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Wash Day With Olaplex No.8

 The Olaplex No.8 is a Bond intense moisture mask and it  was a gift to me! I didn’t want to misuse it so I waited till after touch up to use it. 1]Shampooed twice with Difeel Ultra growth shampoo and then applied the Olaplex No.8.  2]Applied Ultra growth leave in and my Ayurvedic oil.  The No. 8 really lives up to the hype! My hair was extremely soft and easy to manage for days.  In terms of hair growth, I’ve been taking collagen and multivitamin gummies for the past two weeks.  I want really want to speed up the growth process but at the same time, my skin is the priority in addition to maintaining a healthy body.  The vitafusion  contains 5000mcg biotin which is quite high as well as other nutritional supplements.  It’s easier to prevent iron deficiency and other deficiencies now rather than ignore and hope it doesn’t get bad. I’ve learnt so much over the past ten years of this hair journey and keeping your body healthy is top priority if you want long and healthy hair too.  Both th