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How To Treat Relaxer Burns

When you relax your hair and get relaxer burns , what do you do? Allow the hair to be, wash it again or just complain?  In today's video,  you'll know the immediate steps to take when you get a relaxer burn,  the products to apply and how to treat the  sore.

10 Ways To Use Hair Oils

There are a variety of hair oils one can use on the hair to achieve healthy hair. From Coconut oil, castor oil, grape seed oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, Avocado oil, and also essential oils. In the video, I share 10  Ways you can use your hair oils and derive maximum benefit.

How To Choose A Relaxer

When you decide to relax your hair,  you may have these questions on your mind Which relaxer is best for me?  Which relaxer can get me the texture I want?  Which relaxer  can I afford?  Most relaxers are labeled normal to fine to  medium and coarse  hair. For coarse hair, you usually see 'Super' strength indicated on the box. The mistake is choosing a relaxed is assuming you have coarse hair when you actually just have dry, unmoisturised hair!  When you begin your journey, I always recommend you wait for at least 8 weeks before you do your first touch up no matter how long you had gone before beginning the treatment. This time frame allows your hair to get the moisture it needs which will then determine your true texture.  Does the price determine the quality? I don't think so! There are a lot of factors to consider in knowing the quality of the relaxer and the first is to check reviews online. If your stylist is good, you can easily select one for your

Types of Shampoos For Your Hair

Dirty hair doesn't promote hair growth  as erroneously believed; shampoos are meant to clean the Scalp and hair and to unclog the pores for better hair  growth.  Shampoos come in different types and for different purposes. Knowing which one to select and use will go a long way to either get you to your hair goals and prevent more damage.  Whether your hair is natural or relaxed,  you'll need a shampoo in your hair Regimen. In the video,  I give the different types of Shampoos and their uses. You'll also get to know the difference between clarifying and chelating.

How to Prevent RELAXER BURNS

Relaxers are chemicals meant to straighten our hair but we have to take measures to ensure that this doesn't damage our hair at the  same time.  One of the effects of relaxers is getting  a relaxer burn which can be quite a painful incident. Relaxer Burns can be caused by either scratching your scalp before application of the relaxer, a relaxer too Strong for your hair or even a scratch from the convenience used in the relaxer application.  In the video,  you'll get some tips on how to prevent relaxer burns.

How To Moisturize Cornrows (under wigs)

Wigs afford us a simple way of protective  Styling  with ease. When wearing  wigs,  we usually braid cornrows beneath them to make it easy to wear as well as reduce manipulation.  When you wear wigs,  the cornrows must also be taken care of. One of the things to do is to moisturize it. Moisturizing your cornrowed hair will sure that your hair remains soft and strengthen even after take down.  In the video,  I show how I apply moisture to the cornrows. Be sure to subscribe if you've not :).

Easy DIY Coconut Water Leave In Conditioner

Coconut oil is very popular in the hair care world. However, it doesn't work for everyone so there has to be a way to enjoy the benefits of coconut oil without suffering any damages. Coconut water is the alternative way to get the benefit of coconut oil.  In Ghana,  coconut water shouldn't be difficult to get since we have sellers all over the place.  Watch the video to see how I prepared the coconut water leave in conditioner.  [youtube=] 

5 Ways To Increase Hair Growth

 Who doesn't want long hair and won't go the extra length to grow the hair within  a short period too? Hair growth occurs but there are some measures you can put in place to for the hair to grow at its maximum best. In the video,  I share a few ways you can increase hair growth.

After Braids Take Down Tips

We all love to keep the hair in braids once in a while to either enable us take a break from constantly manipulating  our hair or styling. Braids in themselves aren't the problem when it comes to the caring of the hair after take down. The problem  is with the take down and after take down of the braids.  In the video,  I provide some techniques to reduce breakage and tangles after taking down your braid whether Senegalese twist, cornrows or box braids.


​When it comes to hair loss, you have tried out everything. From getting expensive hair rituals at the salon to home remedies, and still nothing works for you. There are various contributing factors to hair loss we can never eliminate, but what we can certainly do away with is the condition. The answer lies in the leaves of the superfruit ‘guava’. Why guava leaves for your hair Growing in abundance at your friendly neighbourhood park, guava leaves have a miraculous ability to stop hair loss and make it grow back with vigour, believe scientists. Owing to their richness in vitamin B, an important vitamin for hair growth, guava leaves are a boon for those suffering year round hair loss. Also, the guava leaves are most effective in improving the platelet count of a Dengue patient. How to use guava leaves on your hair Growing aplenty in your colony, a guava leaf potion is actually even simpler to make. Take about a handful of guava leaves and boil them in a litre of water for about 20 minut


​African black soap shower gel (also popularly called alata samina or anago samina) is very simple to make. As African black soap typically has a soft gooey thick honey like texture, it melts pretty easily with water. The liquid soap version of alata samina is more beneficial for people with sensitive skin. Often you will hear some people complain about finding African black soap too harsh. This is because traditionally when the soap is made, the quantities of the ingredients are not measured. This sometimes results in the potash being too high resulting in a high pH. In this case you may find slight variations in how your skin reacts to African black soap from batch to batch. In Ghana most commercial African black soap shower gel has a thick texture, it is thickened by making an Sodium Laureth Sulfate(SLES) liquid soap and combining the two together. Most people do not have an issue with using SLS or SLES in Ghana. You only find a very thick shower gel version. Out of curiosity I alwa

How I Use Forever Clair Exfoliating Toner

This isn't a review but a short note on how I use the FC exfoliating toner in my facial regimen. Cleanse the face with a cleanser or a wash Use facial scrub  Rinse with water at normal temperature Pour exfoliating toner in a small towel and use it to clean the face. I make sure I do the cleaning in sections starting from the right cheek and ending at the chin.  I allow the toner to dry on the skin before applying serum or facial moisturizer.  I use the toner twice a day; morning and evening.  So far, this toner is the only one I use but I have plans of getting alcohol free toners as well as cleansing water. 

Can You Wash Relaxed Hair Once A Month?

When naturals go for weeks without wash, it seems to be the norm. A few years ago, I wondered if I could skip washing my relaxed hair for a month due to the stressful schedule I had. Well, it's sad to say that I was too scared to try it and with time, I eventually cut the hair due to improper care.  Today,  though,  I have a different mindset. I do think you can go a month without washing but it depends on the regimen you have,  the state of your hair as well as how you protect your hair. I mean it's easy to skip washing if you ask in weaves but if you wear your hair out daily,  how can that be possible?  I though of a few products that can help with this.  Dry shampoo can help clean the hair and stretch your wash days.  Moisturize and seal with light products. For me,  I'll be using a bit of  the Cantu sheabutter anti frizz foam leave in conditioner and seal with oil mix once a day.  Green House Effect or baggying method can also keep your hair moisturized

Building a Hair Regimen

The most important thing for our hair, aside moisture, is a hair regimen. This is an outline of all treatments you plan on giving your hair at preferred intervals. In creating a regimen there are a number of steps one must take to ensure that your hair benefits from it • Be BASIC A hair regimen needs to be as simple as you'd let it. If you're a beginner, it is advisable to be as basic as possible in your treatments, in order for your hair to adjust to the routine. Most of us know the basics- wash, (deep) condition, moisturise, seal and protect . As time goes on you should be able to adjust your regimen, including treatments like the pre poo, Co washing, etc. Starting from the basics is a great way to begin your journey. • Be Consistent A regimen can't be a regimen without consistency . You need to schedule days and time to all treatments in your regimen and stick to those days and times. Crosscheck your calendar. Find a day where you can include your hair treatments (not


Argan oil-  Does not come cheap,  but its effects are nothing short of  spectacular. Many problems such  as dry  hair,  rough hair,  dull hair and frizzy  hair can  be solved  with  the use of this wonder hair  oil.  It is rich in vitamin E and contains  omega 3 and omega 9  fatty acids  that  provide nutrition for hair. In addition to these, it  also  contains  Linoleic and  oleic acid that helps to  hydrate and  moisturize hair.It restores the lost luster from  too much  hair straightening and other chemical treatments,  helps  keep the color vibrant  and to prevent  dryness in  color treated hair, acts  as a shield from harmful  UV rays  and protects  the hair  from environmental  pollution.  Jojoba Oil- The  debate is whether  jojoba is  the king of  the carrier oils. Many  scalp related problems are caused by a hardened  build-up of sebum that clogs the hair  follicles and may cause some types of scaling. If  this hardened build-up is not  removed,  it  can  eventually  obstruct

Clean & Clear Advantage Clear & Soothe Foaming Wash Review

The Clean and clear advantage soothe foam wash is part of the skin care products that helped with my acne treatment.  This is the first facial foam wash I've used and it's interesting that it came from the Clean and clear brand.  [YouTube =] 

Castor Aloe Scalp Treatment

I created a castor oil and aloe vera scalp treatment to enjoy the benefits of both. After a fresh relaxer, you'd want to attend to your scalp to provide it the nourishment it needs. I used fresh aloe vera gel and mixed with Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I mix enough for about 3 days to prevent it from going bad though essential oils do prevent that. I add a few drops of peppermint oil to the scalp treatment.  A healthy scalp ensures healthy growth and that's the key to my success. You can  use this in combination with your Pre shampoo treatment.  Let me know when you try this recipe. 

Renpure Solutions Rosemary & Mint cleansing conditioner

I've been using the Renpure Solutions Rosemary & Mint cleansing conditioner since last year and I can finally share my thoughts about how it works. Back in 2012, the chorus was all about using sulfate free shampoos to reduce the damage caused by washing with these products. Eventually, we began to switch to a milder form of shampoos, milder than the sulphate free ones. Cleansing conditioners are the intermediate sort of cleansing product between shampoo and conditioner. They are a kind of hybrid of shampoo and conditioner which allows you to enjoy clean scalp without drying or stripping your hair off all its oils. Whilst conditioners also help in cleaning your hair, they can equally cause build up because they do not thoroughly clean the hair. They don't have the same cleansing properties as shampoo. The cleansing conditioners can help not only in preventing dryness but can be used if your scalp is sensitive to shampoos and other cleansing agents. Some ladies also prefer th


I'm attempting a vlogging everyday in August - VEDA and I'm starting off with the 2016 facial routine for acne prone skin. This routine is what I used to get rid of the acne and has also kept it off!  If you'd like to purchase any of the products, go to  [] 

Tropical Isle Living Jamaican black Castor Oil Review

The Tropical Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil has been in my regimen for years now.  It gained popularity so quickly that I was so excited when I first laid my hands on a bottle. The oil is very thick which is why some mix with it with natural oils like olive and coconut oil. Some also use it directly as a result of the  thickness not being an issue.  In the review,  I share how I use and how my hair responds to it. []


​   Has it? Well if your answer was a resounding YES, I’m afraid you couldn’t be more wrong. Hair actually never ‘stops’ growing. The problem is that, you're losing hair (through shedding / breaking ) at the same rate that your hair grows. What you’re experiencing is known in the hair world as a hair growth plateau . A growth plateau is when, due to breakage /shedding, your hair doesn’t retain length as it grows out, giving the impression that your hair isn’t growing. If you believe you’ve hit a growth plateau, here are some tips to increase length retention. ·  TRIM No I don’t hate you lol. Most likely, you’re shedding more than you originally should. This could be as a result of split ends that have travelled up your hair shaft. It could also be because your hair is knotted at the ends and thus, when you detangle/comb, innocent hairs follow the shed ones. A trim basically is saying ‘let’s start afresh’, where you’ll have fuller, knot & split free ends. This can do wonders for

4 Easy Ways To Use Palm Kernel Oil

If you've been to  the village, then,  you'd probably have eaten food prepared with either Sheabutter or fried with palm kernel oil.   I do know that we look at Palm Kernel oil with a side eye due to its awful odour thereby neglecting its  benefits for our hair.  Masking the smell isn't a big deal.  You can use what our mothers use in masking the smell of Sheabutter. It is commonly called negro pepper aka hwentia. So, since you know how to deal with the smell,  here's how you can incorporate  the palm kernel oil in your hair routine. Hot oil treatment Haven talked about the importance of hot oil treatment and how to do it,  it's very easy to use palm kernel oil for such a great treatment. I look forward to showing how I've done so very soon. Prepoo The almighty Prepoo treatment can't be left out when  taking about palm kernel oil.  I won't reinvent the wheel by talking about the composition of palm kernel oil but you'll see the benefits after using i


Photo Credit: Google Like many naturals out there, there has been one or two occasions when you purchased a product that didn't meet your expectation. For most out there, it occurs during the trial and error stage when you are yet to figure out what will actually work for your tresses. At other times, the curious minds like me would go in for a particular product to either avouch or refute the raved reviews professed on the various social media platforms... don't judge me oo me too i want to use and see for myself lol๐Ÿ˜‚.  And oh the product junkies cannot go unmentioned... gimme a two finger in the air if you fall within this category.๐Ÿ™Œ Alright so at a point in time, I found myself in this situation, and to avoid wastage by discarding the conditioner as well as to reduce the pain of disappointment,  I allowed the DIYness in me to get to work! I refashioned this conditioner in a way to suit my hair, only then was I appeased. Below are the quick fixes I  made with some natural


We all know about how good castor oil is for hair thickness and edges regrowth. Did you ever stop to think about how castor oil could be used elsewhere on the body (apart from as a laxative of course lol)? [caption width="1080" align="alignnone"] Source: Google[/caption]   Back in school,  an old friend met me purchasing regular castor oil. She immediately asked if I was going to use it on my face, as she’s heard that it is a really good makeup remover. I told her I intended using it for my hair. After we parted however, the inquisitive cat in me headed to Google to find out if truly, castor oil could be used for the skin. I found a lot of benefits of castor oil on the skin! Just read below๐Ÿ˜„ ·  FIGHTS AGING Castor oil is said to be able to slow down the aging process. On application, castor oil penetrates the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. These tend to soften and hydrate our skin, delaying the appearance of wrinkles. Add this to our dail

Four After Braid Take Down Tips

After I took down the braid, I had to make sure the hair was in good shape after no moisture for weeks. I used coconut oil as prepoo treatment and washed with Sheamoisture African black soap shampoo and followed up with the Superfruit conditioner. I used Cantu sheabutter gel oil only for the hair to feel hard so I washed it out with the Cantu sheabutter Co wash. This brought to mine how to care for  the hair after braids so you don't lose length or cause breakage. Use coconut oil to aid with finger detangling. Using fingers and coconut oil will let the whole process go faster and with much better results.  Don't shampoo if you've not detangled. Putting  water in your hair will cause it to tangle more.  Use a wide tooth comb first to detangle before washing to remove shed hair too.  Deep conditioning after washing the  hair will restore both protein  and moisture so be sure to  use at least a bit if light protein.  These are the few tips that help me t

Wash Day featuring We Naturals hot oil treatment

I had to wash my hair but since I'd been getting questions about the We Naturals hot oil treatment, I decided to do a video of it. After the hot oil treatment, I washed with  Sheamoisture African black soap shampoo and deep conditioned with Cantu sheabutter deep treatment mask.  I used the Cantu sheabutter anti frizz foam leave in conditioner and set the hair on flex rods. That  result was really good as usual. This kind of styling makes it easy for me to wear my hair out during the  week. I got to wash the  hair when I can and apply oils to the strands regularly.  [Youtube=] 

Living where the wind blows?

  We’re living in an era where people live as the days go by . We take the day as it comes and adjust to it. Did we know that the day is rather supposed to adjust to us? The sun rises and sets at specific times but we can actually determine our own day and night? Did you know? Most working people go through the typical 9-5 jobs but those jobs may not be what brings them maximum income. It’s what they do after their 9-5; overnight. This is why I believe we can determine our own days and nights lol. Living as the days go by means that one does not have set goals you wish to achieve. Some may argue that their goals are made as the day goes on but that could mean that a whole day could pass you by without you achieving anything.  Goals are really important people. Everyone has long term goals they wish to achieve and I’m no different, but one thing we tend to forget is that, long term goals need short term steps in order to be reached . You want to be a head professional i

Oil Free Facial Scrub

For combination skin or Oily skin,  using oil moisturizers or even facial scrubs can be a hit or miss sometimes.  I've switched from oil based to  oil free moisturizers as well as facial scrubs due to the positive effect I had over the past few weeks.  Here's my review of the Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin energising daily facial scrub. See how it has helped with my skin and whether I'll continue using it.  [YouTube=]