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Wash Day: How To Clarify

 Clarifying your hair means using a product that is able to remove build up in the hair. For this wash, I decided to clarify because I hadn’t washed in two weeks. 1) Applied the Giovanni 50:50 clarifying and moisture shampoo twice! This really leaves the hair quite stripped and clean too. I also have ORS aloe creamy shampoo that clarifies and chelates - I’ll use that next month.  2) Used the Aussie moist 3 minute miracle deep conditioner and this lives up to its reputation- extremely moisturising. 3) Used As I Am so much moisture and Giovanni direct leave in moisture conditioner and sealed with Mielle ginger butter.  I air dried and now, I miss my length! This combination really worked for my hair and I looked forward to more hydrated hair. I do moisturise twice a day too because I want to reach maximum hydration soon.  I will try a salon wash and roller set after the next relaxer to see if it will work. That’s in about 8 weeks time.  This week, I’ll do green house effect on Sunday, Tu

New Hair Products Wash Day

Whilst changing hair products too frequently is the hallmark for some, there are others like me who hold on to products for too long! To change that narrative, I’ve added a whole new range of products to enhance moisture retention.  There is Giovanni 50:50 shampoo and moisture conditioner, grape seed and avocado oil, neutralizing shampoo and conditioner, As I  Am So much moisture and Ultra growth oil from Difeel, Maui hibiscus shampoo, bamboo shampoo and Tresemme conditioner and Mieele Organics hair butter (probably my first time of using butter).  The main reason for such changes is  that I’ve used up some of the old products. In addition, my hair isn’t in the same state as it was some months ago hence I need to find new products to suit the current state.  This week’s wash began with the Profectiv mega growth neutralizing shampoo to clarify the hair. I followed with sheamoisture manuka honey mask and then rinsed off. I covered the hair with shower cap for some minutes and  applied ul

Rosemary Hair And Scalp Rinse

Using herbal rinses are quite popular in the hair community due to their immense benefits to the hair. Let’s see how you can incorporate Rosemary or other herbs in your regimen.  1. First you need to get rosemary leaves ie the normal one for cooking and boil for 5 minutes and allow to cool down.  You may use the dry or fresh leaves.  2. As you wait for the rinse to cool down, wash your hair with shampoo, rinse it out.  3. Pour a good amount of your rosemary rinse into the hair, cover with a shower cap for about 5 minutes and then rinse out. 3.Apply conditioner or deep conditioner as directed, then, rinse out.   4. Apply your leave in /moisturizer and oil and style your hair.  Rosemary rinse can be done on a monthly basis to strengthen the hair.  5. As a dandruff scalp mist, add a few drops of peppermint or tea tree essential oil and spray on your scalp daily. 

Minimize Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum hair loss can defeat all the efforts we put into caring for our hair. You can't prevent it but if you have the energy to do these things, postpartum hair loss may be less severe for you. [1] Don't ditch the prenatal vitamin! Once your precious one arrives, keep taking your vitamins. Your body will be recuperating and will need all the nutrients. If you can take a postnatal vitamin, that's also very helpful. Take it for as long as possible, even 2 years. Folic acid is equally good.  [2]Begin your Ayurveda rinses before baby arrives if you can. This won't stop the hair loss but it will promote faster growth. Kelp powder, Amla powder, shikakai, henna, aritha and a wide range of these herbs can combat the hair loss! Personally, I’ve prepared enough to last 6 months in order to allow my hair to benefit from it. I began using these herbs in the last part of the third trimester of pregnancy. [3]Wearing extensions etc can’t  prevent nor stop the hair loss. However,

Why Your Regimen Is Not Working

Your hair regimen must vary according to your hair needs and seasons. One regimen can't cater for all the changes that occur as the months roll in. If your regimen isn't yielding any result, it may be time to evaluate it.  1. Using too many products at a time. We all wish for quick results but an overkill of products will hinder your progress too. For instance, it's not necessary to use a rinse out Conditioner and deep conditioner at the same time. Neither is changing brands within days of usage a good thing. Allow at least 3 months or more to try new products.  2. Too much manipulation and styling: Combing daily may not be advisable and so is trying to create new hair styles daily.  3. Changing regimen too frequently: Don't switch regimens within a couple of days just because you want quick results. Some regimens take up to even 6 months to yield results.  4. Listening to many conflicting advice: You think her regimen will work for you so you discard yours. This applie

NewBorn’s Basic Hair Regimen

 Babies arrive with a head full of hair which can sometimes be a bit more difficult to manage. We don’t want to expose them to chemicals and at the same time, we want healthy hair. Although my baby is a boy, I still want to make combing easy and also prevent matted hair. I follow a basic regimen: I shampoo about 2x a week with the baby shampoo and rinse off . Then, I apply baby oil to the hair and use an Afro pick (not Afro comb). For the other days, I simply wet the hair with water and apply the baby oil.  Prior to the regimen, I observed that his hair was turning brownish and I knew it was due to the daily  shampoo and the sponge. Once the new regimen set in, the hair began to reverse to the original dark colour again! The bonus? The curls are popping! I’ll keep you updated as the months roll by.