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ORS aloe creamy shampoo review

The first I ever bought was the ORS aloe creamy shampoo and have always mentioned it in my product videos. As soon as I discovered the multi purpose use of this shampoo,  I stuck to it and haven't thought of looking back. I do have one I want to try but that's for later on the year. Here's a video on the reasons I love this shampoo. I have several wash day posts with the ors aloe creamy shampoo. Product review: ORS Aloe Shampoo My Natural hair regimen How to use shampoos on relaxed hair My Current Hair Products Hair Product Selection Made Easy 10 Hair Products Worth Buying (2015 edition) Deep Conditioning Dry Hair If you've not subscribed to my channel,,   please do! [YouTube=] Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube -

Cantu Sheabutter for Natural hair Deep Treatment Masque Review

When I was given the  Cantu sheabutter for natural hair line,  I knew my stash wasn't complete without a key product which is the cantu sheabutter for natural hair deep treatment masque. Deep conditioning is a must if you want to achieve healthy hair and a good one at that. For anyone embarking on a journey, your deep conditioners can make or break your strands (in the literal sense). I bought one from Mejs naturals on Facebook and have since used it for my deep conditioning sessions. After several uses,  here's my review of the Cantu sheabutter for natural hair  Deep Treatment Masque. I explore the consistency of the product, the smell, how long it takes to work, how often I use it, the price, ways to use it different from the deep conditioning as well as whether I'll continue using it. Let me chip in that you can always contact me for any product and I'll help you find it or purchase it. [YouTube=] Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTub

Sheamoisture Yucca & Baobab Shampoo Review

A friend gave me the sheamoisture yucca & baobab shampoo and I was very excited to be trying my second  sheamoisture product. This shampoo sells for around 55gh in most online shops in Ghana so you can easily get it. In the review,  I talk about the consistency of the sheamoisture yucca and baobab shampoo , how I use it and whether I'll repurchase it. [YouTube=]

We Naturals Hemp Oil Line Review

I'm very thankful for the we naturals hemp oil products sent me by We naturals.  Their new hemp oil line range has awesome products. Check out my review of the shampoo,  conditioner, leave in, hair butter and hot oil treatment. The We naturals hemp oil line is made in Ghana. I know they can send it to you wherever you may be. [youtube=]

Does Jamaican Black Castor Oil Grow Hair?

We continue with search terms that pop up and here's another interesting one. Does Jamaican black castor oil grow hair? The answer I'm going to provide to this question is based on my own experience. Jamaican black castor oil aka jbco has been a popular oil within the hair community. I started using the regular castor about 4 years ago. Now, I use the Jamaican black castor oil because there were claims that it was more organic than the regular or pharmacy castor oil. Well, I can definitely say that if you are consistent with jbco, you'll sure experience faster growth. I've used it to regrow my edges and though I haven't been consistent with it on my scalp, I can attest to the regrowth of the edges. I don't like the tingling jbco; what I had tingles so I didn't want it on my scalp. However, the tropical Isle brand doesn't tingle and that is what I used to regrow my edges. I'm on a castor oil challenge but haven't been consistently using it. I have

Did Mane Choice Manetabolism Hair Vitamins Work?

Well, I'm done with the Mane Choice Manetabolism Hair Vitamins. I won this vitamins in a give away and I still smile when I think of it. I missed some days in July so I finished taking the supplements on the 9th of August. In this final review, I talk about whether I got acne or broke out, my water in take, and of course, whether I gained length. Enjoy the video [YouTube=]

Tresemme Naturals Moisture Conditioner Review

I purchased the tresemme naturals moisture conditioner because bloggers made me do it LOl! This conditioner is silicone free so I had to try it out for myself, a sort of joining the band wagon. I don't regret joining the tresemme naturals moisture conditioner hype because I saw positive results with this conditioner. It has even influenced me to seek out more silicone free conditioners! In the review video, I talk about the price, how I use it, how my hair responds to it and how it has also helped with moisture as it claims.

EYA Naturals Leave In Lotion Review

Hi empresses, I'm very excited about this eya naturals review because a lot of you have requested reviews of our locally made products. This was actually the first local made hair product I tried and it didn't fail me at all. In this review, I talk about the price, availability, where to buy it, the texture, effectiveness and how my hair responds to it.

Wenaturals Hemp Oil Range First Impression

Hi empresses, You can't imagine my excitement when Wenaturals decided to send me the full set of their hemp oil when they saw it on my wish list! I was ecstatic when the delivery man brought the items the same day Wenaturals said they would! That just tells you the awesome customer service they have! So, There is a shampoo, conditioner, leave in, hair butter, and hot oil treatment! Apart from the sleek package that was part of my reasons for getting interested in the range, I like that you have the products you'll need on your journey in one package! Talk about stress free hair journey. Alright, so these plus the fact that it is from hemp seed oil ignited the desire to test the range and the wonderful folks at Wenaturals made my day with this gift. I'll reviewing each product separately to give you a more detailed information. Get more in the video below [youtube=]

4 Silicone Free Conditioners

Before I talk about the 4 silicone free conditioners, What is the use of silicones in hair products? From How do silicones work? While often maligned, silicones are actually one of the most effective ingredients in both hair and skin care products. Silicones work by covering hair with a thin hydrophobic (waterproof) coating. This coating serves several purposes: Reduces the porosity of the hair, which makes it less likely to absorb humidity (Which is why it’s great for smoothing and straightening!)Reduces moisture loss from the inside of the hair (Great for conditioning.)Lubricates the surface of the hair so it feel smoother and combs easier (Makes your hair feel slippery and less tangled.) Read more I have joined the Silicone Free Conditioner bandwagon for the sole reason that I love how my hair doesn't feel sticky after using a conditioner. I mean when I use this type of conditioner, my hair feels clean and no film or coated feeling. I talk more about the ef

Dove Damage Therapy Heat Defense conditioner Review

I bought the Dove heat defense conditioner when it was on sale at The Game, Accra Mall. It was hard getting reviews online about this conditioner probably because it isn't really something people know of. However, the curiousity in me pushed me to pick it up and I don't regret it. What I do regret is not picking up more bottles because the price has been increased now. I talk about the consistency, slip, how I use it and how my hair responds to it.

Cantu Sheabutter For Natural Hair Detangling Cream

Disclaimer: I was sent Cantu Sheabutter For Natural Hair Detangling Cream to review. No monetary compensation was paid; all views expressed here are my candid and honest opinions. Full name: Cantu Sheabutter for Natural Hair Coil Calm Detangler Price: 35-45gh Description: Ingredients: Here are my views about it [YouTube=]

Freeman Peel Off Mask (Cucumber) Review"

About 2 years ago, I purchased the freeman facial peel off masque when I saw another youtube vlogger rave about it. What is a peel-off masque? This facial mask has a plasticizing agent that forms a thin film over the face, when dried. This is peeled to remove dead skin, blackheads, and exfoliate (source: ) When you decide to care for your face, you'll need to use a mask at least montly to help clear the pores. By removing dead skin, your skin gets the chance to regenerate healthy skin and also reduce or even remove blackheads. I use the freeman peel off mask monthly in my skin care regimen and it's been very good. I wasn't diligent with the freeman peel off mask until I revamped my facial routine and since then, I've come to value this mask. In the review, I talk about how I use it, how it works and if I've seen improvement in my facial skin. [youtube=]

Dark and Lovely Hair refresher & Scalp wash initial review

I won the Dark and Lovely Hair refresher & Scalp wash in a give away. It won't surprise you to know that I've had my eyes on this line for sometime now. Well, God brought them to me on a silver platter when I won it in a give away hosted by dark and lovely GH. Here are my initial impressions about these products. [Youtube=] Did you enjoy this post? Subscribe to ghanaianemprezz so you don't miss a post!

SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Sham…

You have seen the sheamoisture coconut and hisbiscus curl & shine shampoo  so many times in my wash days. In the review, I talk about the ingredients, if my hair likes it, and if it's going to be part of my stash. SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl & Shine Sham…: Did you enjoy this post? Subscribe to ghanaianemprezz so you don't miss a post!

African Pride Sheabutter Leave in Review

After using the African pride sheabutter leave in for several months now,it's about time I share my views about it. Back in the day when I started my hair journey, I bought a liquid leave in conditioner which was quite good for roller sets but not for air drying. However, due to my limited knowledge about ingredients in hair products, I continued to do trial and errors with my leave in conditioners; hoping to find one that my hair will love as well as help with air drying. Because of this search, I've used a good amount of leave in conditioners but none could really give me the desired results. One day, I was chatting with another blogger who mentioned that her sister has been using the African pride leave in conditioner and was really in love with it. What caught my attention was when she mentioned that it had slip and was very moisturizing too. The last thing I needed was a leave in conditioner with protein so I was very excited to give the African pride a try. I read

Vatika Almond oil review

I purchased almond oil for its ceramides benefits. Did it work for me? Find out. Please, don't forget to subscribe! [youtube=]  

Creme of nature straight from eden review

After seeing and hearing a lot of raves about the creme of nature straight from eden, I got a friend to buy it from US for me. Here's my experience with it. **Packaging : This is how it looks like and came with a booster, activator and creme, hydrating shampoo, and a deep treatment. ** Availability : not yet in Ghana so u may have to get someone to buy from US or check with the hair shops eg urbanmakes or ghlonghair ** Smell : coconut scent and very pleasant ** Processing : works very quickly I go in depth in the video. Please subscribe to support my channel. [youtube=]        

Product review: ORS Aloe Shampoo

New packaging This review should have been done a long time ago as I've restocked about 3 times; not too late though. I've had this shampoo as part of my stash since 2011 I think and my views about it today haven't changed. Full name:ORS Creamy Olive oil Aloe Shampoo Price: 20-25gh Old Packaging Purchase: Any cosmetic shop My Thoughts: 1. ORS aloe shampoo is a Multi purpose shampoo you get value for your money. This is a neutralizing, chelating and clarifying shampoo. For those suffering from hard water, this is for you. If you use a "box cream", i.e. no lye relaxer, you can use this to get rid of the calcium deposit which tends to make the hair dry and brittle after relaxing. You can use it to get rid of product build up. I use it for all these purposes. 2. Slip: awesome slip which leaves my hair tangle free. 3. Easy to pour out though it has a thick consistency. This thickness makes for easy dilution and that still doesn't affect its effectiveness 4. Nice ci

Beautiful Textures Tangle tamer leave in review

For those who've been following my blog for ages [lol], you know my struggle with finding moisture based products. Fortune smiled on me when I discovered the beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in. I've been using this for some months now and it's time to let you in on how it's been working for me. In the review, I explain it's ingredients, how I use it and how my hair responds to it. Please, don't forget to subscribe to support my channel. ou For those who can't view the video, here's the text. Purchased: 22gh My Thoughts 1) Slip: enough to allow for easy spread. I haven't used it for detangling because once it sinks into the hair, the slip reduces. 2) Consistency: thick and creamy in colour 3) I use it daily too and it still doesn't weigh the hair down. 4) Smells good and does linger for a while. 4)Quantity: a little goes a long way! I really gauge it when pouring in order to control the quantity I use. 5)There are oils in it so I add just a