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Chi Silk Infusion Review

When you have protein sensitive hair like mine, you don't take some products for granted.

 It came  to my attention through YouTube reviews. This Chi silk infusion is a protein based oil and as such, acts as an instant source of protein minus the hassle of doing a full protein treatment. 

A few years ago, the Chi silk infusion was the bandwagon to join. Though the noise has fizzled out, I still love this oil. This is the second year it's been with me and I intend to empty it and buy a new one. I use it in several ways and for different purposes. 

Watch the video for more details. For this year, I plan to use this oil on wash days as a sealant to provide protein for my hair.

Manetabolism Plus For 30 Days

You know I won't sell what I haven't used or won't take so I'm also taking the manetabolism plus for the next 30 days. 

My starting length is obviously this picture. 

Check the video for details.

Products I Want To Use Up in 2017

As an unintentional hoarder, I tend to have hair products from 2013 that haven't been used up but this year, there would be a massive emptying of stash; let's see.

Kinky curly knot today leave in
Sheamoisture super fruit conditioner 
Rose water ( it has about 6 months life span
Chi  silk infusion ( it has to be emptied because it was supposed to be used up within a year of opening.)**Given to a friend.
The insta argan oil ( it has to be used within a year of opening )
Cantu sheabutter gel oil( it is meant to be a sealant so I'll use it as such)
Cantu sheabutter anti frizz foam wrap
Cantu sheabutter split ender mender: I actually intend using it on the ends of the hair as it gets longer so this year is the right time to use it. **Since I'm not bothered about shrinkage, I'll use it as a daily spritz.

There are others that aren't pertinent. These ones are emergency ones Lol.

What do you want to use up?

Mane Choice Vitamins Sales!!!!

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Natural Hair Softener

There's a falsehood being peddled by some hair dresses that there are natural hair softeners which make the hair soft and easy to manage.

There have been numerous occasions where ladies had had to transition again because of these so-called natural hair softener. These are supposedly aimed at making the natural hair easier to manage without damaging the hair. 

This isn't true. The natural hair softener is a milder relaxer which is a chemical hence your hair won't revert to its natural state ever again!  
There are several of them on the market. Some are called texture softners, texturizers and loose curls. These will "loosen" your curls and make detangling and washing easier but you are no longer natural.

The next time you want soft natural hair, use a shampoo to cleanse the hair  and deep condition after that. Apply your leave in and call it a day!

Wash Day With Light Protein

The whole wash took about 15 minutes! 

Shampooed with carion shampoo
Deep conditioned with Dark and Lovely Amla Legend Mask
I followed up with aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor.

Now, I know this change of steps is the first for me. I always use the moisture treatment rather after the protein. However, I deduced that since I want some protein left in the hair, it was better having the moisture first and then infusing the protein in it. 

After rinsing the aphogee, I applied konky curly knot today leave in conditioner diluted with water because I have just a tad bit left and want to get everything out of the bottle. I air dried and as I was indoors, it took forever for the hair to dry.

I dried the hair in a bun to reduce tangles and keep it stretched. At 5 weeks post relaxer, my hair is still very easy to handle.

I like the site pictures; I can compare the edges in a month's time.

I'll repeat the treatment next wash day to keep the breakage off. 

Almost dried hair. Air drying in a bun leave…

Valentine's Day Hairstyle Ideas

I decided to switch up my looks with some hair beads and it turned out to be the change I need. I will look into more hair jewelry to make styling more attractive.

The beauty of the beads is that I can wear the same thing in different ways each week. How about that?

I'll keep thus style for a week, recreate another one for each week. I've seen a couple of YouTube tutorials I will try when I'm free. 

I'm sure the beads will be a trademark very soon Lol.

Here's the tutorial.

4 Wash Day Tips For Relaxed Hair

There are a variety of things you can do  to enhance your wash day experience.

Prepoo treatment is not overrated. I know some bloggers don't see the need but do what works for you. When I ceased doing the Prepoo, I into get the same moisturized hair.
Use heat to deep condition. Unfortunately, I know getting a steam cap is a problem but do try to get one for your hair. It makes a huge difference .
Air drying in sections helps stretch the hair and leave you with smooth hair too. I don't worry about too much shrinkage during the air drying.
Use detangling products especially shampoos and leave in conditioners to reduce knots and tangles when manipulating the hair.

3 Months Castor Oil Grow Your Edges Quest

I'm a firm believer of castor oil for hair and skin as result of the positive results I get when I use it. This post is late because it's been over a week since we started. 

Pardon the "sexy" face Loool. This is the best angle of the edges. When the challenge is over, I'll post a similar angle.

The goal for me is to get full hairline as I don't have any braiding in my calendar for this year. As if by divine orchestrations, my last cornrow experience was terrible! I'd decided not to braid this year using extensions and possibly my own hair. The attempt to use my own hair having failed me, I've resigned myself to focusing on making good use of this 'ban'. 

The rules.

All you need is to use the castor oil twice a day- morning and evening. The first check in is end of February to see our progress. I extended this challenge to readers here for those who wish to do it.
We are using undiluted Jamaican black castor oil. No addition of oils like coconut and…

Moisturizing and Sealing Products To Use Up

One of the oils in my stash is the cantu sheabutter gel oil. This will be the oil for sealing until I empty it.

I'll use it after moisturizing with water, rose water and then the Mielle Organics hair milk in different combinations. I will also attempt a Prepoo with it and see how it goes. Lol. The things we do for hair.

The next one is the cantu sheabutter split end mender. Honestly, I don't see anything unique about this product. It's just too watery for me. I'll use it as a braid spray to keep my hair hydrated each time I wear cornrows ( Yes, I got the pass to braid my own hair in cornrows so that's OK).

The last one is the cantu sheabutter hair lotion. When these three get empty, I can then use up the newer items.

Have you used the gel oil before ?