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How To Retain Length In 12 Weeks

This is going to be a simple breakdown of 5 things you can do each week to retain length. Tip 1  Aim for a low manipulation style. I'm not all about extentions and low term protective styles if your hair is past shoulder length. It allows to you deal with your hair at least once week to give it better treatment. For naturals, you may not need to wash weekly but bi monthly wash will do your hair more good.  Tip 2  Consider hair mists to keep the exposed parts of your hair moisturized. When I wear buns, the exposed hair gets drier whilst the rest of the hair stays soft. Using a hair mist will compensate for the moisture loss.  Tip 3 Deep condition your hair. You can do the double step - protein deep conditioning, followed by moisture deep conditioning.  Tip 4 Pay attention to the ends. Prwbent breakage at the ends of the hair. This part is fragile for the reason that it's the oldest part of the hair hence has experienced more exposure. Tip

10 Relaxer Stretch Tips

Getting that long and healthy relaxed hair requires planning and journnaling your regimen. Relaxed hair thrives on a lot of practices that require time hence you need to determine what will work for you. 1. Plan the hair style you will be wearing to minimize manipulation and make wash days less stressful.  2. Plan the products you'll need such that they are protein and moisture balanced. You'll need to prepare your products down to help you reach out for them when you need them. Don't wait till you are struggling before you go searching.  3. Keep your hair moisturized even if you braid or weave it up. When strwtving your relaxer, breakage is the last thing you need.  4. Cut down on weekly wash and stretch the washing to once every 2 weeks in order to prevent tangles and knots if possible. Less manipulation, less frustration.  5. Do more green house effect to keep the new growth soft and manageable.  6. Work in sections from washing to styling to limit tangles and knots.  7.

10 Hair Tips For Lockdown

No one wants to suffer from dry, brittle and dull hair whilst in Lockdown so what can you do to protect your tresses? I've put together a short video on hso to keep your thriving even in Lockdown  10 hair tips for Lockdown 

4 Ways To Moisturise Your Hair

There are several options available for moisturizing and sealing your hair. You'll need to try them and find what works for you.  Method 1:Using your leave in conditioner (Especially if it is creamy or lotion). Apply to the hair and follow with an oil. Do this daily if you have to in order to keep the moisture in the hair.  Method 2: Using a hair moisturizer. If you are using Ors hairepair, S curl no drip moisturizer or the Hawaiian silky 14 in 1 moisturizer, you can spray it first and follow with the oil. Method 3: Use a very light leave in conditioner like the Creme of Nature Argan leave in conditioner  or hotfro leave in conditioner first, follow with your oil or butter and then follow with a creamy moisturizer like the Ors hairepair moisturizer or a styling creme. That's the L. O. C method.  Method 4: You'll use the light leave in conditioner or water, apply the Ors creamy moisturizer or hawaiian silky moisturizer and then your hair oil or butter. This is the L. C. O me

Wash Day for Week 1 February, 2020

I'm going to be more detailed in this wash to help you understand how I wash my hair. This will be a series so stay tuned. To wash, I use any shampoo available. I have hotfro shampoo and groganics shampoo I alternate. I use one shampoo per week as a first step to wash my hair either home or at the salon.  Assuming you are using any of these, the Doo gro tingling shampoo will be step 1  Step. 2. After rinsing off the shampoo, I follow up with the hotfro conditioner or groganics conditioner and leave for 1 minute and rinse out.  Step 3. At this point, I apply the hotfro leave in conditioner (Red label) or if I have mega growth leave in conditioner, I use that. If I have Hawaiian Silky moisturizer, I use that or S curl No Drip moisturizer or the mega growth anti breakage strengthener. I like to add the amla oil at this point or the hotfro oil mix before the rollers are done. Step 4. I don't use any oil in the hair again after it is dry. I use a hair pomade on the scalp, here, it c

What's The Use of Retinol For Your Skin?

Retinol belongs to a class of compounds known as retinoids. These agents are derived from vitamin A, an ingredient that increases cell turnover and enhances collagen production.  Not only does it impressively decrease wrinkles but it’s lauded for its ability to clear up acne and blur pigmentation caused by sun damage As a person ages, collagen and cell production slow down, but retinol helps to encourage cell regeneration and ensure that new collagen continues to form.  As collagen is replenished and old skin cells are shed, fine lines recede and skin appears brighter and smoother. Beginner Granactive retinoids  0.2% 0.5% Advanced  1% Prescription retinol  Sources:

How To Prepare Rice Water Rinse

Rice water is all about  using what you have in your kitchen to grow your hair. Here's how to prepare rice water rinse to help with  Breakage  Thickness  Shedding  Hair growth  Remember that rice water is a protein treatment hence you shouldn't abuse it. Start off with using it as a rinse to see how your hair responds to it.  Secondly, if you wish to use ot as a leave in conditioner, be sure to start off with once a week to gauge how your hair feels after use. Sometimes, just once a week is enough to strengthen your hair.  In addition, if you are using rice water, take care not to use protein deep conditioners often in order not to have protein overload. Let your moisture based products be your go to products.  The type of rice you use depends on you. Some use black rice, long grain etc. You may experiment with the type of rice to find what suits you or works better.  Using rice water isn't the only thing that will make your hair grow faster! Your regimen should be a good o

Do You Oil Your Scalp?

Oiling your scalp is quite a controversial topic within the hair world for the reason that some advocate that you do so to help prevent dry scalp whilst others are of the view that your sebum is enough to hydrate your scalp. The question is how much sebum do you have? Is it enough? The main concern with oiling your scalp has to do with clogging the pores with thick oils that prevent your scalp from receiving the nourishment it needs as well as adding to the sebum you have. In some cases, I've found my sebum production to be low and as such oiling the scalp was a good way of ensuring no dryness. On the other hand, when I go overboard with the application of the oil, I experience itchy scalp. When you oil your scalp, it doesn't need to be a daily routine if your scalp doesn't like it. Itchy scalp means you need to cleanse it and applying oils to the scalp might require regular cleansing. There are people with scalp conditions that can only be soothed with oiling the sca

Can You GROW Your Edges

Haven seen a lot of progress with my edges, I've decided to extend the challenge to the blog. The rules are quite tough but not impossible Lol. 1. No braid, No Weave, No cornrows. Absolutely nothing except wearing buns which you should also vary. The essence is to stay away from any tension on the edges. 2. Don't relax your edges until the end of the challenge. 3. Apply hair growth oil daily on the edges. You can also massage with a scalp brush. Growth oils include chapter 2000, Jamaican black castor oil, coconut oil etc. You just need to use something for growth. 4. Last rule is we'll check in every week on Saturday. Just comment on the edges growth post that will be published on Saturdays. Post your starting pictures in the comment box. On the LAST DAY of every month, we'll share progress pictures. Here are starting pix.

Making Use of Carrots To Grow Your Hair

I vividly recall the days of vegetable stew or fried rice. But using carrots is  not limited to internal use; it can also be used for external purposes specifically in hair care. Benefits Using carrots and honey increases hair sheen reduces dry scalp minimizes hair loss preserves natural elasticity prevent split ends Hot Oil Treatment: Ingredients: 2 Carrots 2 Tbsp Honey 1 Tbsp Olive Oil 1 tsp Vitamin E Oil Juice your carrots in a juicer or blend the carrots in as little water as possible. Strain the carrots. Warm up the honey olive oil and vitamin e oil in a saucepan. Add this mixture to the carrot juice. Apply mixture to damp hair, coating it completely from root to ends. Cover with a plastic cap and leave in your hair for at least an hour or as long as you have the time (overnight will yield great results.) Wash the mixture from the hair, preferably with a sulfate free shampoo and then rinse well.   Deep Conditioner Ingredients 1 large

How To Grow Natural Hair In Ghana

Is there a method or technique for how to grow natural Hair in Ghana? This search term comes up very often so let me address it. Caring for your natural hair in Ghana isn't so much different from those abroad. You can use the same products and techniques under right conditions and achieve similar results. What are the right conditions?  You have to check the weather,  the texture of your hair, the availability of the hair products, the actual steps taken in creating a particular regimen and a lot more. Growing natural hair in Ghana shouldn't be a tedious process. We are blessed to have a ton of products ladies abroad pay huge sums of money to obtain. From sheabutter to coconut oil,  we are in the better position to grow long and healthy natural hair. You don't have to purchase those expensive hair products; stick to what your budget can afford. Use the search button to find a lot of the DIY projects I've done for my hair.

Beautifully Bamboo Tea and Vitamins Review

What is Beautifully Bamboo? Beautifully Bamboo  is one of the most unique products that you will ever encounter. The product harnesses the power and medicinal benefits of bamboo. To make the bamboo edible and easily digestible, Beautifully Bamboo has turned the bamboo into tea. By drinking a number of cups per day, you can enjoy benefits like  improved skin tone  and texture,  cardiovascular  support, bone strengths,  improved digestion , and less hair shedding. As the brand explains, Beautifully Bamboo is different because it has silica levels that are higher than almost any other health product on the market. Silica is important for optimal health and when it is consumed through tea, the mineral is easily absorbed into the body and the supplement starts working instantly. In addition, the silica enhances numerous features, such as your hair, nails, and overall health. With a product like Beautifully Bamboo, you can easily improve your health and you certainly do not need to worry abo

How To Treat Scab Hair

The solution to scab hair doesn't lie in deep conditioning daily; it's about keeping the moisture in the hair 24/7. How can you do this? Aloe vera, hibiscus leave in and rose water glycerin spritz sealed with cantu sheabutter gel oil. I began using aloe vera  early March and in a matter of 7 days, my hair was considerably hydrated.  At night, I massage fresh aloe vera gel on the hair then spray the hibiscus on the hair and apply a bit of Jbco oil mix. In the morning, I spritz with rose water mix, mix a bit of Mielle organics hair milk, Jbco mix and the gel oil and apply it to seal. The way I use these products vary on a daily basis but the key thing is that they are the products  that give me the result I want.  This has been my routine ever since I big chopped and that's what got rid of the dry hair. Get more details in the video here

Why Biotin May Not Work For You

When you decide to jump on the biotin for hair growth trend, you may be disappointed by your results compared to others. The reason might be: You are not taking it as directed. Some require you take with food preferably with your main meal or others require you take with just a meal. Different dosage for each one. Each brand of biotin has a dosage to be taken. In addition, you may find that each dosage varies in potency too. Your body needs other Supplements you are deficient in to have the boost it wants. Switching full supplements like mane choice, nature's bounty, Mielle, beautifully bamboo among others will be of more benefit. Not drinking enough water translates into your body not being able to fully excrete excess  biotin. This leads to acne breakouts. Last one is about what your own hair routine. If you take all the supplements in the world yet your hair routine doesn't cut it, you won't retain any growth you get.

Don't Dilute Your Jamaican Black Castor Oil

At least not too much with other oils. A major complaint with using Jamaican Black Castor Oil is the thickness of the oil. The oil is so thick that some people mix or dilute with other oils to thin the castor oil out before use. Others also find their  scalp too itchy when the Jamaican Black Castor Oil is used directly on the Scalp. Well,  every product is made to operate at its optimum best thus when you dilute it,  you tend to reduce the potency. After making this discovery,  it's better to rethink about how to get the most out of the Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

5 Ways To Increase Hair Growth

 Who doesn't want long hair and won't go the extra length to grow the hair within  a short period too? Hair growth occurs but there are some measures you can put in place to for the hair to grow at its maximum best. In the video,  I share a few ways you can increase hair growth.

Castor Aloe Scalp Treatment

I created a castor oil and aloe vera scalp treatment to enjoy the benefits of both. After a fresh relaxer, you'd want to attend to your scalp to provide it the nourishment it needs. I used fresh aloe vera gel and mixed with Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I mix enough for about 3 days to prevent it from going bad though essential oils do prevent that. I add a few drops of peppermint oil to the scalp treatment.  A healthy scalp ensures healthy growth and that's the key to my success. You can  use this in combination with your Pre shampoo treatment.  Let me know when you try this recipe. 

Wash Day featuring We Naturals hot oil treatment

I had to wash my hair but since I'd been getting questions about the We Naturals hot oil treatment, I decided to do a video of it. After the hot oil treatment, I washed with  Sheamoisture African black soap shampoo and deep conditioned with Cantu sheabutter deep treatment mask.  I used the Cantu sheabutter anti frizz foam leave in conditioner and set the hair on flex rods. That  result was really good as usual. This kind of styling makes it easy for me to wear my hair out during the  week. I got to wash the  hair when I can and apply oils to the strands regularly.  [Youtube=] 

Treating Hair Loss At The Edges With Supplements

The new thing I've discovered about treating hair loss at the edges is that aside using topical products, the problem can be dealt with internally too. I know we take hair vitamins for general  but I wasn't aware the growth  could also be specific. That is more targeted at a part of the head which in  this case is the hair line. A YouTuber recently shared her battle with receding hair line and explained how she was only able to control it with supplements. The key ingredients in the supplement were biotin, zinc and amino acids. In regular multivitamins, I look out for zinc so I was happy she mentioned it as a key ingredient. So, if you are struggling with your edges, you may have to combat it with internal strategies and not external alone.

Does Zincovit Grow Hair?

Whilst taking zincovit might seem a bit of the norm,  a friend has used it and noticed increase in growth.