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20 Tips For First Time Pregnant Women

This is something first time pregnant women ask me as a first time mom. Am going to share what I've learned so far.

1)Buy few newborn clothes. I purchased only 4 jasmine dresses and three 0-3 months onesies. (Cat suit/overall). Your baby might be too big for the newborns. Then 3 pieces of 3-6 months size. This is enough to use for the first few days you may not be able to go out. My baby used the newborn overalls for only a few days and we switched to the 3-6 months size. He still wears the jasmine on hot days.
2) Buy as many baby wipes as possible even if you want to use cloth diaper. I've come to love supa santi wipes. I used up a pack within 2 weeks.

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YouTube Give Away Coming Up!

Hi ladies, I'm excited to be closing in on 200 subscribers on my YouTube channel. I, truly, appreciate your support and to show it, I'll be giving out ONE of the items in the picture.
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My Daily Workout

I post my daily workout routines on my lifestyle blog beyond

I do so to keep me on track and to also motivate other new moms. Check it out!

Wash Day @4 Weeks; What A Blast!

Alright, why didn't someone tell me blow drying in small sections is the
Here's what happened
[1] Prepooed for 2 hours under 2 deep conditioning caps.

My Hair Rinse and Spritz Mix

As I mentioned in my shedding post-click here, am aiming at minimizing shedding in every possible way.

Co Wash- Rolling Down The River

That's theme for this week's wash day experience. It involves mesh or magnetic rollers to create curls. I own none of these so I went for flexi rods.

I chose to do the flexi rod set on co wash day because I wanted a mid week stylish hair lol.
1) Prepooed with coconut oil

2)Co washed with Aussie conditioner

3)Sprayed a mixture of leave in and water

4)Put in flexi rods and called it a night.

5) Next morning: a mix of damp and dry curls!!
I pulled it into a pony and pompadour and called it a day or morning lol.

3 Styles To Hide Thin Edges

Hi ladies, you know how bad my edges look so I've devised some styles to hide them.  Here are a few styles I've come up with in the process. Enjoy and do support by subscribing to the channel

I Dyed My Hair Black Again!

All by myself since I can't afford to spend time at the salon. My baby needs me more lol!
Anyway, I did this about a week ago but didn't have pictures of the results but I do now.

Wash Day:3 Weeks Post relaxer

[1] Prepoo: Applied Eucalyptus oil mix and sat under steamer for some minutes.

[2] Shampoo: ORS hairepair invigorating shampoo( my review here)

[3] Protein Deep condition: Applied Aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor for 5 minutes under deep conditioning cap

[4] Rinse:Black tea rinse

[5]Moisture Deep condition: Dark and lovely amla legend rejuvenating mask mixed with oils. This product has come to stay!

[6] Leave in: Beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in
[ Styling: I'd planned doing my own blow drying for the first time this year. Unfortunately, we had an unexpected rolling black out so I went to bed with the damp hair.
Verdict: my hair felt soft, fluffy and smooth! Co washing comes off on hopefully Tuesday. Am now searching for a moisturizing DC that is inexpensive but in a big tube so I can add mid week dc. I can't afford to use the keracare humecto or the amla legend dc. What comes to mind is the queen Helene cholesterol, the dark and lovely cholesterol which I think will b…

Affirm Semi Permanent Black color Review

Looking for an awesome semi permanent color? Check out my review of the affirm semi permanent color for how it  worked for me.

ORS Hairepair Invigorating Shampoo Review

In this review, I share how where I purchased it, how I use it and how my hair responds to it. Do support my channel by subscribing!

Postpartum Hair: Minimizing Shedding

As requested, I'll be sharing the state of my hair as the weeks go by.

Currently, the hair is still thick and feels well moisturized. The one difference I notice is the better retention of moisture nowadays compared to during the pregnancy.

I've already put my postpartum hair plan into action.

Emergency Wash

Totally unplanned yet necessary because I had an unpleasant experience with the groganics liquid scratch. Let me clarify:

I've been moisturizing with the liquid scratch daily but I didn't spray much. It so happens that I bathe my boy now so the heat caused a lot of sweating.

Aussie Hair Insurance Leave In Review

Finally, I've shared my impressions about this leave in

Product Haul!

The ors creamy aloe shampoo, African pride anti breakage moisturizing lotion and groganics deep freeze shampoo. That's half of what I need. Next is the keracare humecto, queen Helene cholesterol and the groganic deep freeze conditioner.
The groganics line claims to be a dht blocking system- in the simplest term, preventing hair loss. I hope the African pride moisturizer will work great because I really need a stable moisturizer.
You already know am a sucker for ORS products and the aloe shampoo serves a multiple of purposes- neutralizer, chelating and clarifying shampoo.

On another note, am almost done with 3 products so I have the chance to purchase more!
What have you purchased lately?

Hair Update: One week in cornrows

I mean the current cornrows. I'll be attempting a wash on Wednesday. It's my hope that washing will kill the desire to take down my style quickly.

Current Product Cravings

As I get more products used up, my needs have become clearer. So what do I need? To be able to go out and buy possibly this week
1) ORS aloe shampoo

2) Keracare humecto

3)Rosemary leaves
4) Jamaican black castor oil
5) groganics shampoo and conditioner
6) Moroccan argan oil

I'll be getting these in no particular order

New Hairstyle; Cornrow with extensions

I think am geting better at tackling my impulsive nature when it comes to my hair. Doing a protein treatment in anticipation of a possible relaxer and now a deep treatment in anticipation of a braid!

I did get the cornrows done by my stylist, Rose. We used one and a half pack of kanekalon hair.
Since am on a mission to minimize postpartum effect on the hair, this style will make applying of the growth aids easier. I have jbco, groganics liquid scratch and will add groganics shampoo and conditioner later. I also intend using green tea as parr of the moisturizing mix.
How long will I keep this? I can't say Mich but certainly beyond 2 weeks.

Mid Week Co Wash

As I disclosed in my previous wash day post, the focus was on moisture.
1. Prepoo: coconut oil mixed with essential oil and other oils.
2. Steam: sat under my Secura hair steamer for 10 minutes and then covered for extra 2 hours with deep conditioning cap. I applied lukewarm water before conditioning.
3. Conditioner: Aussie moist
4. Deep conditioner: Dark and lovely amla oil rejuvenating mask for 5 minutes[ I have 2 more ways to use this before I share my views] I'd wanted to tea rinse but I forgot!
5. Leave in: beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in
6. Sealing: black seed oil mixed with other oils.
7. Styling: covered the hair with wig cap- stays on the head better.

I might get cornrows with extensions to give my hair a break from daily manipulation especially combing. I hope to wash it this time- something I haven't done before. This co wash has thus strengthened the hair for the cornrows.

Wash Day; Uncharted Territory!

The September wash day experience starts with the theme of uncharted territory-

Intended  arsenal
I did move into a new territory in terms of adding a new product to the wash arsenal as well as making use of a new technique. Let's see: