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4 Tips For Growing Natural Hair in Ghana

1. Focus on moisture  products The weather here is very dry and your hair needs all the moisture it can get. Your shampoo should infuse moisture into the hair. Pre shampoo treatment aka pre poo with light oils prevent your shampoo from stripping your hair. The deep conditioning process should also boost moisture in your hair. Kindly put that eye treatment somewhere and pay attention to moisture products. The simple test is to read the ingredients and see where the protein is. Anywhere at the top 5 ingredients is a likely hard protein and further down, you get medium and light protein. The light ones are better since your hair needs list bit of boosting once in a while. Your moisturizer should be moisture based and I've found alternating between creamy and liquid moisturizers is  very helpful.  2. Hair type helps: Simple Google to know your hair to guide you select suitable products for your hair.  3. Read about your hair: After you identify your hair type, read about. Find bloggers

How To Treat Scab Hair

The solution to scab hair doesn't lie in deep conditioning daily; it's about keeping the moisture in the hair 24/7. How can you do this? Aloe vera, hibiscus leave in and rose water glycerin spritz sealed with cantu sheabutter gel oil. I began using aloe vera  early March and in a matter of 7 days, my hair was considerably hydrated.  At night, I massage fresh aloe vera gel on the hair then spray the hibiscus on the hair and apply a bit of Jbco oil mix. In the morning, I spritz with rose water mix, mix a bit of Mielle organics hair milk, Jbco mix and the gel oil and apply it to seal. The way I use these products vary on a daily basis but the key thing is that they are the products  that give me the result I want.  This has been my routine ever since I big chopped and that's what got rid of the dry hair. Get more details in the video here

Tropical Isle Living Jamaican black Castor Oil Review

The Tropical Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil has been in my regimen for years now.  It gained popularity so quickly that I was so excited when I first laid my hands on a bottle. The oil is very thick which is why some mix with it with natural oils like olive and coconut oil. Some also use it directly as a result of the  thickness not being an issue.  In the review,  I share how I use and how my hair responds to it.

Shampoos For Ghanaian Natural Hair

Today's post is all about the shampoos for Ghanaia natural hair though I wonder if there's anything like that LOL. When ladies as me why I hardly talk about some of the top notch products being raved about day in and day out, I tell them my hair journey shouldn't be complicated. Shampoos are the first products you need when it's wash day and with knowledge about sulfates, most ladies are looking for shampoos that would give them the best results. Be it moisturizing, clarifying or sulfate free, choosing a shampoo can be a bane of naturals in Ghana. The few shampoos I have used haven't disappointed me namely; creme of nature shampoo, ors aloe shampoo and now we naturals hemp shampoo. African black soap aka alata samina is also awesome for natural hair. My advice to you is not look at the expensive nature of a shampoo and qualify it as being effective. Cheap can be equally effective.