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Length Retention Without Protective Styling

 Is it possible to grow long and healthy hair without protective styling ? The answer lies in the definition of protective styles. A lot of times, we overlook certain basic styles as just mere hair styles without being aware of their value as protective style.  A lot of ladies wear turbans and scarfs and these are actually protecting your hair. Have you wondered why our Muslim sisters seem to rwtian so much length? Now you know. In addition, the buns you wear daily is an easy form of protective style that's also effective. It may seems like it's a simpler and quick style but you are doing your hair a huge favour too.  Do you wear wigs and therefore cornrow your hair for that? You are protective styling without being conscious of it. Once there is no to little manipulation, your hair will thrive. Lastly, do you wear your hair  in twists? Do you wear twist outs? These styles require less manipulation thereby can help with length retention. 

Have You Traveled? Hair Care Tips For A New Environment

 This post is relevant for those who have lived in this part of the world and are relocating or have relocated to colder climates.  First, before traveling, get a long term protective style like weave on or braids. These can last for about 3 months as you settle in.  Two. Don't worry about brands when you get there. There is a misconception that Caucasian products especially, hair products won't work for our hair  type and that's not true. Hair is hair, especially with relaxed hair. Because they have straight hair for the most part, you'll do much good if you focus on the products and what they can offer. For example, I've noticed that a lot the brands focus on damaged hair and repairing it hence you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of these products, especially if you have relaxed hair. Since some tend to straighten their hair often, a lot of oils and leave in products are available at your disposal because chemically treated hair and flat ironed hair have a lo

Kaleidoscope Miracle Drops Review

 Kaleidoscope Miracle Drops is quite popular and for a good reason because anyone on a hair journey understands the struggles of keeping the edges or hair line from receding or getting damaged. After using it for some weeks, I decided to take pictures to compare and in the video, I sahrw my thoughts about it.