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Breakage, Breakage And More Breakage!

--> For the first time, am really unhappy with the state of my hair in this stretch. The protein overload coupled with my mishap of having only protein based deep conditioners has thrown my hair into a nightmare.
1. I have a lot of new growth probably from using T444Z mixed with Jamaican black castor oil on my scalp at least once a week. That has required a great deal of moisturizing and sealing but that isn't helping much because my hair doesn't get the much needed moisture from deep conditioning.
2. My protein overload hasn't been dealt with totally since i think  the Queen Helene cholesterol with ginseng might not be a moisturizing deep conditioner
3. Because my hair is not well moisturized, detangling is a trauma!
To solve this, am incorporating baggy method to up the moisture.
Also, I'm thinking of investing in the expensive Keracare humecto even if it will last me only 3 washes whilst waiting on sheabeutimia deep conditioner-one being the hemp conditioner. …

Feature - DawnChilde

Are you a lover of beautiful unique jewelry, then this post is for you!!!

10 Co-Washing Problems: (4) When And How Often To Co-wash?

Today, we look at the issue of how much is too much? How many times can you co-wash in a week or month or even daily? There are three angles to this stumbling block: The amount of time you have at your disposalHow much conditioner you haveHow clean you want your scalp

Sankofa Day Meet Up!!

It was a bright and beautiful Satuday afternoon. A group of girls, both natural and relaxed gathered at  Sankofa Day organised by the Sheabutter Cottage to talk about hair,skin and many more.

Here's a link to the photos, taken by Naturalista Gh:!/media/set/?set=a.429642770482720.1073741827.232458653534467&type=1
And here's the video.
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Product Review: Vatika Coconut Oil

It's finally here! I talk about the consistency (thickness), smell, how I use it and the results I get from it plus whether I'd continue using it or not! Don't forget to subscribe, comment, share for more videos!!

What are your thoughts? Emprezz

10 Co-Washing Problems: (3) Should You Do "Pure" Co-Washing?

Alright! You've got your conditioner and you are ready to start using it for washing.  The problem is, "do you have to do pre-poo before Co-Wash  or DC after Co-wash?", do you do tea rinses/apple cider vinegar rinses after co-washing? or would the wash be solely just a conditioner wash?

Wash Day @ 10 Weeks Post!

--> Technically and as usual, 2 days shy of it!
Alright so as I said in my previous wash day post, I did my best to incorporate more moisture.

Applied Vatika Coconut oil to the hair and covered with shower cap and slept- yes, it was 5pm, I was so tired and we had black out!

10 Co-Washing Problems : (2) What Type Of Conditioner To Use?

(Click here for problem 1 ) On to another tedious and serious decision making in embarking on co-washing; whether to use a protein conditioner or moisturizing conditioner! :(
My experience with conditioners have taught me to have a balance of the two. If you want to use protein conditioners, then, your wash day should have more moisture based products to prevent protein overload. If you choose to use only protein conditioners, then, you have to constantly have moisturizing products.

10 Co-Washing Problems: (1) Does your hair really need co-washing?

So, you've visited one of your favourite blogs( like this one) and you have learnt about conditioner wash aka co-wash (CW). You want to try it but... I'll be doing a series on 10 conditioner wash (Co-wash/CW) problems that you encounter and how to deal with them. Enjoy each post and be sure to leave your questions, comments and suggestions! First question that pops up in your head when you decide to join the CW train is whether your hair really need it! which can be a headache which will get your brains to switch to thinking mood for days!

Wash Day @ 9 Weeks Post (Carmen Hooded Dryer Experience)

--> Well, I know I haven't done a wash day post in a while because I've been in cornrows. However, that changed Yesterday!  I've been whining and bemoaning over my inability to do my hair without stressing over drying process if I have something special to use my hair for. Well, over the weekend, hubby and I went to the mall and I took advantage of that t scan through The Game to see what they had. To my surprise, there it was- a stand dryer but the catch was my husband had promised to get me one at the end of this month so I didn't want to get it. However, two of my friends including a reader wanted it so I went on to purchase two. The awesome news is my hubby got me one of the Carmen Pro Salon Stand dryer!!!

Haven Organics Twist Out

Just a sneak peek!!!

My First Relaxer Experience!

I had to  share this with your ladies! It was during Senior High school 12 years ago!!
I was one of the "obey the rules" kind of girl in class but when we got to senior year, I decided to be a bit adventurous- I mean being serious all the time isn’t fun!
It was time for our first speech and prize giving day and most girls in the class had chosen what they were going to do differently, make-up, high heels including getting a straight hair lol.  I decided to leave my hair to grow to a certain level so I could relax it for the speech and prize day. I decided to get my hair straight for the day out of sheer adventure! Lol. Our educational system prohibits students from wearing long hair; always short crop.

Did You Know?

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Ghanaian Hair Company: Sheabeutimia!

--> The last feature was Angela of Haven Organics. It's great to have wonderful ladies owning their own companies and especially hair based ones Remember my reviews of Sheabeutimia Hemp Moisturizing Conditioner and Hair Growth Serum? Well, today, I present to you the brains behind these awesome products! Jocel of sheabeutimia!

When was your company established?
Sheabeutimia was established in 2011 but officially started trading in April 2013.
Tell us about the motiveation/inspiration for starting the company My journey into manufacturing of natural handmade products all started when I began researching into the contents and ingredients of major products I was using at the time for my skin and hair. Unbeknown to me, I was using some very dandgerous and harmful stuff which I only realised after my research. Thins inspired me to research more with the aim of sharing my knowledge to enlighten others. I succeeded in this and begon blogging about my gospel on using natural products f…

Keep Fit Journey Update 2: Progress + New Goals


With my first update, I didn't know what was in store for me but now, I can give you a run down of events.  Weight: 64kg (141.096 Ibs)as at May 7 and waist = 34 inches when hungry and 35 when full! Currrently, 63kg (138.891) and waist is at 33 when hungry, 34 when full lol.