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Control Hair Breakage With These Tips

Hair breakage is a nightmare for everyone on a healthy hair journey and the major cause of setbacks too. Aside the few tips on why your hair may be breaking, I want to add a couple of ideas to help control the breakage. [1] Trim well: I've noticed that most of the trims don't really get rid of damaged ends for fear of losing length. If you have 5 inches of damaged ends, cutting them off at once might be more prudent than gradually trimming as split ends could travel up the strands. [2]Invest in a satin lined bonnet or satin pillow case to reduce the friction between the strands as you sleep. The cotton pillows suck the moisture from your hair! [3] Let prepoo treatment and hot oil treatment be constant in your wash routine. This adds to preventing products from overly stripping your hair leading to dryness and breakage.  [4] Bayyging your ends: This allows your ends to benefit from direct moisture. If you can't do it, try to moisturize the ends every night! Although you may

One Year Protective style challenge

Although Protective styles are popular in the hair care community, a challenge that one encounters is usually that of a negative impact on the edges. The one year protective style challenge organised by Emprezzglamhub shop (on Instagram) is to guide everyone who uses them to find appropriate styles that won't hurt the hair line. If you want to participate in it, contact 0502417454 on Whatsapp to register. 

Sunny Isle CBD Products Wash Day!

Cannibis for hair growth? This ingredient, popularly called weed is a well known growth booster. Imagine a product range with this booster in it? Hemp seed oil and CBD oil both derive from the cannabis plant. CBD oil comes from the flowers, leaves, and stems, while hemp seed oil uses extract from the seeds of the cannabis plant. I, actually, forgot about these until I changed on them in a corner (probably left them there during unpacking of products when we moved to the new place last year).  My scalp, especially, the crown area feels sore (which is what happens when my hair is super short).  [1] I applied a generous amount of the Sunny Isle CBD shampoo and left it for 5 minutes, rinsed out with water and applied the CBD conditioner, left that for another 5 minutes before rinsing.  [2]Sprayed the Ayurvedic scalp mist and sealed with oil.  I have the CBD leave in conditioner too but I've reserved that for moisturizing and sealing when the hair gets longer.  The present goal is to ac

One Month Ayurvedic Mist Update

For the past four weeks, I've been using a mixture of about 6 Ayurveda herbs as mt moisturiser before using any oil The preparation of the mist isn't that tedious and the smell is very mild. The two main changes I've noticed about my hair are: 1. Faster growth : Haven began with 1/4 inch hair as at mid June, the growth I have now is about 2 inches! I intend using the mist from June, 2021 to December 2022 to be able to hit armpit length.  2. Softer, more hydrated hair: The blend of the Ayurveda herbs means I'm deriving maximum benefit from each herb.  One of the herbs that boost moisture is kelp powder! To be able to keep the moisture levels even as rhe hair grows in will allow for easy styling and less breakage. Keeping dryness at bay is crucial in reaching at least full neck length by end of 2021! I also want to join in the one year protective style challenge in the hair group hence I need all the length by end of August.  

What To Do With Witch Hazel

Did you know Thayers witch hazel toners come in different varieties? 1. Thayers Witch Hazel Rose Petal Toner 2. Thayers Witch Hazel Cucumber 3. Thayers Witch Hazel Original 4.  Thayers Witch Hazel Lavender  5. Thayers Coconut Toner  They also have facial mists in cucumber, lavender and rose. One thing I've discovered is using these toners on your scalp can be quite useful.  Just as these toners hydrate your face and also take off left over dirt, you can using them to cleanse your scalp, and especially when you when wearing extensions and can't wash the hair thoroughly. If you don't have this brand, you can the Dickinson brand is equally potent.  Give it a try.