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Why Your Natural Hair Is Brown In Colour

I'm not referring to this with naturally brown hair : I'm talking about those who complain that their hair isn't as black as mine (even relaxed hair needs not to be brown). 1. The first reason is dry hair.  When your hair lacks moisture,  you'll experience dry and brittle hair and the sun light worsens the situation hence you get that brownish tint. What you need to do to remedy the situation is infuse moisture into the hair in form of deep conditioning and green house effect. In a matter of weeks, you'll notice a difference. 2. Not protecting your ends can cause that brownish colour therefore try to keep your ends tucked away especially during harmattan. 3. Relaxing your hair too often or back to back like we used to causes over processed hair which is the brownish colour you see.  When you begin spacing the relaxer application,  you'll notice that your old hair will only be the damaged parts. Apply the relaxer to only the new growth else if you do it a

Why Your Natural Hair Is Dry

As for this issue of dry natural hair,  the one advice I'll give you is trial and error with products and techniques. You don't sleep with a satin cap to protect the hair at night.  The hair is exposed to the sun which ultimately will suck up the moisture in your hair.  Your deep conditioner or wash routine isn't effective so you may need to switch things up.  Your hair spritz isn't working or you aren't diligent with it.  Find heavy butters to seal your hair. Coconut oil is known to penetrate the strands thus it won't seal in the moisture.  Lastly,  you may not be drinking enough water or hydrate the hair.  How do you combat dry natural hair?

Deep Conditioning Tips For Natural Hair

These tips for natural hair can be applied to relaxed hair too.  Make sure your hair is sectioned to make applying the deep conditioner easier and faster.  You can add natural oils to the deep conditioner for added slip as well as enhancing the moisturizing  impact.  You don't  have to do DIY deep conditioners.  Store bought ones are equally effective if not more effective.  Deep conditioning with heat increases the effectiveness of the products.  Use the product as directed. Sometimes,  going off the instructions means no result. 

How To Twist Your Own Natural Hair

Whatever I share here is from my personal experience with my natural hair. You may have to tweak it to suite your hair needs. Section the hair into small parts.  Use two mirrors to check the parting at the back and front.  Be sure to use your fingera to check for knots.  Section the two parts to twist.  Apply twist and loc gel or gel or even sheabutter depending on the one that gives you a maximum hold.  Start twisting from the back and work your way up.  Don't borrow hair from another section to twisting. Stick to the tow sections and swirl the ends around your finger tips when you are done.  You may have to practice this for a while so don't worry if your first attempt doesn't produce bomb twists.  Allow the hair to dry before lying on it to avoid smushing the back.

How To Comb Natural Hair After Braids

Let's do away with the cornrows and braids preparation and installation  and focus on how you comb the hair after take down.  Many ladies have trial and error with products and techniques to find what works for them. The basic step is finger detangling first to remove knots and tangles.  Some continue to finger detangle with the comb under running water. Experiment and see which one reduced breakage for you.  If you don't wish to wash,  just finger detangling and the oil will get the job done. Warm oil such as coconut or olive oils make detangling quite stress free. Leave your hair in sections too after removing the knots and tangles.  Finger detangling first  Apply a lot of oils and f in Nigeria detangle again Use a product with slip and wash in sections. You can use a conditioner Don't shampoo hair that hasn't been detangled.  Keep the hair in sections and use a wide tooth comb to detangle. You can then still use your fingers or move to a medium tooth

How To Grow Natural Hair In Ghana

Is there a method or technique for how to grow natural Hair in Ghana? This search term comes up very often so let me address it. Caring for your natural hair in Ghana isn't so much different from those abroad. You can use the same products and techniques under right conditions and achieve similar results. What are the right conditions?  You have to check the weather,  the texture of your hair, the availability of the hair products, the actual steps taken in creating a particular regimen and a lot more. Growing natural hair in Ghana shouldn't be a tedious process. We are blessed to have a ton of products ladies abroad pay huge sums of money to obtain. From sheabutter to coconut oil,  we are in the better position to grow long and healthy natural hair. You don't have to purchase those expensive hair products; stick to what your budget can afford. Use the search button to find a lot of the DIY projects I've done for my hair.