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Christmas Gifts For Kids 🎀🎄🎉!"

For parents, we all think about giving what our kids will love. How about giving something the kid   actually love! We assume so much and we do miss theark at the end of it.

As an educator, I've seen kids talk about their wish list and stuff they want. 
I'm sharing these with you in the video to help you put a smile on your child's face.

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3 Tips For Moisturizing and Sealing

Because the weather is pretty much dry, moisturizing and sealing is essential at this time of the year. 
Last night, I co washed and went to bed with the wet hair. This morning, my hair was dry and crunchy and couldn't understand why.

I skipped leave in conditioner and applied dark and lovely amla legend  oil moisturizer and then the cantu sheabutter hair lotion and sealed with coconut oil. Now, my hair was crunchy prior to the products and it was a not damp after using the lotion so I couldn't style it. It took about 10 minutes for the products to soak in but my hair was so soft and moisturized. The water from co washing had hydrated the hair before the moisturizing. My hair feels very thick and smooth and as a result I've learnt three tips that will take your moiayrizong game to another level.

Moisturize and seal as soon as you wake up to give your hair time to absorb the products.I intend using a shower cap to facilitate the absorption. The products will be absorbed before…

30 Days of Herbs

[caption width="400" align="aligncentre"]Herbs challenge [/caption]

Last month,  last challenge  and that's the  herbs challenge. What's the  herbs challenge?
We are going to use Amla,  coffee, brahmi,  Henna, shakiki

4 Hair Vitamins That Work!

I'm a huge believer of hair vitamins because I've seen how my hair thrives with them. In addition, my body stays energized with these supplements so aside hair, your general well being also improves. Here are the 4 hair vitamins I've used and seen results .

Nature's bounty hair skin and nails 
Mane choice hair vitamins 
Now foods biotin 
Healthy origins biotin 

5 Products I Loved in 2016

I've got to give credits to some awesome hair products I used this year. I can claim that my products have been extremely minimal this year yet effective.

Let's start with the nature's bounty hair skin and nails vitamins. These supplements gave me a lot of growth after the big chop. What was required was consistency and faith. To be able to retain 6 inches in a year is a good feat.

Next is the sheamoisture superfruit conditioner which has amazing smell and gives great results.

Third is the wild growth which has restored my edges within a month of constant use. In fact, it's one product I'll make sure to always have in the stash. I'm going to continually apply it till the edges or hair line is fully restored. After that, I'll use it on the scalp itself to promote the same growth since I don't intend taking hair supplement next year.

Last is the  Cantu Sheabutter anti frizz foam leave in conditioner. Aside the fact that the hair easily and readily absorbs it,…

6 Weeks Post Relaxer Update+ Wash Day!

It's at 6 weeks post relaxed that I touch up but this time, I resisted the urge and got a wash instead!

My new growth is very dense and can't wait to see how much growth I'll have by the end of the stretch.

In the video, I sum up all the care I've given to the hair during the week, the vitamins I take, the texture changes and more.

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5 Steps To Caring For Your Hair

I'm sharing these five steps in caring for your hair for all the new lados who have decided to embark on a healthy hair journey. These tips are meant to giuide you as you take the initial steps.

1. Get the basic products such as shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, natural hair oils like coconut oil and olive oil, as well as deep conditioning aka steaming products like dark and lovely cholesterol.

Begin shampooing your hair once a week, follow up with a deep conditioner, rinse it out and apply leave in conditioner and hair oil. If you are relaxed, allow the hair dry a bit before combing.
Apply a moisturizer ( not the oil moiaturizer) about twice a week and follow up with the oil.
You don't have to stop going to a salon. Just guide your hair dresser to do the right things you've learnt.
Read about the dos and don'ts about your hair. If you are natural, there are some practices that will sabotage your progress. The same applies to relaxed hair. When you read about thes…

Co Wash + Coffee Rinse

I think I'm gradually giving my hair the deserved attention and hope this doesn't become a farce.

As part of the twice a week deep conditioning, I decided to do another wash. I used the cantu sheabutter co wash to clean the hair because the Monday deep conditioning was on unwashed hair.

I t shirt dried the hair and applied the aphogee balancing moisturizer and used the steam cap for about 20 minutes. I, however, got to rinsing out the hair product about two hours later. I applied kinky curly knot today leave in and chi silk infusion before blow drying. I actually contemplated straightening but just the thought if spending another 30 minutes on the hair was tiring enough. I have to get an inch plate straightener considering how my hair has grown longer.

I'm just excited counting down the weeks to my next touch up.

Deep Conditioning Dry Relaxed Hair (with steam cap)

At the beginning of the year, I set a goal of acquiring the steam cap to facilitate deep conditioning. When I used to have a hooded dryer, my hair was always soft and moisturized due to the heatbi used in deep conditioning. After 2013, things went downhill alongside the deep conditioning. I wasn't properly deep conditioning and with coloured hair, the last thing you need is not to deep condition.

When the damaged hair was cut off in February this year, I promised not to cut the hair again but still needed to get a solution to the root cause of not deep conditioning which is getting the heat required for my low porosity hair. 

Today, in the 11th month of the year, I can boast of a steam cap for prepoo treatment and deep conditioning.

I did a deep conditioning treatment as soon as I unboxed the package. Get all the details in the video.

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Relaxer Stretch : Week 5

This is week 5 of the relaxer stretch and this  could become the best for the year and a very interesting way to end the year.

I'm recovering from the ear infection so I need to be cautious when washing thw hair. I'll get a salon wash becase only roller sets keep my hair stretched. 

It's moments like this that I wish I'd kept one of the hooded dryer attachments. I'll see how I can get the hair stretched with blow drying.

Catch all the details in the video

Low carb diet day 7

Breakfast for day 7 low carb diet was boiled eggs and a slice of wheat bread to go with pineapple juice. For lunch, I took a very small size of banku with plenty okro soup. Because of the ear ache, I stick to foods that don't require a lot of chewing.

That's all I took for the day.  I know some will worry that I'm starving myself. The thing is I think my body has adjusted to the portion control too. I eat enough to be full and not too full.  

If I'm hungry, I'll be sure to pick  up some fruit to eat.

Low carb diet day 6

This morning, I thanked God for haven began the dietary changes before the ear ache came in. I've grown accustomed to eating light so I was able to chew some salad. This time, I added egss because I knew eating anything else was going to be a hellish experience. 

I skipped lunch and for supper,I had to eqr something heavy so I went for fried riped plantain and beans stew. As for my ear, even labour pains would have been over by now. It throbs so badly. I can barely talk and even the slightest movement makes me groan in pain.

The pain is so excruciating that I have to be in bed most of the time. I couldn't go to work too. 

On the whole though, I feel lighter and that could mean loosing weight. I don't want setbacks so even in my pains, I'm conscious about taking a lot of water and praying for divine healing.

Low Carb, not No carbohydrates.

It's easy to be engrossed in our desire to loose weight and forget about creating a balance. As with every weight loss, you need to be realistic and have a realistic long term plan.

If you intend living on only vegetables, you ought to figure out how to sustain that lifestyle. I intend creating a sustainable weight loss lifestyle. This will eliminate boredom, stress and the urge to make meal plans all the time.

What I want to is develop the habitnif making healthy meal choices. Consciously eliminating more than half of the carbohydrates is much better than going no carbohydrates because I can't sustain that life. 

Its easy to go no carbohydrate at work and replace with vegetables. This means I get to reduce carbohydrate intake by 50-70%. That's a good margin for me.

The other thing about my weight loss is  I'm simply replacing my lunch with vegetables and switching from white bread to wheat bread for breakfast. These little changes will go a long way to cut down my weight.…

Healthy Eating For Weight Loss Day 5

Today, I made another change in the diet by eliminating eggs and replacing them with sardine. I guess Baby J can help with eating the eggs. 

For breakfast, a small slice of wheat 🍞 bread and pineapple juice. 

Since Sunday evening, icw had ear ache and tried to dismiss it. Well, I couldn't eat nor chew properly. By lunch, I had no other option than to go to the hospital. I took the rest of the salad in pain. By evening, I had to take some banku with okro in order to take my medication. I made sure to eat a small size of the banku with plenty soup. My ear was sealed with plasta to allow the antibiotics to work. 

That's how the day went. I wouldn't wish thia kind of pain on any of my loved ones ( Enemies??😊😊😊)

October in Review + November Hair Goals

I began setting monthly hair goals again in October to motivate and guide me. 

The three main hair goals were to: 

Stick to the protective styling challenge. I didn't fail in this challenge; I stuck with it till the end. I'm still protective styling with extensions. It wasn't a difficult task because I could wear the hair in a sort of bun as well as switch up with accessories. I'm really glad I did his challenge because I saw not only retention in hair growth but moisture retention too since the hair wasn't exposed to the elements eg the  sun.
Be diligent with the Sulphur oil mix challenge and I passed that one too. I was pretty much consistent and will continue to be until the bottle is empty. The tingling sensation as a result of the essential oils also helped with increase in hair growth.
Deep condition more than once a week was  a fail in a way. I couldn't deep condition because I was in crotchet braids and when the hair was out, I was extremely lazy and exhaus…

Low Carb Diet day 4

For breakfast, I had pineapple juice and wheat bread  
For lunch, cabbage salad and chicken . 
For supper,  I took 4 small slices of yam and garden eggs stew.

Surprisingly, I was quite full! I don't recall eating such a small amount of food and be full. That's a progress I wasn't expecting.

I drank about 1.5 litres if water.

For the past 48 hours, I've been experiencing severe ear ache that I need to get checked. I've never had an ear infection as long as I can remember so I'm wondering what the cause is.

Let's see what day 5 has.

Low Carb Diet Day 3

I took salad with chocolate beverage minus bread. Fortunately, we've located a place where wheat bread is sold. That's going to mean reducing the morning protein and even with that I will reduce the portion of bread I consume.

For lunch, I took fried plantain and beans and for supper, fufu ( pounded yam) with light soup. Of course, the percentage was 30% fufu, 70% soup just like what my husband does for his weight check.

I did take about 2 litres of water. In addition, I took my biotin.

Weight Loss Journey #2

On Saturday, I took 3 eggs in omelette form with oat meal. I didn't add sugar to the oats,only milk. 

The next preparations, I'll add a bit more  salt to the oats to mask the sugarless taste Lol. I've also been reading about altwenatives to white and wheat bread. I've also found a gluten free bread recipe. All I need to buy is parchment paper and an oven sheet to bake the bread. I've read about  coconut flour, almond flour and oat meal for bread.

As for the bread, I'll get the whole family to switch when I master the recipes. For lunch, I took a pawpaw and later fried plantain and beans stew. That's less protein for the day.

Weight Loss Day 1

The low carb diet as I call it started on 4th November and this weight loss journey is officially on again.
In the  morning, I took 3 scrambled eggs and tea bag without sugar for breakfast. For lunch, I took some salad and two pieces of chicken. For supper, fried plantain and beans stew. 

Every process has to be gradual. I did feel light the next morning though quite foggy too. I made sure to drink about 3 litres of water.

What I aim for now is to cut down on the protein too and delve into vegetables more which is the plan for the new week.

The Diet Hurdle

I've gone from 60kg to 66kg this year and it doesn't seem much unless you have a pregnant looking tummy like mine.

No, I'm not pregnant but my weight gain is mostly in my mid section and tummy isn't exempted. To loose more fat in this region requires extreme measures. Since I'm reluctant to go back to the gym ( for several reasons ), I've decided to  control my diet.

The problem is I get home from work and sometimes, I'm not hungry. After about two hours, I get hungry and have to eat. What can I do? Eat even if I don't like it ? There aren't many healthy options after 6pm either.

I've incorporated fruits in my lunch but that still doesn't sustain me. Teaching and hunger seems to be buddies. I'm still reading about what I can eat for sustained energy. Probably, cut out the carbohydrates and replace with protein. The challenge here is the type of protein that can hold me till bed time. 

Any options?

Relaxer Stretch : 4 Weeks Post Relaxer

It's been 4 weeks post relaxer and the hair is doing well. As at now, it's in a zip braid style which can help with stretching beyond 6 weeks. 

By Christmas, I'll be around 10 weeks post relaxer which will be a feat to accomplish this year since I haven't done beyond 8 weeks in ages!

Here's the update about how I'm caring for my hair.

Zip Braid Hair Style

The zip braid is a style that involves pushing all the hair into the bottom braid. The final result is a braid that looks like a zipper hence the name zip braids.
The whole style took about two hours to install. Prior to the installation, I'd called the stylist to prepare the hair. Thus the time spent was lesser. Being economical involved time management too.

Its been a week in the zip braid. So far, I just apply Sulphur oil on the scalp and wild growth hair oil on the edges.

I've also been wearing the hair in ponytails all through the week. I'll keep them for the rest of the relaxer stretch I intend ending on 22nd December. That will put me around 12 weeks post relaxer. This will be an awesome way to end the year as well as usher in the new one since I haven't done 12 weeks stretch since 2013!

Achieving Ketosis

If you are into weight loss then you may have heard of ketosis. Basically, it's about letting the body use up excess fat by allowing the body to convert it to glucose. At least that's the basic understanding.

To achieve ketosis involves a very low carb diet which is what I did last year to loose some weight. This year too, I want to loose the weight before we enter a fresh year.

This time around, I want to make it a constant diet for the next 6 months to achieve a healthy body.

Today is the first day and the meal plan included taking enough protein meals. 3 Eggs for a breakfast, soy milk and fruits for lunch and possibly salad for supper. From Saturday though, it's going to be more chicken and vegetables for lunch and supper.

I'll keep you updated. I know ketosis can kick in even within a day so I'm definitely hoping for great progress.

Sulphur For Hair Growth Check in Modesta

Modesta is natural and  joined the challenge to see how far her hair can go. 

Everyday I drink 1 to 2 litre of water. I spray my hair with the zabrinaturals hydration on the Go quite lemongrass  and I apply my sulphur oil and castor oil every three days.

Sulphur For Hair Growth Check Jemima B

Here's another Sulphur oil mix update from Jemima B. 

​I alternate between my sulphur mix and my virgin hair fertilizer these days. By next week I'll order my biotin and might add Omega 3 to it.