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The History of Black /African Hair(It's not just Hair)

In my endeavour to discover and find out the history of African Hair, I found this video by Onxlsis.
She talks of the significance of African hair, which dates back to many centuries and its linkage to African spiritually and ethnic identity. She explains that Africans in Sub-saharan Africa embodied hair in their various rites of passage, in the intricate designs and pattrens found on wooden crafts, in caves etc.


One of my favorite past times is travelling in and around Ghana, discovering the larger universe for myself. And this weekend thanks to our Muslim brothers, we had a public holiday on Friday. I took the opportunity to visit my best friend who had been posted to Cape Coast for her national service. I boarded a Ford bus from Kaneshie which cost 9 cedis because it is more comfortable and faster than the Metro Mass and Yutong buses which were 4.50   pesewas and 7 cedis respectively. It takes approximately 2 hours to Cape Coast from Accra without traffic.

How I Washed My Weave!

It's been two weeks since I got the weave installed and I felt it was time to give my scalp some treatments. I'd wanted to go the salon to get it done but I'll do that during the x'mas period so I can have it flat ironed and cut into a bob for the festive seasons.
I tilted the hair backwards so the washing was done that way. I wet the hair, applied the shampoo and rinsed.

Salon Review: Total Trans4mation Beauty Palour

If there's something I've learnt about salons in Ghana, you can only be safe when you already know what you want, you can't rely on the hair stylist to do what is best for your hair. However, when I discovered Mrs Emelia Demor-Grunitzky of total trans4mation beauty palour, I knew I was in for a good time.  I found her salon when I was searching for a place to get my acrylic nails done. I,actually, saw a signboard advertising a salon and decided to follow the arrow direction.

Twist Out on A Rainy Day!!!

So, I bought a wig on Sunday because of the dust being caused by the road construction in my hood (I live in th capital city Accra,but I dont have tarred roads leading to where I live). This is a Tutorial I did about the wig.

How To: Curl Using Gel

As far as my hair journey is concerned, my hair has NEVER been this healthy and because I love it now, I venture out into hair styles that I haven't bothered to do. I bought some gel to slick down my edges. Then, I thought of using it as a hold for twists in order to have some curls. I got this idea from my previous attempts without using a gel for hold where the curls lasted for only a few hours. This time, I knew it could take me through a whole week but I had to wash the hair. Ok, let's move on to how to create yours.

Hair Confessions!!

It's been one year and four months since I embarked on this hair journey and I must tell you, it's been full of ups, downs, surprises, joy and unpredictable results.  Let me open up some hidden thoughts.

I am not a product junkie not because I can control myself but due to several reasons. I always read everything into details before I take a step.

Learn The Correct Terms:)

Just an observation I have made from the comments and questions from my fb pals. Because we are accustomed to these terms, sometimes, it becomes a bit tedious understanding what I mean. These are the answers to the questions you asked.
The hair dresser calls it steaming= it is deep conditioning.*thonging = it is  flat ironing*steaming cream=it is deep conditioner*small comb=it is rat tail comb*smooth rollers= it is magnetic rollers :)

I'll try to indicate the local terms within the post if I use something different.



So I one of my best friends asked me if I had heard the Uncle Obama song and I finally heard it this weekend and I was like OMG!!! In the video Sister Deborah goes to the market and saw a guy selling banana and asked if she could buy for her monkey and it goes on on and on...

Do You Shampoo After Or Before Deep Conditioning?

There's been a debate over whether it's advisable to dc before or after shampoo. Well, JC of has written a beautiful piece about this. If am not mistaken, she wrote a similar article years ago and it sparked the debate. Well, the lastest post discusses what to do if you want to shampoo before deep conditioning and if you want to shampoo after deep conditioning.


Heating Deep Conditioners To Enhance Effectiveness

So, this is what I've learnt from JC of TheNaturalHavenBloom-that you can heat your conditioner ie deep conditioner. 
She recommends the water bath method. To do this, take a glass container or a heat resistant plastic container. Put the conditioner you are going to use into it. Never heat up the whole conditioner bottle since you will affect the preservatives.

Cleansing For The new Year

After reading a post on New beginnings for the upcoming year from Nadege of RelaxedHairHealth, I realised I'd already started making way for the new year though I'd not written them down.

A week ago, I decided to cleanse my wardrobe of any unused clothing-from dresses, shorts to blouses, pairs of jeans trousers. I started off with what I wear out-those dresses which couldn't fit anymore mostly and  I've had them for ages! I, then, moved to those I wear to church and honestly, there were some I've had since 2008 and further than that; yeah, I know it's been a long time!


My Dear Future Husband, Because of you, my plans for this Saturday have been disrupted. I wanted to go to work in the morning, meet up my girlfriends at the mall in the afternoon, and catch a movie with my best friend in the evening and head back home before my parents lock the gate at 8:30 pm.Unfortunately for me, I am spending the day in the kitchen learning how to prepare your favorite meals (palm nut soup and its counterparts).

Heat Free Curls On Weave

If you follow us on facebook, you already I said am trying a flexi set on the weave. I sprayed some water mixed with glycerin and then did the set. I covered with a shower cap as that had a firmer hold and went to bed.  No blow dryer, hooded dryer, curling wand or straightener! I Loveeeeeeeee how it turned out and I'm gonna create the same style during the week for a wedding. 

Am going to continue experimenting with this hair till it comes out! Have a blessed week. Emprezz

How to - Fake Twisted Hair Bun and Side Bang On Natural Hair


Sew-In With Invisible Part Reveal

At last, am back home and back to my laptop and camera so I can now reveal my new protective style for the rest of the year- a sew-in with invisible part!

Ok, let me explain that the sew-in (a.k.a weave-on) was done by hair dresser C. I used two 14 inch hair- the first time I've used a long piece. I think the weave is hiluxury? One cost 29gh (15$). She then did the invisible part. Instead of sewing along the parts, which is the usual closure method, she used a glue to place pieces of the weave along the part. Enjoy these snap shots!

Can Chemical Relaxer Stretching Damage Your Hair?

By Audrey Sivasothy
Chemical relaxer stretching is often promoted as the key to any healthy hair regimen that involves the regular use of chemicals. Unfortunately for some, stretching chemical relaxers can become a hair breakage nightmare. If stretching is executed incorrectly, or with techniques that just don't suit the stretcher's hair, hair breakage problems can crop up during a relaxer stretch and end up damaging the hair more than helping it. Read on to learn more about what causes hair breakage and hair loss during relaxer stretching and what you can do to prevent the downfalls of stretching!
Read more

My Four Hair Dressers

Now, why do I have four hair dressers?

1. Hair dresser A- She's just about 5 minutes away from my house so for proximity sake, I go to her when am in real need of a quick fix. Her salon is not what you might expect but what I love about her is her quest to learn more and also listening to what I ask of her. So far, she's done on touch-up plus two braids-one of the braiding went baddddddd!

Wash Day

For this weekend, I started the wash process on Thursday and ended on Friday afternoon.

I pre-pooed by covering the entire head with the oils and covered with plastic bag + shower cap -sort of hot oil treatment for two hours. The hair was dripping wet when I took the cap off (this hot weather). I applied Dark n Lovely Ultra-Cholesterol conditioning mask for 7 minutes, rinsed it out, applied Optimum stay strong conditioner, rinsed and did a black tea rinse. I went to bed after applying Queen Helen cholesterol (remember I do this whilst taking my bath lol).


She’s amazing, she’s beautiful, she’s talented and she’s natural!!!! She’s Lydia Forson. For those who don’t know here this is a short biography about her. Born in Mankessim,Ghana, Lydia Forson received her early life education at Wilmore Elementary school in Kentucky, US. At the age of nine, she relocated from the United States to Ghana where she continued her formative education at Akosombo International School. She also attended St. Louis Secondary School in Kumasiwhere she completed her senior secondary school.

No More Shampoo!

Except when I want to clarify, which will be once a month.

I've unconsciously taken mental notes of my hair after each wash day, co-wash day and when doing only deep conditioning on wet hair. A few days ago, I informed you of my unfortunate incident with hair spray and how I had to use a shampoo, three time, to get rid of the spray.

How To: Use Water In Hair Care

For so many years, I believed water was my hair's number one enemy be it natural or relaxed. This mentality was mostly derived from what hair dressers said:

Dirty hair increases hair growthWashing freshly relaxed hair will cause it to revert These were the popular ideas and they definitely got into my head. Now, I've come know that water is an integral part of my healthy hair journey and I want to share with you, how I've incorporated this essential commodity into my regimen.