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Detox Hair And Scalp

After relaxing the hair, I guess the next thing was to nourish the scalp and aside using the Jamaican Black Castor Oil, I went in for the Design Essentials Detoxifying Tonic. (check to purchase one) I applied the detox tonic on dry hair and massaged it into the scalp. It has a lot of slip which I love! I applied diluted conditioner and washed off after some minutes.  I, then, applied Jamaican Black Castor Oil to the damp hair.  Next morning, I sprayed my diy tea mist on the hair and I was simply in love with the feel of my hair.  It was smooth, clean and light. If you have relaxed hair, I'd definitely suggest detoxing the scalp at least after every touch up.  Giving the scalp all the care it needs ensures a healthy environment for more growth hence the reasons why I'm always paying attention to it. In return, my hair grows in faster!