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Loose Senegalese zip twist

I'm 6 weeks post relaxer and though I was supposed to do a treatment,  I opted to  get Marley loose Senegalese zip twists for the fact that I'd rather hide the hair than deal with dry ends as a result of harmattan. Because I can't wear a full pony,  the tucked hair is what works to some extent. Whilst the bottom hair can fit into a tuck, the upper part is too short so the result is hair that sticks out.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="362"] texlaxed hair[/caption]

That means the hair isn't fully protected. Well,  I could have worn a wig but I need air blowing on my scalp. Since I want no braid this year,  I went for one that didn't require long hours of work. The Marley was done within 40 minutes,  3 ladies braided the zip method. I prefer this one to full braids as my hair is fully integrated into the knot.

I used 3 packs of Noble Afro Twist (13gh) per pack.
The fastest braiding I've ever done so I'm quite impressed.

One Inch Hair Growth In January

When I participated in the  one inch hair growth  challenge by Joie  of long Natural Hair,  I had so much growth in that December so I made it a point to continue working towards an inch in January too.

I'm excited to say that I got the inch and more. I didn't measure but at only 5 weeks post,  my new growth felt like I was 12 weeks or so. Coupled with that was the bewildered look on the face of my braiders when I told them I was a month post relaxer; they  thought I was lying with the faces they made. Parting was such a hassle too.

So how did I get this one inch? Three things.
**Consistency with hair vitamin's which are the Now Foods biotin and Nature's Bounty hair skin and nails Gummies. It's very easy taking these two and even on the weekends,  I didn't slack. At work,  I have the vitamins in my cabinet and at home, I take what I need for the weekend. Aside the hair growth, my health has improved which is my first  motivating factor.
** Garlic infused tea which …

Castor Oil Give Away

You've been with me throughout the whole of 2015 and have continued into 2016 with the same support. I may not be able to come to your homes to personally say thank you but in my own small way,  I'm saying thanks by doing a give away.

If you are new to the whole hair journey stuff,  a give away is a way of showing appreciation and a means of giving you the opportunity to win hair products for free.

For the first give away of the year, I'm giving out castor oil to a Facebook fan so head over to to participate.

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HOTD: No Comb Styling

I tried using no Comb styling on my hair today and it worked out well.

The previous night,  I moisturized with Cantu sheabutter creamy lotion and I fell in love it with just like that. I put the hair into mini knots for bed and this morning, I used my fingers to comb through the hair. I did this to test the waters for next month's no Comb Challenge and now,  I'm confident that I'll survive it Lol.
I noticed that the back of my hair has filled in quite well,  I have a  good amount of new growth at this time which is very unusual but most welcomed. I guess the vitamins have come to stay for good.
Here's the look.

These are the last pictures of my hair before getting something done to it. I'll share details soon.
The uneven ends make styling quite a challenge  but I'm glad the hair is getting thicker due to the new growth.

I also have something  to share in the coming months so stay tuned for it.

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Beginning No Comb Method

We are beginning  no Comb Method challenge from 1st February.

For length retention, one of the key things to do is to limit the use of combs, especially, for natural hair. There are techniques that can be used to get the hair stretched and styled without using a comb. One of them is using your fingers. From detangling to styling, some ladies have mastered the art of using only their fingers.


I've always been for using fingers more than a comb in detangling. You experience less breakage, less tangles, your fingers easily find knots and tangles and you are able to undo those knots easily with your fingers.

when you experience excessive breakage, you need to check your use of the small or wide tooth comb. Ladies with long hair have experienced those length because they've stayed away from combs for most part of their journey and hair routine. Their finger method has worked well for them so I believe we can also retain length by following these ladies and doing away with anythin…

Moon Trimming Phase

I decided to give the moon trimming phase a try. This type of trimming is done on full moons to either increase growth,  thickness or even reduce growth. Here's my video on this technique for January.


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Black Tea Hair Rinse Wash Day

I'm currently 5 weeks post relaxer according to my countdown app and thus week's challenge is to use a tea rinse so I used black tea hair rinse (The tea also had garlic and prekese). Here's how the wash day went.

I've continued with the daily application of oil but I prepooed for added protection using jbco mix. I used the Sheamoisture yucca and baobab shampoo, and to deep condition,  I used  eco lesterol. I topped up with the tea rinse before washing it out. I need small perm rods as I stretch further.
How was your wash day? Share it with the wash day experience fellas.

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Baking Soda Scalp Scrub

The world of DIY hair care isn't complete without kitchen products including baking soda and though the actual Scrub I used was the ORS scalp Scrub,  I couldn't have done it without baking soda which therefore, makes it a baking soda scalp scrub.

Since this week's wash day experience is all about something new,  I was really excited about the scrub.

The ORS scalp scrub has been in my stash for over a year, waiting for me to purchase  baking soda which is a needed ingredient. Well,  I finally, bought one at shop rite, Accra mall and did a scalp scrub with it.

The preparation of the  scrub is easy and the results were pretty good. It is recommended that the scrub is done once or twice a month so that's what I'll be doing though I may probably go beyond the month.

To begin the process,  you'll need a mixing bowl, the baking soda also called bicarbonate of soda, ORS scalp Scrub and a spoon to mix the ingredients.

In the video,  I show you the whole process from the mixi…

Be Careful Of Hair Extensions

The latest escapade with the cornrows have left my edges needing  more TLC. I'm happy to be staying away from extensions except wigs.

No matter how careful you are with these things,  what I've noticed is that ultimately,  the edges suffer. Some YouTube ladies who've been wearing weaves,  braids and twists have been baking with thin edges.

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin and Nails Gummies

It's awesome when you get your Christmas wished coming to pass in the new year too in the form of nature's bounty hair skin and nails gummies.

Courtesy of my sweet uncle,  I've got the gummies at last. Let's say I  have enough for at least 5 months!
I'll take the two as directed plus one now Foods vitamins daily.

My First Impressions
The vitamins are soft and feel gummy Lol. It's easy to chew, actually, too easy I wish it would stay a bit longer when I'm chewing it. It smells fruity too so if kids are allowed to take it, it would be very helpful.

The fruity strawberry taste lingers for a while in the mouth but that's no big deal. I want to finish the biotin  so I can't review the gummies yet. However, I might be able to do so with the second bottle.

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5 Skin Care Products In 2016

Though I have all hair products I need,  I lack so much skin care products so this year,  in as much as I want to spend less,  I want to splurge on 5 skin care products in 2016.
To begin with,  I want to restock  the forever Clair acne wash,  exfoliating wash and hydrating wash. These products have  been awesome on my face  so I'm going for then again.

I want to get a skin cleansing brush (I saw one at the game so I'll pop in for the price).

I want to use body scrubs consistently thus I'm grabbing some soon
Next is to find a skin lotion that  will give me the look I want. I've been recommended a few which I'll look into.
Lastly,  restock nuage  facial Scrub plus other ones.
I have Mary Kay products on the list too especially the foundation and powder.
What are your skin care products?

DIY Amla Powder Hair Mask

In this post, I will  share a DIY amla powder hair mask with you. I love using amla powder so I just had to film the process this time.

The purpose of the treatment was to not only strengthen the hair but give it some boost for the harmattan. As the season draws to a close, we have to prepare the hair for the hot season that's to come which can dry out the hair.

In my opinion, my hair is thriving better than ever due to taking preventive measures. Therefore,  I'll be doing more hair treatments to give it all nourishment it needs.

I'm not doing experiments, I'm using products I know already. If it's not the case,  I'll alert you.

When washing out the Amla hair mask, do so under running water and use a wide tooth comb to get rid of particles.
Here's the tutorial
What did you do this weekend?

Wash Day; No Shedding

A wash day can make or break your day so I don't take it  for granted when all goes well.

This is the second wash of the year and it's good that things have began this way. I didn't use a prepoo treated I have been  using oils daily on my hair.

I used Sheamoisture yucca and baobab shampoo but diluted with water. I washed twice,  deep conditioned with eco lesterol and air dried. I simply apply an generous amount of coconut oil and my hair had been happy.

The coloured parts look great at the ends. I'll use a leave in or moisturizer during  the  week. Till then,  oiling it is.
I'll continue with the daily oiling. Read about it here.

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How's Your Scalp Massage?

The ghanaianemprezz12months12challenges scalp massage challenge is in full swing.
We are mid way through the challenge and I'm encouraged by the enthusiasm shown by you. I've had positive feedback and attitude so I know we are going to have the results we seek.

I've been diligent  too which is very important if I will hit my goals. The ONLY issue I'm battling at the moment is itchy scalp. I've shampooed, used tea tree oil based oils and yet no end in sight. I'm going to keep using the oil but if it doesn't stop, I'll have to find apple coder vinegar asap. It's more like buy ACV Lol.

How's your challenge going?

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Now Foods Biotin

I'm now on the Now Foods biotin alone as I'm done with perfectil. My other hair vitamin is in but I'll hold on to that till I have it in my hands.

To achieve the hair goals,  I'm focusing on the mini goals that will lead to the success I want.
Here's one of the first quarter goals.

I've been taking two a day which makes 10000mcg. Today is day 3 and it's supposed to be around 100 capsules or less remaining.

The vitamins are easy to swallow,  not so big and doesn't smell. With two a day,  I'll be done by February ending because I'm going to continue being consistent.

Here's how my edges also look like. My second goal is get this to be much pleasant to the eyes Lol. I'll give you an update on February 29, God willing.

Goal three is to use up the two oils; I'm almost done with the jbco mix so I'm moving on to another oil. The next oils are the grapeseed oils and hair growth oil mix which consists of Jamaican Black Castor Oil and we natural…

Hair Of the Day (HOTD)

With my hair gaining length,  I'll be able to share a variety of hairstyles with you,  especially, for short hair.

Here's the first hair of the day for 2016. It's a half down,  half up style. I use a pin to tuck the down style away so this is a good protective style.

First,  I moisturized with ors hairepair moisture cream and sealed with castor oil. I also use a metal free headband.

Use Up Old Products

I haven't done the wash day experience hosted by Jen of and in a long time. This year though,  I'll be very serious about it and so I'm starting off with the Use up Old products challenge.

Since I'm rocking my own  hair,  I'll do this week's challenge which is use up old products. I have African Pride Leave in conditioner to use up. How long have I had it? Close to 3 years or? In addition, I'm targeting emptying the jbco mix I've had since time immemorial LOL. That's  the same oil I should have used it last month so I have another go at it.
Lastly,  the garlic onion mix which has gathered enough dust on my fridge but that will probably be a goal for the month since that stuff smells too awful for daily application. The best will is prepoo treatment with it.

I'll be doing a lot of scalp oiling and green  house effect this week for this reason.
What do you want to use up?

Forever Clair Natural Lightening Soap Review

I bought the forever Clair natural skin Lightening Soap for hyperpigmentation as a result  of walking through the sun. If  didn't like how my face especially looked.

It's been about a couple of weeks since I started using the fC natural skin Lightening soap for hyperpigmentation,  scars among other. Does it work?

The soap costs between 10-20gh depending on the retail shop. I used it twice a day as directed.  You leave it on your skin for 3 minutes before washing off.

I did exactly as directed and I did see a huge change in my skin,  especially my face.  Due to this,  I'll be grabbing two more soaps soon plus the body Cream or lotion.

It smells ok, very mild and lathers well. I noticed that it lathers  well if you use a wet sponge rather than  on dry sponge.

If it's not working for you,  perhaps, you ought to follow the instructions for use. In addition,  you may have to use the whole like for effective results.
Does it bleach the skin? No, it removes the dark spots and blemi…

Cornrows Gone Wrong

It's so funny that I'm talking about cornrows Gone wrong when it's my 2016 goal not to braid.

The whole thing is like prophesying about  my own Cornrow failure.

Aside battling dandruff which I haven't had ever since I began my journey,  I'm going to be dealing with damaged edges (again),  bumps at the nape and seasonal shedding smh.

May be the dandruff is as a result of using salon comb during the braiding. The Scalp was so flaky that the slightest touch got my phone's screen all covered in the flakes.
I massaged we naturals palm kernel and Coconut oil on the scalp (it has tea tree oil, and lavender oil too). I allowed it to sit for some minutes, used Wen cleansing conditioner but wasn't satisfied. I used my homemade 3-in-1 moisturizing cleanser and got the results I wanted.

I deep conditioned with eco Lesterol and applied African Pride leave in.
I'll be back with more details.

Finished Perfectil Hair Skin and Nails Vitamins

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="209"] perfectil hair skin and nails vitamins[/caption]

I've now finished the perfectil hair skin and nails vitamins and though I can't give an honest review  let me give you some few things about it.

First, I took it alongside Now Foods biotin so I can't say it was the sole reason for the growth  I saw. However,  before the biotin,  I took the perfectil alone and I think I'm going to  give it the credit for the increase in nail growth that I got.
It's pretty easy taking the pills, no nausea and no upset stomach. It doesn't smell too:)
On the whole, I had a good experience with the perfectil and won't mind taking it again if I can. I do have less expensive alternatives that you'll get to know of soon.

How To Choose A Relaxer

It's all about making the right choices so you hair thrives when it comes knowing how to choose a relaxer to suit your needs.

We already know of no lye and lye relaxers,  their various components  and uses. However,  even if you choose one of these,  how do you know it will work for you?

You certainly need to know your texture. Naturals base their product choices usually on their texture in order to achieve desired results. In the same way,  you need to know your texture to choose from mild relaxer  to strong relaxers.
There are relaxers for fine to medium textures and those for coarse textures so know your hair type and use that to help choose a relaxer.

Another factor to consider is whether you want bone straight hair or texlaxed. If you want to have some texture, then,  a mild relaxer is best. Sometimes,  it's assumed that no lye relaxer processes less faster but there are some which actually work faster than the lye.
The last tip on how to choose a relaxer is your budget. Lye r…

Not Into Hair Vitamins? You Need Multivitamins

If you've been on the fence about taking supplements or multivitamins or hair vitamins, then, allow me to show you what you've been missing.

I know there's a lot of hype around hair vitamins which I personally love to take but it doesn't have to be hair vitamins. You'll need multivitamins, especially, if you are  a lady. Let me make more sense.
Any woman of child bearing age needs to take folic acid to prevent spina bifida which can affect your baby. It's advised that you take folic acid at least 3 months prior to pregnancy. For me,  the one thing I look out for in hair vitamins is the presence of folic acid for this reason. I do have the folic acid supplement on standby but I prefer to kill all birds with one capsule Lol.
For those who are sickle cell carriers aka AS,  vitamins are a sure way to keep up your energy levels. I notice a difference in my energy levels when I slack on vitamins.
Still not convinced? I recently did an experiment with vitamins and here…

The Best Hair Styles For Harmattan

Since the harmattan has been pretty severe even in Accra,  I've been asked to recommend the best hairstyles for harmattan.

[caption id="attachment_7409" align="aligncenter" width="169"] Cornrows[/caption]

I recommend basically 3 styles for harmattan so check it out.


Challenge #2: 30 Days Of No Comb Method

We are on the second challenge of the year which is the No Comb method Challenge. The whole concept is to use fingers for everything; detangling to styling. The no Comb also includes using no brush. However, you can comb or brush down fly away hair when styling.


If you are in weave, braids or wigs, then, I guess you won't have much of a problem doing this no Comb Challenge.
This seems pretty easy but if you have short hair like me, it's going to be a tough one. Yet, since our focus is growth and mostly retention, let's try and do it.
Let me know how your hair turns out at the end of the challenge.

Happy New Year!

To all my faithful readers and subscribers, I say happy new year! We have a new year to make changes,  grow stronger, expand our reach and touch the hearts of others.

Thank you for staying with me throughout 2015, I know we'll continue to  hang out here in 2016.