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Journey To Waist Length Year 2

It's been a year already since the kart big chop and the progress has been quite impressive too. At 8 weeks post relaxer, my new growth was extremely thick and heavy too. However, I was tired of dealing with it hence decided to relax it. This decision probably didn’t work out well at the end though. First, I made a couple of mistakes but let’s recap the process.  When she applied the relaxer, I should have allowed her to comb through the hair for a while since the new growth was thick and the Jamaican black castor relaxer is quite mild.  After about 5 minutes, we rinsed out the relaxer and I noticed there were portions of under processed hair! We proceeded to use the ORS aloe creamy shampoo to neutralize the hair and then applied the neutral conditioner from wave Nouveau. I then also conditioned for about five minutes under the dryer with the Jo Naturals Christmas hair growth bundle.  After 6 weeks, I did a corrective relaxer which went pretty well. My hair is back in kinky twist e