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Baking Soda Scalp Scrub

The world of DIY hair care isn't complete without kitchen products including baking soda and though the actual Scrub I used was the ORS scalp Scrub,  I couldn't have done it without baking soda which therefore, makes it a baking soda scalp scrub. Since this week's wash day experience is all about something new,  I was really excited about the scrub. The ORS scalp scrub has been in my stash for over a year, waiting for me to purchase  baking soda which is a needed ingredient. Well,  I finally, bought one at shop rite, Accra mall and did a scalp scrub with it. The preparation of the  scrub is easy and the results were pretty good. It is recommended that the scrub is done once or twice a month so that's what I'll be doing though I may probably go beyond the month. To begin the process,  you'll need a mixing bowl, the baking soda also called bicarbonate of soda, ORS scalp Scrub and a spoon to mix the ingredients. In the video,  I show you the whole process from the

DIY Amla Powder Hair Mask

In this post, I will  share a DIY amla powder hair mask with you. I love using amla powder so I just had to film the process this time. The purpose of the treatment was to not only strengthen the hair but give it some boost for the harmattan. As the season draws to a close, we have to prepare the hair for the hot season that's to come which can dry out the hair. In my opinion, my hair is thriving better than ever due to taking preventive measures. Therefore,  I'll be doing more hair treatments to give it all nourishment it needs. I'm not doing experiments, I'm using products I know already. If it's not the case,  I'll alert you. When washing out the Amla hair mask, do so under running water and use a wide tooth comb to get rid of particles. Here's the tutorial [YouTube=] What did you do this weekend?

Forever Clair Natural Lightening Soap Review

I bought the forever Clair natural skin Lightening Soap for hyperpigmentation as a result  of walking through the sun. If  didn't like how my face especially looked. It's been about a couple of weeks since I started using the fC natural skin Lightening soap for hyperpigmentation,  scars among other. Does it work? The soap costs between 10-20gh depending on the retail shop. I used it twice a day as directed.  You leave it on your skin for 3 minutes before washing off. I did exactly as directed and I did see a huge change in my skin,  especially my face.  Due to this,  I'll be grabbing two more soaps soon plus the body Cream or lotion. It smells ok, very mild and lathers well. I noticed that it lathers  well if you use a wet sponge rather than  on dry sponge. If it's not working for you,  perhaps, you ought to follow the instructions for use. In addition,  you may have to use the whole like for effective results. Does it bleach the skin? No, it removes the dark spots and

How To Choose A Relaxer

It's all about making the right choices so you hair thrives when it comes knowing how to choose a relaxer to suit your needs. We already know of no lye and lye relaxers,  their various components  and uses. However,  even if you choose one of these,  how do you know it will work for you? You certainly need to know your texture. Naturals base their product choices usually on their texture in order to achieve desired results. In the same way,  you need to know your texture to choose from mild relaxer  to strong relaxers. There are relaxers for fine to medium textures and those for coarse textures so know your hair type and use that to help choose a relaxer. Another factor to consider is whether you want bone straight hair or texlaxed. If you want to have some texture, then,  a mild relaxer is best. Sometimes,  it's assumed that no lye relaxer processes less faster but there are some which actually work faster than the lye. The last tip on how to choose a relaxer is your budget. L

The Best Hair Styles For Harmattan

Since the harmattan has been pretty severe even in Accra,  I've been asked to recommend the best hairstyles for harmattan. [caption id="attachment_7409" align="aligncenter" width="169"] Cornrows[/caption] I recommend basically 3 styles for harmattan so check it out. [YouTube=]