampoo scalp massage brush[/caption]

Types of Shampoo Scalp massage brush

This is a manual one and not the battery powered. That's out of reach for now due to difficulties in getting things directly from US to Ghana.

The battery powered one rotates on its own and makes the process less tedious. However, it is also a bit pricey. For me, if a tool can get the job done at a less cost, I'm all for it.

If you love massages like  I do,  then,  you'll love it.

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Hair Care Isn't About Products

When it comes to healthy hair journey, ladies only think about hair products but hair care isn't about products alone.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="320"] Sheamoisture 10-in-1 renewal system available in the shop[/caption]

What's the use of taking a TV set home without switching it on? How does that give you the entertainment you want?
Similarly, you ought to use the hair products you buy to get results.

I was able to get my hair from 1 inch to 6 inches in a year not just because I prayed; I put every single thing I made sure that the products were part of the hair routines. Each product serves a particular purpose so that at the end of the day, your hair benefits in all dimensions.

However, if your technique of applying products to the hair isn't the best, you'll suffer a lot of damage and setbacks. If you use your leave in conditioner to cleanse or you rinse it out, you are missing the point.

It's important to read the direction…