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Flaxseed Prepoo Treatment

On Sunday evening, I had to get rid of the gel I used for wash n go that  morning and because I didn't want to shampoo,  I opted for a flaxseed Prepoo treatment and Co wash. Flax seed or linseed oil has a wide range of use, some take it orally but for us, our hair is our priority.

I loved the wash n go look I had in the morning but I wasn't so sure I wanted to show my hair during week at work. I feel ok doing  those styles over the weekend because I have the time to do them and can switch styles should anything go wrong.

Anyway,  I used linseed oil aka flaxseed oil to prepoo. Prepoo means pre shampoo treatment. I wasn'[t going to use a shampoo though but I wanted the boost in moisture with the use of the oil.

The smell is comparable to fishy smell but the We Naturals conditioner covered it up. We Naturals is a Ghanaian based hair products manufacturing company run by woman. If you want to obtain some of their products, visit our shop.

I went on to towel wrap for some time and …

One Inch Hair Growth #2

I completed my proper inversion in the latter part of January into February and want to give the one inch hair growth another try. For March,  I want to do it in the first week.

Instead of just inverting, this time,  I'll warm up the oil and massage the scalp for a couple of minutes before inverting. From what I have read,  if just inverting doesn't work,  a scalp massage and warm oil before inverting can give the desired results. That's exactly what I'll be doing for March.

In addition,  we have the hot oil treatment challenge in March so double win for me. If you need an already made hot oil,  check here.

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Hibiscus Honey Wash Day

I purchased the We Naturals Hibiscus honey mask for deep and have since used it twice. The We Naturals hibiscus honey mask is a moisture deep conditioner. I like that the ingredients are organic and thus you are assured of quality results. I'd love that it had a longer shelf life but organic products can't last that long.

The first one was on dry hair as a form of instant deep conditioning during the week. My hair felt soft after use.
This wash day,  I use the  Renpure cleansing conditioner to cleanse the hair and went to bed with the damp hair. I don't advice this if you are prone to cold and flu LOL. I make sure to cover with a scarf under such situations and also ensure that the hair is blotted dry to the maxim level at that time of the night LOL.

Next morning, I applied the We Naturals Hibiscus honey mask on dry hair and covered it up with a shower cap since I don't have a hooded dryer nor a steaming cap.  I didn't like the Renpure cleansing conditioner initially …

The Evening Primrose

About three years ago,  I began taking evening Primrose and cod liver oil (2-in-1) capsules. I loved the results it has on my skin.

However,  it's been a hustle getting the same combination again so I was reluctant to buy them separately. Yesterday, I decided a journey of a thousand miles begins with  a step so I grabbed a bottle of the evening primrose. I've started taking one a day and I know I'll reap the benefits soon. I will add omega 3 vitamins when I have the chance to drop in the pharmacy again.

The evening Primrose is 30 capsules; I'm looking round to find 60 or more capsules one so if you know any, prompt me.

I'm not taking these vitamins for hair, I'm worried about my health deteriorating as a result of my schedule these days so I want to fortify my immune system.

This week,  I've stuck to the biotin 2 capsules a day. I think what I have can last 30 days. I do plan on purchasing mane choice next month too. I'm still contemplating on whether t…

Hot Oil Treatment (30 Days Challenge)

It's the ghanaianemprezz12months12challenges number 3 which is hot oil treatment. The hot oil treatment is to help maintain the moisture in the hair.  It's also to protect our hair against hygral fatigue (the hair from absorbing too much water during washing).

One of the oils known to prevent hygral fatigue is coconut oil. When applied to the hair, hot oil treatment can also make detangling less tedious and reduce time spent on detangling.

All  you need is to heat up or warm up your oil, apply to your dry hair and cover with a shower cap or poly bag/shopping bag. The difference between prepoo and hot oil treatment is the preparation process. With prepoo, you don't heat the oil prior to application.

You simply apply to the hair and cover with the shower cap. Some people choose to sit under the hooded dryer to allow heat to work with the oil but with hot oil treatment, the heating is done before application.

You are allowed to use any oil of your choice so long as it's light…

Dos and Don'ts of Natural Hair in Ghana

When naturals in Ghana ask me what to do or not do with their hair, I tend to smile because it means starting from the basic Regimen and sharing some dos and don'ts of natural hair in Ghana.
** Make sure your hair is at least damp before combing. Be sure to ditch the small tooth comb and use a wide tooth comb.
** Use a moisturizer as often as you need to and find ways to retain moisture. Our weather is usually dry for the most part of the year so look into moisture retention if you want to gain length. My new technique is to moisturize 3 times a day if necessary and deep condition twice a week if needed.
** Limit the use of shampoos. At least a weekly use is enough. As a natural, you can go without a shampoo for weeks if you have been using natural oils.
**Find a good sealant. Many of the so-called natural oils may not be enough to seal YOUR Hair. Some hair do well with grease eg Vaseline and Dax. So don't worry yourself with Natural oils all the time. One caution will be to clari…

Braids Fall In Public

I bet you didn't see my braids falling off neither did I see this coming . I found the braids had come off but I they weren't that many so I thought I could hold on for a week but that didn't work out.


As I went about my business, I realized some hair extensions were hanging but I paid no attention to it.   Well,  by the time I got to where I was going,  I knew something was amiss when I saw more hair handing at the sides.
I went to the wash  room to check.  Lo and behold! The extensions had come off and were about to drop.

The embarrassment that would have followed had I gone to do what I was supposed to would have been too much to bear.

I was meeting some important personalities in the evening and can you imagine what the scene would have been?

ANYWAY,  I really don't know what to do to my hair. I wash and go in the morning but I'm not sure which  direction I'm going.  I don't know if I want to keep it natural or texturize it as others have suggested…

Growing Hair is Easy

You may be looking at how difficult it is to  grow your hair but actually,  growing Hair is easy.

What do you do to get your hair growing? Absolutely nothing! I tell you. We've been genetically programmed to grow hair. If this is the case, then,  it means we all have hair that is growing so what 's the problem?

The bottle neck is retaining the growth. Simply put,  holding on to what has grown out is the most difficult part of the hair journey. Even if your hair grows 2 inches a month and you can't retain 1/4 of it,  you won't see the length you want though your hair will remain healthy.

Instead of thinking your hair isn't growing, find out why you are not retaining length or the growth you gain. Even if you take hair vitamins and don't care for your hair as you should, you are predisposed to short hair as a result of breakage. Breakage occurs in several ways. From combing when styling to washing, your ends rubbing on your shoulders, using tight hair bands, and not…

Hair Vitamins update #2

Here's my hair vitamins update. I've seriously slacked on my hair vitamins since I braided. Usually, I take now Foods with the gummies but the only thing has been using only the gummies. I'm dedicating this week to two biotin capsules daily.

This is a good time to use it up. What is left should do for a month so I'm going to do exactly that.

I began Yesterday and have mapped out a strategy to make it consistent. I won't take the gummies to work so I'll be forced take the biotin Lol. The gummies are just too good to avoid. I've trimmed my nails so I'll see how fast they grow in and of course,  my hair too.

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Relaxer pH and Why You Need To Know It

Well,  I came across a post about the relaxer pH, I found them quite interesting.

Our hair has a pH of 4.5-5.5 and these relaxers have a highest of 14. That's how strong they are in order to work on our hair.

Source : black hair media

The pH balance determines how harsh the chemical is. Research has shown that the lower the pH, the less damaging the product is to your hair. Water has a pH of 7. Anything less than 7 is considered acidic. The lower this number gets the greater the acidity. Any pH greater than 7 is considered alkaline. The higher the number gets the greater the alkalinity.

A one point difference in pH's could have a significant impact on your hair A product with a pH of 13 is 10 times more alkaline than a product with a pH of 12. This same product would be 100 times more alkaline than a product with a pH of 11. The pH levels even tend to vary among the same products from batch to batch. A relaxer that worked great for you the last time you touched up, may cause more …

Growing Long Hair ; Gone Till?

I know the old readers have seen how far my hair can grow but I'm so not happy that you don't see the length  for long so today I'm going to talk about my plans for growing long hair.
I'm glad I know how to give my hair and for the  sake of my readers,  I'm dedicating the next two years to my hair so if you don't see frequent updates,  pardon me.
I also want to get back to research and PhD in my field of study so I may take a break from wash days and rather talk about the usual day to day business of what's up with the hair.
All is because I'm doing only braiding for the hair.
Because of that I'd like to say more about the game plan.
I'll be using  box braids  to grow the hair alongside the hair vitamins. It's also going to be back to back braiding and cornrows with my own  hair sometimes to give my wig a wear time.
I won't wear my hair out for more than  3 days so scalp massages are going to be an extreme challenge. The least time to give you…

Dos and Don'ts For Relaxed Hair In Ghana

There's a general post already about relaxed hair dos and Don'ts but it's been requested that  I do dos and don'ts of relaxed hair specific to Ghana, especially,  with the kinds of stylist we have.
1.  Take your own neutralizing shampoo, protein deep conditioner and leave in. If you have apple cider vinegar, add it as well as roux porosity control. Some stylists don't have anything.

Keep an eye on the comb used to spread the relaxer. Some stylist will scratch your scalp with it.
Be sure the stylist isn't too busy when applying relaxer ; she might leave it on for too long.
Do base your scalp if possible before going to the salon. Also,  do your prepoo or hot oil treatment before going. You may be surprised to know that some stylist will dissuade you from doing these treatments.
Guide the stylist to  deep condition your hair after the relaxer process.
Develop a routine for your hair and don't be afraid to let the stylist follow the routine even at the salon.

The Oil Regimen; First Impressions

Whilst most of us use oils mainly for prepoo and sealing,  there's another use we've not paid attention to which is the oil regimen.

I've been applying oil each evening, yes,  only oil. What I notice is that  my hair stays moisturized for hours. I recently heard a youtuber talk about this regimen for 4c natural hair and how effective it was!

The new growth coming in needs moisture so such a routine will not only help retain moisture but also prevent breakage. I like this routine and look forward to using it for a long time to come.

The key thing about the regimen is the constant use of oil. When you apply in the evening, you can still use it the next morning to seal. The benefit of using oils like coconut oil is that your hair gets to absorb the oils and you reinforce that with another application.

At the end of the day, your hair retains more moisture, becomes less brittle, and you may not need to use prepoo treatments nor hot oil treatments on wash days.

Read more Oil Regimen…

The Influence of Social Media

All these talks about hair care and stuff is all thanks to the influence of social media and the question I ask it, '' am I part of the  addicted ones? ''

Let's face  it. The latest hair cut,  hair color, hair products, hair guru and more all become visible via social media. You are here reading perhaps because you chanced upon something on Google or Facebook or Instagram and the others.


Admitting that you are a social media addict might sound harsh but I think I am. I check my Facebook fan page like a hundred times a day,  I go to Instagram about 4 times a day (because I get to check only in the morning) and as for YouTube,  countless. I hardly ever watch all the videos on my feed yet I still check who has what.

The worry is that I can get swayed by trends and get caught up in a dream. My reality is I love to socialize but to be dependent on social media like this is crazy.

I don't think I can do a day without social media so the challenge now isn't …


During the weekend,  I wore the Teeny Weeny Afro TWA out in the house and because I've been finger combing,  I hadn't noticed the growth. When you use your fingers, it's easy to undo knots and tangles as well as make application of products easier.

I used a Comb for fear of knotting  and realized the TWA had grown quite a bit. From simply brushing, the hair is now up to the point of combing ; the brush doesn't work again.
But we are still on the no comb challenge so finger combing continues. All I do is apply the water and oil and put on the wig. The weather might be a bit hot for the wig gets the job done. Perhaps,  a good lace wig will take me out of the styling rut. The TWA stage can be quit frustrating sometimes. Any Affordable one you know? I have an aversion for these human hair lace wigs and weaves and that prevents me from even looking at it in shops.
Now,  the next goal is making progress on my edges too. It seems to be filling in so slowly I have to do more than…

Got Scab Hair?

What's scab Hair? It's believed that   the first few inches after the big chop have the tendency to exhibit dryness because the relaxers affect the immediate new growth.  What it means is that,  when you are a week post, the hair that has grown out has already been affected by the previous relaxer.

Some bloggers don't acknowledge this problem whilst others see it as a problem of dry hair and nothing more. Personally, I ascribe to both to  a certain degree.
My hair has been extremely dry and gets worse if it's combed.
Despite all the deep conditioning and water rinsing, the hair still stays dry.
Perhaps the previous relaxer residues have caused that dryness and added to that is the already dry nature of the hair worsened by the hot weather.
I'll continue deep conditioning daily but I want to get a steamer asap to provide heat.

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The Fierce Huddah Monroe's TWA

Huddah Monroe is a Kenyan. She calls herself Kenya's sweetheart and that is rightly so because her insta feed is simply stunning.


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The Growth Oil Mix

During the week, I shared my growth oil mix so I'll put that here as well. This week marks 7 weeks post relaxer but 2 Weeks post big chop and that's how I'm going to be counting down to my one year anniversary. here's how I made use of the week.

Wet the hair and apply oil mix. My oil mix is
Neem oil
Baobab oil
We Naturals castor oil
We Naturals growth stimulating oil
Grape seed oil
African best hot six oil
Coconut oil
I did this in order to benefit from the oils at once. Also,  it's hard switching between these oils daily so putting all in one bottle is a time saver.
Evening Routine
I apply onion infused oil and cover with a cap just to  avoid the smell. This kind of prepoo before water rinsing or Co washing sometimes is to boost the moisture in the hair.  Dry hair isn't easy to work with and catching it young (Lol) will work best. The onion juice is an experiment I began even before cutting the hair and that oil was previously infused with garlic for shedding. A…

Deep Conditioning Dry Hair

I haven't done  deep conditioning dry hair before so it was quite an experience doing a deep conditioning on dry hair this wash.

I applied Cantu sheabutter deep treatment mask and topped with my oil mix. I covered with a shower cap for about an hour or more.

I rinsed out the deep conditioner  and used we naturals conditioner to  wash. I used the ors creamy aloe shampoo during the week to clarify so I didn't want to use a shampoo again. The hair is naturally dry therefore, it's essential to limit the use of shampoos. The good thing about natural hair is that you can forego shampoo for longer periods.

I applied Chi silk infusion to strengthen the hair and covered the hair again to allow the Chi to work. The chi silk infusion is to provide protein to the hair. I've been using moisturizing products and want to avoid moisture overload. The chi worked well on my relaxed hair so I'll see how my natural hair responses to it. I read through some threads on longhaircareforum ab…

Tired of Wearing Wigs

I know you won't be surprised I'm saying I'm tired of wearing wigs considering that  I have mentioned that I didn't like wearing the wig this week but because I began the week like that,  I'll end it that way.

Aside the fact that it's hot beneath the wigs,  I don't like brushing the fly away hair off my face. At this point,  I'm putting in more efforts so this hair grows in faster to allow me wear it around. I mean the edges that look like they hate me lol.

I have some rounds to do too but I'm unsure about wearing a wig too simply because of heat. But let tomorrow come then we can decide.

Talking about growth,  I see my hair is looking thicker which means it's growing in and I can't wait to see full head. The front parts are the worse so I specifically apply the oil there each morning.

I need to invest in a lace wig -  curly one which I can also hold up in a ponytail. I'll look at madina market when I have the money.

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Health and Length Both Count

Hi to my readers from Nigeria. I hope your hair journey is going well. Since my focus is on health and length, today,  I applied African Pride Leave in conditioner to my hair, the first time I've used leave in conditioner since the big chop.

I feel my hair is growing out now so I can step up the moisture game with a leave in.

After that,  I sealed with oil mix. When the hair is a bit longer,  I'll alternate between oil and butter.

I didn't feel like wearing the wig but because I'm determined to end the week in one,  I wore it at the final hour. I, actually, did my make up to suit the twa but it's OK that I wore the wig.

Today is Wednesday which means midweek co wash so I'll be using  the awfully scented garlic oil as prepoo and then Co wash with we naturals hemp  conditioner.
Last night,  I simply water rinsed.

If I'm going to be wearing wigs like this,  I might just get a long one too for the days I feel high Lol.

Anyways,  the theme for blog has changed from hea…

Crazy Sexy Cool Review

The famous eco styler manufacturers, Ecoco, have a different line of hair products called the crazy Sexy Cool to cater for your hair needs. When I found out about the crazy Sexy Cool products, I purchased the deep conditioner.

Was the product worth the name? Find out in my review video


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Why Wear Wigs?

Since some readers are requesting for my thoughts about my daily hair care,  I'm going to continue with the daily updates I did last year and today's issue is why wear wig? Caution : some posts will be quite honest and too blunt so be forewarned.

Anyway,  today,  I nearly dropped the wig but because I wore it Yesterday, I decided to continue with the routine till Thursday when we break for mid terms. But I'll be wearing the wig again on the Saturday for an event.

I'm not sure I want to wear a wig next week but it all depends on what happens..
This Wednesday is ash Wednesday and I haven't been to ash Wednesday mass in ages. I don't  want to miss it so I'll find a way to go before work time. If you know of any parish that will hold evening mass,  let me know.

I want to use the lent period to purge some things out of my life including building my self- esteem.  I don't mind wearing  my hair shirt but I don't like my body. Funny, right? I want a trim and fi…

I'm Smart and Fabulous!

Instead of worrying about when my hair will  grow back long,  I'm channeling my energy into looking smart and  fabulous each day.

Look out for more fierce pictures.

This stage is called the TWA-Teeny Weeny Afro. Whenever I'm in this stage, I'm usually a happy camper. When it starts growing out, that's when I begin to dislike it. I might be back in braids soon so I want to enjoy this stage as I prepare for the awkward stage that defeats me all the time.

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Inversion Method : 3 Benefits

Can you believe I have completed my inversion method this time round ? I did miss a day but that's OK. Haven done this technique finally,  let me share what I realized about the inversion method.

Stretching the body
I bend my face downwards,  with my hands touching my feet which gives me the opportunity to enjoy the stretch. After doing that for a week,  I definitely would love to do it more often. The stretch for the first three days wasn't easy at all. It was painful. On day four,  it felt so good. By day seven,  I was actually bending comfortably. Try it.

During the 4 minutes,  inversion,  I also use the time to pray. Someone said you can't multi task but I beg to differ. Whilst doing the Inversion method, I pray and thank God for the day. It's so relaxing.

Hair Growth
This is one area most people aim for when inverting. I can't say I've seen that 1inch, I will do another one in March and see. What I know is that  I've seen ladies achieve the inch. …

Onion Juice Rinse

I initially planned on using the onion juice rinse but I realized mixing it with oil as a prepoo treatment will equally be effective. Since I can't find my sulphur, onions, which also have sulphur will suffice.

I grounded the onion in earthen wear and added to garlic infused oil. That mix smells quite awful but tolerable. I plan on using it twice a week ; mid week and regular wash. Stimulating growth in all ways shouldn't be hard so by putting the prepoo and onion together, I save time.

At the end of February, I'll post an update picture.

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Valentine Give Away!

It's the month of love and for this valentine give way,  I wish to give something that has helped me on my journey.
This give away is open to include those in US too.


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What Next?

After gaining an inch in January, I think I can stretch my luck for another 3 months,  3 inches so what next?

This is a huge task, not an impossible one but difficult all the same. It requires diligence,  focus and sacrifice.  After cutting off more than 70% of my hair,  I'm sure in the midst of shock and disappointments,  people want to see if I'll succeed in achieving my hair goals for the year.
I'll take better photos of the hair when I'm free but for now, I have only an inch or less of hair. I'll be getting the hair shaped soon too.

Anyways,  after receiving backlash,  insults and insults upon insults (as if I need permission to do what I want with  my hair),  I must say that I have no interest in documenting my journey anymore. That's not to say I won't blog. I will probably post abut my hair on a need-to  basis.
I've been asked if I'll grow it out,  honestly, I have no plans to stop growing my hair.
I'm open to whatever I want to do at a point …

Brigit Otoo and Naa Ashorkor in TWA

TV3 news anchor, Bright Otoo has some cool TWA.

She's such a lovely and lively person to hang around.

How about the ever glamorous Naa Ashorkor?

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