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Virgin Hair Fertilizer + Dr. Miracle

For the most part of this year, I've been using the virgin hair fertilizer on my scalp daily. It's a pkamde but doesn't weigh down my hair nor clog my pores. Ever since I got the braids, I've been using it to calm my dry scalp. Getting the braids installed really shocked my scalp so for the first week, it was itchy and dry. Now, I couldn't use any moisturizer to prevent unraveling hence I stuck to the hair fertilizer. Aside the peppermint in it, it's very light to apply to the Scalp providing the soothing effects I wanted. For my edges, I still use Dr. Miracle Temple and Nape balm and I love it!Because I'll be braiding more often, I've been very careful to leave my edges alone. The hair ought look rugged but I don't mind. Keeping the edges intact is the main point. I apply the Dr. Miracle Temple and Nape balm (click here to shop about 4 times a week, during the day time. By the end of the current braids, I'm expecting m…

First Protective Style for 2019

The whole surprise laid in the fact that I'd planned to braid in April but somehow, my hair dresser has been able to install box braids for me!We used 3 packs as I requested for long braids. I will keep them for 8 weeks and get a new one installed. Why?The goal this year, as I mentioned, is to reach shoulder length and one way to do this is to protect the hair. Now, considering that the hair is super short, daily combing won't augur well with the retention I want hence braids will be a good option for the year. In other news, I'm 4 weeks post relaxer and it's very exciting seeing new growth come in.I'm still on the Synergy hair skin and nails vitamins for the next 20 days. After that, I may opt for Alive gummies or women's gummies for the remainder of the year. 
I haven't mentioned any relaxer application because the touch up at the earlier part of January was to cover up the bald edges I had. Fortunately the edges are growing back. If all goes well, my hair…