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4 Ways To Moisturise Your Hair

There are several options available for moisturizing and sealing your hair. You'll need to try them and find what works for you.  Method 1:Using your leave in conditioner (Especially if it is creamy or lotion). Apply to the hair and follow with an oil. Do this daily if you have to in order to keep the moisture in the hair.  Method 2: Using a hair moisturizer. If you are using Ors hairepair, S curl no drip moisturizer or the Hawaiian silky 14 in 1 moisturizer, you can spray it first and follow with the oil. Method 3: Use a very light leave in conditioner like the Creme of Nature Argan leave in conditioner  or hotfro leave in conditioner first, follow with your oil or butter and then follow with a creamy moisturizer like the Ors hairepair moisturizer or a styling creme. That's the L. O. C method.  Method 4: You'll use the light leave in conditioner or water, apply the Ors creamy moisturizer or hawaiian silky moisturizer and then your hair oil or butter. This is the L. C. O me

Wash Day for Week 1 February, 2020

I'm going to be more detailed in this wash to help you understand how I wash my hair. This will be a series so stay tuned. To wash, I use any shampoo available. I have hotfro shampoo and groganics shampoo I alternate. I use one shampoo per week as a first step to wash my hair either home or at the salon.  Assuming you are using any of these, the Doo gro tingling shampoo will be step 1  Step. 2. After rinsing off the shampoo, I follow up with the hotfro conditioner or groganics conditioner and leave for 1 minute and rinse out.  Step 3. At this point, I apply the hotfro leave in conditioner (Red label) or if I have mega growth leave in conditioner, I use that. If I have Hawaiian Silky moisturizer, I use that or S curl No Drip moisturizer or the mega growth anti breakage strengthener. I like to add the amla oil at this point or the hotfro oil mix before the rollers are done. Step 4. I don't use any oil in the hair again after it is dry. I use a hair pomade on the scalp, here, it c