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Treating Hair Loss At The Edges With Supplements

The new thing I've discovered about treating hair loss at the edges is that aside using topical products, the problem can be dealt with internally too. I know we take hair vitamins for general  but I wasn't aware the growth  could also be specific. That is more targeted at a part of the head which in  this case is the hair line. A YouTuber recently shared her battle with receding hair line and explained how she was only able to control it with supplements. The key ingredients in the supplement were biotin, zinc and amino acids. In regular multivitamins, I look out for zinc so I was happy she mentioned it as a key ingredient. So, if you are struggling with your edges, you may have to combat it with internal strategies and not external alone.

The Coily Queen Regimen

I came across the coily queen regimen when I was surfing for information on how to keep 4c natural hair moisturized for long periods. As part of my non conservative attitude towards my hair, I'm going to do a few hair regimens to help with moisture as I mentioned in my  6 months post big cho p Video. The basic requirements of the coily queen regimen is to shampoo twice a week, deep condition twice a week, apply leave in conditioner daily for 3 weeks, daily scalp oiling and massaging. You can find out more here . This is the regimen for September (we are about 15 people trying it) and at the end, I'll share my verdict. The aim is to increase moisture in the hair, reduce tangles and single strand knots. If you'd like to join this test drive, just follow the instructions or steps as listed by coily queen. The sheamoisture yucca and baobab shampoo will be used, kinky Curly knot leave in, body butter coil crown deep conditioner, grape seed oil, Jane Carter Solution Nourish and S

Protective Styling/Accountability Challenge

Let me start off by saying that this challenge is hosted by Jen of Justgrowalready and Jay of relaxedthairapy [ Yep, the two Js] For me, this is an accountability challenge. I've had several forms of protective styles but the key thing missing is the ability to keep them in for a long time. Therefore, I want to use this particular challenge to help me keep this cornrows till at least 31st of August. I've already done a week so an extra 4 weeks would be awesome. I'll have a weekly update to let you in on what goes on.

Castor Oil Challenge Starting Pictures

If I doubted the efficacy of Jamaican black castor oil, my edges are more than a prove that jbco indeed works. When I tried a different growth oil on my edges for a month, I didn't see any progress so I'm beyond convinced that consistent use of jbco yields results. Because of this, I've decided to join another hair challenge by hairequest. I don't have any jbco challenge planned for this year so this is a good opportunity to get it done. I joined the hairequest Ultimate challenge. ULTIMATE LEVEL -  Apply castor Oil to your scalp atleast three times a week ·       -  Use castor oil to seal after moisturizing your hair ·       -  Add a few drops to a tablespoon of castor oil to your deep conditioner ·         -Use castor oil in your prepoo mix or on its own as a hot oil treatment. Read more about prepooing  here. Some people may be concerned about moisturizing hair while in protective styles such as braids and weaves. Simply make a spritz of your own which can cons