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'Bad' Ingredient or 'Bad' Product?

Similar to hair care,  we won't all love the same skin care product nor would our skin react to the ingredients the same way.  Just as there a variety of hair textures,  the various skin textures and types do matter when it comes to how a product or ingredients will fare with your skin.  Take retinol for example. The first thing most people think about is the peeling effect. However,  you'll be amazed to know that others will equally not have that effect! With my own experience with The Ordinary vitamin c 23%suspension +HA Spheres,  I've come to the realisation that jumping on bandwagons within the beauty community is comparable to the hair community . Whereas some hate the vitamin c suspension serum, my skin had no qualms when applied.  
On the other hand,  my skin might  or may not fare so well the BHA peeling solution because I am yet to use it. You won't know until you try it.  Usually, one ingredient or a few might be the reason something will or won't work.  A…

How To Wash Natural Hair At The Salon

After doing the series for relaxed hair, it's time to help naturals when it comes to washing your hair at the salon. So remember that these tips are a guide and not fixed advice.
1. Finger detangle your hair: It's best if you apply enough oil the hair and use your fingers to untangle the knots before going to the salon or even at the salon.2. Prepoo the hair: Cover with shower cap as you move to the salon to allow your hair to retain moisture even during the wash. 3. Let them use wide tooth comb: When removing tangles and knots, be sure to use a wide tooth comb. 4. Shampoo and conditioner. Work in sections.Let the stylist do everything  in sections to prevent tangling your hair. After shampoo,  be sure to use either your deep conditioning treatment aka steaming cream or conditioner to infuse moisture in your hair. 5. Apply leave in conditioner after rinsing the conditioner  and immediately follow…

My Skin Care Regimen Summary

Start with the basic skin care.  Don't focus on the problem you have yet.  Sometimes,  just the cleaning steps clear your skin. After about 3 to 4 weeks,  you can work on the specific areas. For me,  the focus was even texture and I have had a lot of improvement in that aspect with just the cleansing steps. Cleanser- dailyScrub- once a week Toner - daily Moisturizer/face oil - daily.  By month 2, I did Cleanser- 3x a week Toner- daily.  Use it first time to wipe dirt off,  second time,  to add moisture. Hyaluronic acid -  a product that can boost moisture in your face up to 6 litres!  Best time to use it will be harmattan too Moisturizer / oil - daily Sunscreen By month 4, I focused on the acne spots Cleanser- 3x a week Toner- daily.  Use it first time to wipe dirt off,  second time,  to add moisture. Hyaluronic acid -  a product that can boost moisture in your face up to 6 litres!  Best time to use it will be harmattan too Vitamin C serum to prevent skin damage Moisturizer / oil …

SkinFood Beauty In a Food Mask Sheet, Ginseng

DirectionsExtract mask and tightly apply on facial skin, following the contours of your face. After about 10-15 minutes, remove the sheet and pat face to absorb the remaining essence. Apply any remaining essence in the pouch to your neck and body.Thanks to my first awesome experience with my first SkinFood sheet mask,  I went in for another sheet mask and this time,  it had ginseng extract!To prep my skin,  I used exfoliating wash with the Vanity Planet facial brush.  I needed a very clean skin for it to absorb all the nutrient from the mask. After cleansing,  I used the moisture from the make as a toner before putting the make on.  First of all,  I loved how easy it was to apply this time round as I've had the experience already thus if you are worried about trying things,  remember the first time doesn't mean the end, push more. The smell is certainly mild but definitely ginseng Lol. I,  actually,  love the smell and it was quite hydrating to touch.  I did apply what was lef…

How I Use Facial Serums Daily

I didn't title this how I layer serums because I hardly do that.  What I do is to work with each serum on different days. The only serum that fits in all the routines is the Hyaluronic acid.
The Hyaluronic acid

I use this after cleansing and the Thayers   toner

I spray a face mist before going the Hyaluronic acid and then allow it to dry.

I use the Niacinamide after the HA and allow it to dry before I follow up with jojoba oil.

Vitamin C Serum
I use The Ordinary vitamin c  suspension 23% +HA.  I use this at night after cleanser and toner. I mix the hyaluronic acid with it and apply it.  The reason is this serum is too gritty to work with during the day. See my review Here

Lactic Acid
This is what I use as an exfoliating serum. The Ordinary lactic acid with HA is very mild for my skin. I use it about once or 2x a week after cleansing and toner.
How do you use your serums?

My 5 Step Skin Care Routine

I've been chilling with The Ordinary products a lot and it's been amazing delving into skin care over the past few months.

To start, I use an inexpensive face wash from Beauty Formulas and then follow with either Thayers Rose petal toner or Dear Klairs supple predation toner, then, The Ordinary Vitamin c 23% suspension wit HA Spheres 2%.

I allow the vitamin c serum to sink in. I don't follow up with any oil or moisturizer since the squalene oil in it is enough.

That's the routine for night and for day, I use Niacinamide rather than the c serum. The 23% suspension is gritty hence I mix with hyaluronic acid before application and I use it at night since anything else will pill when you use the serum.

During the day, I add a sunscreen and off to do my rounds.
2x a week, I cleanse and use The Ordinary lactic 10% with HA to exfoliate my skin. I cleanse, allow the skin to dry and put a few drops on the skin. I leave it and wash off in the morning.

My skin has been …

30 Day Beauty Secret vitamin

I'm back on the 30 day beauty secret vitamins rather than taking the biotin because I had very positive results which was very encouraging.

When I initial had a bottle, I couldn't do the 3 times a day as directed but with a bit more time to spare, I'm able to manage it. The other advantage is that the packets will be easy to carry around so I don't have any excuse now.

I'm not looking for hair growth though. I just want some balance in my body after taking only biotin for so long. I don't want to over do the biotin.

If I do get extra growth, which is expected anyway, I'll be able to braid this hair as I wish!
Wish me luck 😀