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Simple Natural Hair Protective Updos

CandidAnn and MsVcharles have some elegant updos to share.

Sheabeutimia Hemp Moisturizing Conditioner Review

Sheabeutimia added one of their conditioners to the oils for a review. Now, if you have read my previous post on wash day, then, you'll know I have used this product twice in different ways and can rave write about it.

Sheabeutimia Hair Growth Serum Final Review

It's been a couple of weeks since I got hooked  on the Sheabeutimia hair growth serum sent to me by the owner, Jocelyn. Haven used the oil as promised in my initial review, it's about time I gave you my verdict.

My Likes
 My favourite and most lovable moment with this oil is the awesome moisturized hair I had when I used it for green house effect. I, most, certainly, would love to have this as a stable for ghe or baggying!

More Questions (Liebster Award)

oAfter the liebster award post, I've had other nominations from more blogger friends who happen to be Ghanaians too (Wonderfulllll). I, really, love the questions that come with the nominations so I am going to answer them in today's post. The lovely Jo beautywithjocel andStella of ghlonghair.

From Jo
.What's your favourite hairstyle? Braid out or any kind of curled styleWhat's your hair length? Shoulder lengthWhich do you prefer? Denman brush or fingers for detangling Certainly finger detangling!Puff or bun? Bun any timeWhat's your hair goal? Mid Back Length - yeah - that's what I know I'll get to Which do you prefer? Vlogging or blogging- blogging

Twist Bantu Knot Out with Kinky Curly Hair Products

Hi Divas!!!
Check out how my hair looks in this video.

Watch out for a review of the kinkycurly prooduct line.

How to Avoid and Remove Matted (Tangled and Knotted) Hair

I learnt some tips on dealing with tangles and knots and since sharing is caring, take a look at what these pretty ladies have to show us.

What causes tangles in the first place? When you take down your braids, you'll notice the lint beneath the braid can cause the hair to tangle and knot up. The accumulation of water and dirt makes this a hard knot to tackle. 
In addition, when you leave your hair in unstretched state, it tends to tangle easily especially with new growth coming in. Natural hair can get tangled when not properly detangled before styling. How do you make sure that tangles and knots don't damage your hair? Watch these videos for more. 


Caring For Relaxed Hair In Harmattan

I was thinking of the stares I get from some people each time they see my hair daily whilst they are in braids and weaves because of the harmattan. It occurred to me that it's possible my empresses may also be wondering how I'm dealling with my own hair in this dreaded season.

I learnt not to fear this season because there are ladies abroad who wear their own hair during the winter, which is far worse than our harmattan yet don't suffer any setbacks. Regardless of any protective style, if certain things are not done to the hair, you'll still experience major breakage. What I  picked from my blogger friends is their winter hair routine, which basically focuses on moisture and protecting the ends. Applying these things, I haven't had any major shedding nor breakage that usually comes with the harmattan and I don't foresee that problem. What I have been doing is:

First Wash Day Post Of The Year

It’s been a while since I shared a wash day with you ; I stopped lazing about with writing and got to jotting down this week's process. I'm currently two days shy of 4 weeks post relaxer. Even though I arrived home from work, looking exhausted and famished, I managed to combine washing with preparing food. Actually, I got a sister-in-law to start preparing some food for whilst I pre-pooed with Sheabeutimia Hair serum and sheabutter and covered with "homemade" heat cap for about 30 minutes. The result nearly prevented me from washing because the hair felt so soft and moisturized. I guess I have a new sealant combination. I shampooed once with the last bit of BO-16 shampoo, followed by my latest shampoo, Revlon Flex. I, then,  applied Sheabeutimia’s moisturizing conditioner.

The Best Season for Twist Outs!!!!

Aside,the cracked lips,dry skin and cracked heels caused by the Harmattan, the weather makes hair dry faster.

Last night, I was working and couldn't go back to my room,so I decided to braid my hair without any moisturiser or oil.I did a couple of small twists and upon returning to my room, I put some water over my braided twists and covered it with my scarf.It was around midnight.

This morning,the hair had totally dried up and the results.................. totally amazing!!!

Hair Update-Harmattan/Dry Season

Hi Divas,
It’s probably too late to wish you a Happy New Year, but anyway, “Happy New Hair Year and may you hair reach new heights. This will probably be the shortest post ever.

Longing4Length Protective Style Challenge Sign-Up

I’ve been waiting for the official sign-up post of Longing4Length -Ebony’s Protective Style challenge and it’s finally up! Even though I had the intention of keeping my braids a little longer, at least, for half of the challenge period, I changed my mind and took them down.
I prefer to wear my own hair at this time so I can deal with the dust with frequent washing. The route to my work place is a typical example of a dusty road and I wouldn’t want to have “sand” in my hair. I would be wearing my hair up with the ends tucked away; bunning with clips, head bands, scarfs and pins. I have been wearing my hair up since Sunday so unofficially, I’d started the
Since only 7 days are allocated to wearing the hair down, I will also air dry in a bun unless I want to wear it out, which might be twice this month (may be two Sundays). I don’t want to give the harmattan winds the opportunity to blow my hair in all directions whilst I’ll be co-washing more as well as deep …

GHEZ Healthy Hair Diva: Dr. Fomsky

I'm literally bursting with joy because apart from the fact that this is the first hair feature on the blog, am so glad the spotlight is a of hair bloggers based in Africa; specifically Nigeria!!!
Introduce yourself : My internet name is Dr Fomsky or Sizzling Mommy. I am a medical doctor, mom of three and a hair/beauty blogger.What motivated you to start taking care of your hair? It was actually by accident. I was browsing one day and stumbled on Hairlicious' website and I couldn't believe that we could have such long thick hair.What was your starting length, where are you currently  and how long did it take you to get there?  I started growing my hair when it was just about neck length and right now I am almost Bra strap length. I might have gotten here sooner but during my pregnancy last year, I was too lazy to take care of my hair myself. I was blow drying and flat ironing my hair every two weeks. In addition, I am fond of trimming my hair regularly.

Dark And Lovely Anti Breakage Oil Moisturiser Review

--> This is the first time I am using this product by Softsheen Carson. My moisturizer run out about about 3 months ago and somehow, when I went to the shop to purchase a new one, the attendant brought this out first and something in the ingredient list caught my attention which also prompting me to purchase it. Product Name: Dark And Lovely Anti Breakage Oil Moisturiser Price: 8gh

Sheabeutimia Hair Growth Serum Initial Review

Welcome to the first day of the first month of 2013! It's my prayer that you achieve all your heart's desires including your hair goals. Amen. 
Talking about achieving hair goals, we are aware of the benefits of different oils for our hair. Therefore, am starting off the new year with a hair growth serum given to me by Jocel of Sheabeutimia  from the UK. The effect of any product can only be determined when used over a period of time so am putting down my initial experience with this serum and then, a final review after using it for a number of weeks.
Full Name: Hair Growth Serum with Essential oils Ingredients: Horsetail Leaf Extract, Seaweed Extract, Extra Virgin Oilve Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Castor Oil, Rosemary and Peppermint Essential Oils.

Happy New Year!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you,my wonderful friends.