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How To: Trim Your Own Hair

To solve the problem of scissor-happy stylist, why not practice how to do it yourself? The first video is done on unstraightened hair whilst the second, is on straight hair. Enjoy it Naptural85

My German Hair Experience

Divas,am s0 sorry I  haven't been blogging of  late. I was away  in Germany doing a summer programe and  forgot my camera cable. Because I hate blogging wthout pictures, I decided to wait till I came home to write any posts.You can't imagine how I missed you guys soo much .Am back  now and will be sharng with you some of my experiences; both hair related  and non-hair related.

My German Hair Experience

So, before going for my trip,I decided I didn't want to carry all my hair products along and  with all the luggage restrictions about liquids and stuff, I just decided to get braids to save me all the trouble.

Hair Spray?

In the Relaxed and Trimmed post, I stated that I rinsed the hair with the ACV diluted in water in order to rid the hair of the crunchiness from the mousse used. I was wrong!

Since the rinsing was done in the evening, I went to bed with wet hair so I couldn't tell if the rinsing was effective. Next morning, I couldn't get a wide tooth comb through the hair! I needed to style the hair for an important meeting yet I couldn't do anything to it. I dressed up and went to the stylist. When she saw the hair, she asked if I'd applied water to it. I responded in the affirmative and told her the hair was too hard and crunchy. Then, she said," it is the hair spray". Hair spray?

Relaxer Update (3): Relaxed And Trimmed

I am three days short of eight weeks post relaxer but I did relax today. I said I was doing it at 8 weeks but didn't explain why. After the last touch up, had severely under processed hair; I didn't talk about it because there was nothing to be done at that time. Instead of a corrective relaxer, I did the 8 weeks since I had enough growth for the relaxer. I applied some oils to the relaxed parts yesterday as well as in this morning (I did a protein treatment a week earlier). This time, I went to my regular and favourite hair dresser; she was available.

Prepare For Harmattan

Now, it is this time that you find the rush for braids and weaves hoping to avoid breakage. The Harmattan is a dry and dusty West African trade wind. It blows south from the Sahara into the Gulf of Guinea between the end of November and the middle of March (winter). The temperatures can be as low as 3 degrees Celsius.( I lived in the Northern Region for a long period and I can boldy say that this season can bring out the worst in you; cracked lips, feet, bleeding nose, etc. The season also comes with dusty weather. Looking at the duration, it's safer to plan ahead of time. Here are few guidelines for the season:

How To: Create Your Own Hair Accessories

It is my lastest project and guess what? It's so easy to do it! Watch and Learn!

When God Moves...

You may be wondering about the title so here it comes.  I shared some of the challenges women in Ghana encounter in the course of their education. At that time, I knew I will be graduating but was unsure of the when.

At the department where I studied, full time students have at least two years to complete their studies with a maximum of three years. The first year is for course work and during that period, you also defend your proposal. When your research topic is approved, you are assigned two supervisors. Writing of the thesis commences once you have the approval. When the research is done, you present it to the department to be forwarded to the Faculty for external and internal examination( the examiners also grade the work).

Localizing Hair Regimen

I picked a ball of hot kenkey onto a plate, added sliced tomatoes and onions to the sauce that came with the kenkey. I opened a tin of sardine and emptied its content. As I munched my meal, I couldn’t help but admire the synchrony that had occurred with all the various components. Then, I started thinking about where each ingredient had come from; some were locally made whilst others were store bought (these are mostly foreign products) yet they worked well to give a delicious meal. Somehow, I found myself comparing this experience with my hair products.

Palm Oil Hair Deep Conditioner


Palm oil (the one you use in preparing ampesi) is one of the cheapest oils on the Ghanaian market. This oil is obtained from the fruit of the palm tree. The palm fruit can be used in the preparation of soups eg abe kwan (palmnut soup). After using mango and yogurt deep conditioners, I searched for another home grown recipe for deep conditioning.

Say "I Love You" To Your Hair


*Because you beautify my head
*You allow my hubby to pass his hands through you
*You are part of what God gave me
*You tell me your wants and needs
*You grew even when I neglected you
*You stay on my head once I care for you again
*You make me smile each time I see you
*You reward me with different shades of styles
*Because I can care for you 90% of the time
*Because I get pleasure from touching you
*You have become healthier to the admiration of my haters

Each time I handle my hair, I say something positive about it even when it doesn't act right.

Do you say these words to your hair?

Change In Hair Plans

Yesterday, I carried out the first part of the  September Deep Conditioning Rendezvous. Here we go!

I was supposed to co-wash before applying the Dark n Lovely Ultra-Cholesterol but just as I stepped into the shower to co-wash, I recalled that the first time I used this product, I had co-washed with one of my conditioners before application. The hair came out feeling a bit hard implying that I had too much protein; the conditioner is probably protein based. So I put the conditioner down and just rinsed the hair with water.


Sometimes I feel like we Africans have lost our sense of identity, we don’t know who we are anymore and much of the blame is put on the indomitable force called Globalization which has lead to the infiltration of western culture.

I once attended a workshop my firm organized for some local Community based organizations and there was a heated debate when one participant remarked that we ladies present were Euro-Africans. I was really upset by that comment and nearly told him to tell his wife that she was Euro-African. But after a while ,I think I agreed with him to an extent because these days we have a lot of Brazilian-Ghanaians, Peruvian-Ghanaians and so on and forth. You know what I mean right (the Brazilian Hair craze that hit Ghana recently- but that’s another story).

Who am I?

How To: Wash And Go On Natural/Relaxed Hair

Happy Monday Fellas!! Yeah, I'm aware this particular day can be awful or awesome but don't let that affect your hair style of the week. If you don't have time twist in order to get some curls, try a wash n go. 


New Hair Plans

After using the ORS Replenishing conditioner, I confirmed the theory that my hair loves light protein more than the moisture based deep conditioner. Simply because after using the Queen Helene cholesterol, the hair was puffy the whole week no matter what I did-even flexi rods didn't work. This week, my hair was smooth after air drying so I can have a flexi set for Sunday.  But there are other things in the pipe line:Stick to only VO5 conditioners for detangling; they've always worked well for my hairGHE or Baggy at least once a week No more co-washing; both deep conditioners and conditioners cost the same amount so I'd rather deep condition twice a weekPurchase KeraCare shampoo or any other sulphate free shampoo now that the current one is running low. I'll also need a new moisturizer and am targeting ORS Carrot Oil.Decided to continue relaxing; I've been flirting with transitioning and have discussed with it some friends. Knowing how indecisive I can be, I'm n…

Wash Day Drama

--> As of today, am 5 weeks post relaxer and this time, I chose to wash on Wednesday because I wanted to have enough days to try out new styles for Sunday.
I didn't pre-poo since the decision was an impromptu one. I shampooed with the Mane N Tail moisturizing shampoo and follwed it with an acv rinse (still experimenting). Then came the Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner that I recently purchased. My hair loves a bit of protein and this product has worked well for me in the past so I decided to visit it again; It's going to be part of my stables. It has a lot of slip which is good for detangling.

It's A Versatile Blogger Award!!!!

--> This is the third award for this blog and and it's all courtesy of Southern Girl of Pecanpieandpincurls and Darrylon Evans of Nickiesniche. Two awards in one week is a huge blessing. Over to the rules of engagement.
Thank the Blogger that nominated me.Share 7 random facts about me.Nominate 15 bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.Let nominated bloggers know they have been nominated.Thank Yous
Southern Girl and Darrylon Evans, I appreciate this award. Southern Girl has a flare for creating humour in all her posts about her hair journey and Darrylon, shares her experience as a parent (I'll definitely be one soon so am learning the rubrics).

Seven Random Facts About Me
I don't use my real name online. I don't want crazy stalkers lol

An Award???

Liebster Award!!**dancing to kaki's Too Much**
I know I've been MIA for the past few days but hey, I didn't go anywhere. The gist is the current load shedding is just so crazy but I've devised a plan to curb its impact till it ends. Anyway, the sweet humour filled Southern girl of, was gracious enough to honour this with this award. What is it about?  It's meant for up and coming blogs like mine with less than 200 followers . BTW, liebster means " beloved, dearest, sweetheart".
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Eleven Random Things About Me I love watching detective like series- Criminal Minds, CSI's  and oh! Grey's Anatomy and Tinsel too!What irritates me most is w…

How To: Prepare Amla And Brahmi Treatment

Phyllanthus emblica (syn. Emblica officinalis), the Indian gooseberry, or aamla from Sanskrit amalika, is a deciduous tree of the Phyllanthaceae family. It is known for its edible fruit of the same name.Ayurveda practitioners use amla oil for its conditioning benefits and pigments.

Benefits of Amla Oil
Apply the oil to your hair after shampoo.
*Restore shine and soften hair texture with daily application of amla oil.
*Those with oily hair should apply the oil only twice per week to limit oil build-up.
*Decrease the effects of harsh shampoos by adding amla oil to the shampoo or applying to your hair prior to shampoo. Several commercial shampoos and conditioners contain amla oil.

*Apply amla oil to the scalp to combat dandruff or soothe an inflamed scalp. The vitamin C present in amla acts as an anti-inflammatory.
*Apply nightly if you suffer from a chronically itchy or sore scalp. Massage the oil into your scalp using circular patterns. (

Amla Powder
It …