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Relaxer Update and Hair Highlight

The final relaxer for 2021 went pretty well and I retained so much length within 6 months! 1. We used the mega growth relaxer and she did well to apply to just the new growth. 2. She did comb the relaxer through the hair hence I didn’t sit down for more than 5 minutes. She rinsed out with the mega neutralizing gel 4 times because I asked her to. Then, she followed with wave nouveau conditioning neutralizer for another 10 minutes.  3. She used the John Frieda detox conditioner and then followed with Pantene hair treatment serum and then blow dried the hair as I was pressed for time.  After a week, I moisturized with the As I Am So Much Moisture and then Ayurveda oil. You can check out the full details in the video. Now, to the highlights. 1. The highlight was basically bleaching the hair! After that, my hair dresser shampooed the hair and then conditioned it. She used small rollers to achieve curls. 2. I intentionally did just the ends because I will definitely be trimming the ends duri