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3 Steps To Infusing Moisture In Your Hair

My hair has been dry lately probably because I lie down on the sofa a lot ( no protection for the hair). To rectify this, I decided to do a green house effect. 1. Applied Sulphur oil on the scalp and Jbco on the hair itself. 2. Covered with a shopping bag and shower cap 3. Went to bed . I'll do this for about three times a week as the whether is becoming more dry. Have you tried Green House Effect? 3.

What Is Micellar Cleansing Water?

According to Huffington post, There’s washing your face with soap and water, and then there’s cleansing with micellar water. Micellar water is made up of micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in soft water. “The idea is that micelles are attracted to dirt and oil, so they are able to draw out impurities without drying out the skin.  Therefore, micellar cleansing  water can be used as a facial wash, makeup remover and moisturizer all in one. I've been using the Beauty Formulas Micellar Cleansing Water in my routine. Here's my review of it; I talk about the smell, how it feels on my skin and how I use it. Source: