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How to Avoid and Remove Matted (Tangled and Knotted) Hair

I learnt some tips on dealing with tangles and knots and since sharing is caring, take a look at what these pretty ladies have to show us. What causes tangles in the first place? When you take down your braids, you'll notice the lint beneath the braid can cause the hair to tangle and knot up. The accumulation of water and dirt makes this a hard knot to tackle.  In addition, when you leave your hair in unstretched state, it tends to tangle easily especially with new growth coming in. Natural hair can get tangled when not properly detangled before styling. How do you make sure that tangles and knots don't damage your hair? Watch these videos for more.  youngebz07 sharmaine369

Caring For Relaxed Hair In Harmattan

I was thinking of the stares I get from some people each time they see my hair daily whilst they are in braids and weaves because of the harmattan. It occurred to me that it's possible my empresses may also be wondering how I'm dealling with my own hair in this dreaded season. I learnt not to fear this season because there are ladies abroad who wear their own hair during the winter, which is far worse than our harmattan yet don't suffer any setbacks. Regardless of any protective style, if certain things are not done to the hair, you'll still experience major breakage. What I  picked from my blogger friends is their winter hair routine, which basically focuses on moisture and protecting the ends. Applying these things, I haven't had any major shedding nor breakage that usually comes with the harmattan and I don't foresee that problem. What I have been doing is:

Dark And Lovely Anti Breakage Oil Moisturiser Review

--> This is the first time I am using this product by Softsheen Carson.  My moisturizer run out about about 3 months ago and somehow, when I went to the shop to purchase a new one, the attendant brought this out first and something in the ingredient list caught my attention which also prompting me to purchase it. Product Name : Dark And Lovely Anti Breakage Oil Moisturiser Price : 8gh