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Wash Day At The Salon #4 Protein Deep Conditioning

Protein deep conditioning is popularly called protein treatment. They are deep conditioners with protein to help strengthen the hair. ( Call or WhatsApp 0541458372 to buy one) There are 2 types of protein deep conditioners. The Hard Protein is done once every 6 months and some people use egg for that (stop doing the weekly egg treatment to prevent protein overload which will make your hair hard and cause severe breakage). These are very strong and are usually in the first five ingredients on the package. Eg keratin. The medium to light protein deep conditioners usually have protein ingredient in the middle or bottom of the ingredient list. Eg hydrolyzed silk. The steps . 1. Shampoo the hair and rinse out 2. Apply the hard protein and leave it as directed. Rinse out . 3. Follow with moisture deep conditioner else your hair will feel hard! 4. Rinse out and apply leave in conditioner and roller set . If you use a medium or light protein, you don't have to use a moistu

Washing At The Salon #3 Moisture Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning also known as steaming in Ghana should be done at least once a month. Here's the sample routine at the salon. (Call or WhatsApp 0541458372 to buy any of these). 1. She will shampoo the hair and rinse out . 2. Then , she will apply your moisturizing deep conditioner (Usually doesn't have protein in the first ingredients). This means the steaming cream will provide more moisture. 3. Leave the deep conditioner for the duration stipulated on the package and then rinse out. Most of them require sitting under the dryer for 30 minutes. 4. Allow the hair to cool down and rinse out, apply the leave in conditioner and oil and roller set. That's it!

Washing At The Salon #2 Tea Rinse

This wash process has to do with doing a tea rinse and going to the salon. A tea rinse helps with shedding. Brew your tea(no milk nor sugar) and allow to cool. Now, take it to the salon. (Call or WhatsApp 0541458372 to purchase any of these products). 1. She shampoos the hair and rinse out. 2. She will pour the tea on your hair and leave it for about 5 minutes without washing it out. 3. She will apply the conditioner as the tea is in the hair and leave for 3 minutes . 4. She will rinse out the conditioner 5. She will apply the leave in conditioner, hair oil and setting lotion and roller set the hair . Are the steps clear enough? Comment below and share this with friends too.

Washing Your Hair At The Salon For Relaxed Hair #1

This series is to guide those who go to our hair dressers and don't know how to follow the wash steps. I'll be doing about 10 posts to cover all the diy and other things you try to incorporate at home during your wash. Let's begin with a regular wash. The boot camp routine. (Call or WhatsApp 0541458372 for a wash set ) 1. Let the stylist shampoo your hair using your product or her product. She will rinse out the shampoo. 2. Let her follow with the conditioner and leave it for 3 minutes. 3. She will wash out the conditioner and follow with Leave in Conditioner and setting lotion. 4. She will roller set your hair 5. When the hair is out of the rollers, she will apply your hair growth oil on your scalp and your hair oil on the hair itself. I prefer using the oil on the hair during the setting of the rollers. (It is able to infuse into the hair as it dries). That's it for the relaxed hair wash.