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10 Co-Washing Problems: (4) When And How Often To Co-wash?

--> Today, we look at the issue of how much is too much? How many times can you co-wash in a week or month or even daily? There are three angles to this stumbling block: The amount of time you have at your disposal How much conditioner you have How clean you want your scalp

Product Review: Vatika Coconut Oil

It's finally here! I talk about the consistency (thickness), smell, how I use it and the results I get from it plus whether I'd continue using it or not! Don't forget to subscribe, comment, share for more videos!! What are your thoughts? Emprezz

10 Co-Washing Problems: (3) Should You Do "Pure" Co-Washing?

 You've got your conditioner and you are ready to start using it for washing.  The problem is, "do you have to do pre-poo before Co-Wash  or DC after Co-wash?", do you do tea rinses/apple cider vinegar rinses after co-washing? or would the wash be solely just a conditioner wash?

10 Co-Washing Problems : (2) What Type Of Conditioner To Use?

--> (Click  here for problem 1  ) On to another tedious and serious decision making in embarking on co-washing; whether to use a protein conditioner or moisturizing conditioner! :( My experience with conditioners have taught me to have a balance of the two. If you want to use protein conditioners, then, your wash day should have more moisture based products to prevent protein overload. If you choose to use only protein conditioners, then, you have to constantly have moisturizing products.

10 Co-Washing Problems: (1) Does your hair really need co-washing?

So, you've visited one of your favourite blogs( like this one) and you have learnt about conditioner wash aka co-wash (CW). You want to try it but... I'll be doing a series on 10 conditioner wash (Co-wash/CW) problems that you encounter and how to deal with them. Enjoy each post and be sure to leave your questions, comments and suggestions! First question that pops up in your head when you decide to join the CW train is whether your hair really need it! which can be a headache which will get your brains to switch to thinking mood for days!