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Wash Day: Using Cantu Styling Gel

The Cantu styling gel has been a time saver and you’ll find out why.   First, My postpartum shedding has reduced drastically and I can’t wait to share more wash days posts. For this week, I was under the weather so I really needed something quick and easy!  1]I washed with macadamia shampoo and conditioner three times to ensure all the previous gel had been washed out.  2] I applied my Ayurveda oil on the wet hair and called it a day. Two days after, I wet the hair again and applied the cantu styling gel. It turned out so beautiful! I didn’t need to go to the salon to get this style done. Well, at least it wasn’t for any fancy visit so this was okay.  How’s your doing? I’m currently taking a couple of multivitamins to recover from a terrible headache and cold.