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Is Hot Oil Treatment Better Than Prepoo?

Every pre shampoo step contributes to moisture retention therefore prepoo and hot oil treatments, though different, both provide the hair with protection against the impact of shampoo as well as retention of moisture. The question a reader posed was whether hot oil treatments are better than prepoo. Another wanted to know if hot oil treatment is faster to do compared to prepoo. The answers to these questions depend on several factors. If you don't heat up your oil but sit under the hooded dryer for 5 minutes on medium to high heat, the oil gets absorbed faster. Coconut oil has become the go to prepoo and hot oil treatment to prevent hygral fatigue. The heat will allow faster absorption of the oil during the heating process. On the other hand, if the oil is preheated before application, the penetration is equally good. So, which one takes less time? I'll go for hot oil treatment since preheated oil works faster too. With prepoo, you may not have to time to sot under a

Oils For Your Hot Oil Treatment

Every natural hair or relaxed hair lady has some oils stashed somewhere for moisturizing and sealing but do you know about using oils for   hot oil treatment  ? I have a short post on how to do hot oil treatments (see here ).  The next thing to tackle is what oil you can use for your treatment. Coconut Oil This is by far, the most popular oil in the hair care industry and it's for a good reason too. The coconut oil has been proven to have the ability to penetrate the strands far which makes it one of the most effective oils for hot oil treatments. It's able to prevent the hair from absorbing too much water which can cause hygral fatigue so go ahead and use your coconut oil Palm Kernel oil Although the smell of this oil can be a put off, it's benefits for the hair should motivate you to use it for your treatments. The good thing about the oil too is that it's readily available in the markets. The other oils that you can use are: Castor oil  which does not only grow hair