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Collagen Type 1 and 3 for Hair Growth

On my lifestyle blog,, I've shared my 20 days of collagen for my skin. I do know collagen affects hair growth too hence I'll be on the lookout out for the growth I can get. I'm taking the msm vitamins but these two together will definitely be an amazing experiment. . As stated on the package, the body uses collagen and after a while, it gets depleted. By supplementing, I will be boosting collagen production in the body which will certainly trickle down to the hair too. In the nutshell, I want to see the impact of this non biotin vitamin too just as I did for the msm vitamins.

CountryLife Maxi Collagen Plus Biotin

If you've not already visited the hair and skin shop, click on this link  Shop   fast because you are missing out on a variety of products for you. Be sure to also stay tuned because I'll be giving discount codes for only blog readers. Here are some of the products you'll get (I'll be reviewing more and more as the months roll out) After the msm vitamins, the one I'll be testing is the derma matrix.  This biosil has a ton of positive reviews especially for women over 40 so it would be fun to see how it works for us too.  You'll also get biotin in different strengths.  Do visit the shop as often as possible to grab your stuff.  It's been a long journey to this point but has finally got you the things you need.  Basically, I'll be using the first 4 products in the course of the year since I want to try biotin free vitamins for those who don't want biotin. If you wish to skip supplements, you'll also get

Hair Growth Vitamins With MSM and B vitamins

Have you heard of Hairfinity hair vitamins? This is the next supplement I will be taking as the mane choice is almost done. During the second week of the mane choice, I got break outs smh. After the msm, I'll add collagen powder to review for you too. After that, I have natrol hair skin and nails vitamins as the last one for this year. By that time, I should have enough length to braid this year I'm officially over short hair. I've enjoyed it for almost 2 years and now I'm good to go with braids. I just want to keep my hoarding tucked away for the rest of the year to allow it grow out faster and retain more length. This natural hair journey has to be successful for me. I want to be able to wear buns and updos again. I'm 3 weeks post cut and I have about 1/2 inch of growth already! I'm hoping to gain more from the msm ; something that will make a huge difference because it has no biotin and I know a lot of ladies would love to see growth without biotin. As

When Your Products Fail, What Can You Do?

Many of us purchase items hoping to get the best out of them. However, it doesn't turn out right always. Let me commence with failed shampoos. If you're like me who lives on a budget all the time, then, having to throw away a shampoo that is relatively cheap or expensive is a big NO! But I find ways to enjoy some benefit. *Give it to one of my sisters. It may work for them. *Pre poo hair properly- this helps to condition the hair such that if the shampoo is too stripping, the hair is protected. *If the shampoo isn't able to clean well, I use a lot! I get to benefit from it and speeds up the emptying process. *Doesn't smell good? Use an after shampoo product with a great smell. Rinse out regular conditioners : *Pre poo with it. That way you can enjoy some benefit. *Use a lot at a go! works to add moisture and get rid of it quickly. *Mix it with other conditioners. *Swap or give it to someone. How about deep conditioner? *Add oils to it- to improve its eff

Don't Dilute Your Jamaican Black Castor Oil

At least not too much with other oils. A major complaint with using Jamaican Black Castor Oil is the thickness of the oil. The oil is so thick that some people mix or dilute with other oils to thin the castor oil out before use. Others also find their  scalp too itchy when the Jamaican Black Castor Oil is used directly on the Scalp. Well,  every product is made to operate at its optimum best thus when you dilute it,  you tend to reduce the potency. After making this discovery,  it's better to rethink about how to get the most out of the Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

What Might Be Causing Your Dandruff?

Today's post is dedicated  to dandruff, a common hair woe that most of us battle with. If you are an exception, then you must count yourself lucky! So what is dandruff? Dandruff is a scalp condition that causes the skin cells on your scalp to flake and itch. Although it's not contagious, it is sometimes very irritating and quite embarrassing. What causes dandruff? The direct cause of dandruff is a rapid renewal of the skin cells on the scalp. The human skin is composed of layers. The epidermis which is the outermost layer sheds off as new skin cells grow. As this process continues, the old skin cells fall out and  die off. This physiological process produces an amount of flaking which is normal and is usually invisible to the naked eyes. However, in certain people, this process is exaggerated and leads to excessive shedding of skin cells that accumulate on the scalp and clump together with the natural hair oils. The result is unsightly visible flakes that hover their way down t

Can You Wash Relaxed Hair Once A Month?

When naturals go for weeks without wash, it seems to be the norm. A few years ago, I wondered if I could skip washing my relaxed hair for a month due to the stressful schedule I had. Well, it's sad to say that I was too scared to try it and with time, I eventually cut the hair due to improper care.  Today,  though,  I have a different mindset. I do think you can go a month without washing but it depends on the regimen you have,  the state of your hair as well as how you protect your hair. I mean it's easy to skip washing if you ask in weaves but if you wear your hair out daily,  how can that be possible?  I though of a few products that can help with this.  Dry shampoo can help clean the hair and stretch your wash days.  Moisturize and seal with light products. For me,  I'll be using a bit of  the Cantu sheabutter anti frizz foam leave in conditioner and seal with oil mix once a day.  Green House Effect or baggying method can also keep your hair moisturized

Treating Hair Loss At The Edges With Supplements

The new thing I've discovered about treating hair loss at the edges is that aside using topical products, the problem can be dealt with internally too. I know we take hair vitamins for general  but I wasn't aware the growth  could also be specific. That is more targeted at a part of the head which in  this case is the hair line. A YouTuber recently shared her battle with receding hair line and explained how she was only able to control it with supplements. The key ingredients in the supplement were biotin, zinc and amino acids. In regular multivitamins, I look out for zinc so I was happy she mentioned it as a key ingredient. So, if you are struggling with your edges, you may have to combat it with internal strategies and not external alone.

How To Care For Your Hair During Pregnancy

The excitement about having a new life in the family knows no limit so I'm going to share a few tips on ow tocare for your hair during pregnancy. In as much as you want to enjoy the baby, the journey to having the baby can be a daunting task. You get tired, have sleepless night, feel heavy, and all you want to do is count the days your little one is born. When I was pregnant, these things made it easy to care for my hair. **Rely on a stylist when I felt I couldn't do my own hair. For us in Ghana, our salons are relatively cheap so it won't be a problem using one more often during pregnancy. Be sure you are working with a familiar stylist who understands your journey. **Wash during shower; I used to enjoy having the water run over my body so that was an opportune moment to wash even if it's a co wash. ** Use instant deep conditioners like dark and lovely amla legend masque. These work within 5 minutes so you can take your shower and deep condition at the same time. Even

6 Ways To Overcome Hair Setbacks

As the queen of experiments about 3 years ago, there isn't a setback I haven't experienced and not recovered from and that's why I'm sharing with you 6 ways to overcome hair setbacks. Though I'm not at my goal length, I've had enough setbacks to keep me on track and that has been the case since 2014. I hit full shoulder length in December 2014 after my big chop in January 2014.  after cutting my hair as a result of a henna mishap , colour treatment, protein and others, here are the strategies I employed and still employ when I suffer any setback . 1. Accept that you caused the setback. Whether a stylist trimmed too much hair or gave you a bad braid, you are responsible. Why didn't you complain during the process? Why didn't you get up and leave? If it's your hair breaking, what did you fail to do? 2. Trust that you can and will recover from the setback. No matter how bad the problem, there is always a solution. Believe in your ability to bring your

Can You Texturize And Still Be Natural?

Here's another question that comes up in the search terms : Can You Texturize And Still Be Natural? Texturizers are the first thing naturals who want to loosen their curls temporarily reach for. The misconceptions about texturizers make it difficult for some naturals to accept their texture. One Sunday morning, a lady sent me an urgent message asking for which and where to get a texturizer to loosen her natural hair a bit, just a bit. Instead of giving her an outright answer, I referred her to this simple analogy. Consider texturizers as the younger siblings of relaxers . Texturizers, texture softeners all PERMANENTLY ALTER your natural hair. The difference is how long you keep it on to get the texture you want. Sometimes, you may feel that your hair still looks natural but when the new growth comes in, you'll be dealing with two or more textures like a fully texlaxed hair. The end result of texture softners and texturizes therefore means you can't be really natural. She

Shampoos For Ghanaian Natural Hair

Today's post is all about the shampoos for Ghanaia natural hair though I wonder if there's anything like that LOL. When ladies as me why I hardly talk about some of the top notch products being raved about day in and day out, I tell them my hair journey shouldn't be complicated. Shampoos are the first products you need when it's wash day and with knowledge about sulfates, most ladies are looking for shampoos that would give them the best results. Be it moisturizing, clarifying or sulfate free, choosing a shampoo can be a bane of naturals in Ghana. The few shampoos I have used haven't disappointed me namely; creme of nature shampoo, ors aloe shampoo and now we naturals hemp shampoo. African black soap aka alata samina is also awesome for natural hair. My advice to you is not look at the expensive nature of a shampoo and qualify it as being effective. Cheap can be equally effective.

5 Hair Tools For Your Hair This Rainy Season

The rains are getting intense , our hair is getting more moisture Lol. When you think you have a fly twist out going on and puff, the humidity gets the green card to play with your twist, the next best thing is to finger out how to prevent knots and tangles.  Here are 5 tools to help you handle your hair during this raining season. 1. Fingers: your fingers are your best detangling tools this season. With so much moisture getting into the hair, there's the tendency of your hair getting tangled and knotted or matted if you get soaked on the rain. Wet natural hair is very fragile thus it's prudent to have a finger detangling technique for such incidents 2 . Protein treatment : I can't emphasize the use of protein this rainy season will prevent moisture overload which can also be equally harmful as protein overload. A mild protein product can keep that balance. 3. Shower Cap/Scarf: keep this in your bag as you may get caught up in the rains. One of the things naturals claim i

3 Problems of Naturals in Ghana

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="396"] Twist out on short natural hair[/caption] Yes, the availability of hair products now hasn't totally made our hair journey easier. It has its own stress which together with together with other problems, make our journey difficult. 1. Internet services: when surfline sent my hubby a notification that our credit was finished, it just left my in a limbo. How could that happen when I hadn't viewed youtube videos??? With our mobile networks, internet bundles are so costly that it's virtually impossible to watch more than 3 videos even in a month! How would naturals access youtube videos and also even support channels like mine?☺ This is very frustrating! Any network willing to solve this? 2. Cost of item delivery; it's very annoying when I have to send items to customers and I'm charged more than the price of the product. How is that going to help the customer? Paying for something and having

Staying In-Betweeen: Texlax And Thermalax

--> These two terms have different meanings but follow a common principle.  Whereas texlaxing is deliberately under processing the hair during the application of a relaxer in order to keep some texture, t hermalaxing  (thermal texturizers, heat training) , on the other hand,  refers to the deliberate use of heat on natural hair to slightly change the hair's texture for manageability. 

Three Types of Product Junkies (PJs)

Source How often do you buy hair products? An aunt of mine told me a story about a course mate in school. This person loved to photocopy any available material because she was not regular at lectures. One day, she unintentionally photocopied the entire holy Bible. What a shame! There is another incident where a course mate was so fond of making photocopies of other people's notes. On one occasion, he realized he had copied his own notes ! Who is a Product Junkie (PJ)?. Any one who buys every hair product he/she comes across. Every hair care line promises us beautiful bouncy curls but promises are not realities. What works on my hair might not work for you. Even if it does work, we may not have the same results. Sometimes, a little goes a long way. I have observed three categories of product junkies be it natural or relaxed. The first group of PJs purchase products because they can afford to do so. They do not feel the impact on their pockets. They have a budget allocated

Honour Your Hair Texture

Some few months ago, I had a conversation with a friend (let's say Akua) at school about our hair type. Whilst I was bemoaning the fact that my hair was too coarse, she was grumbling about having fine hair. It was hilarious and ironical! Imagine what was going through our poor minds! Akua complained that she could not do any style that could last a day without using a gel or pudding. I, on the other hand, could make do with sheabutter or any form of oil and I'll be done for  the week. So whilst Akua had to find ways of getting rid of build-up from gels and other thick products, I used less products. But I had difficulties with detangling the hair without a conditioner with a good slip whilst Akua could easily do so with only water. This is a typical case of the phrase,"one man's meat is another man's poison". Even though this encounter occurred some months ago, each time I hear someone complain of her hair texture, I recall the conversation and smile. L

Hair- An Enemy of Intimacy?

Ladies, I can imagine the look on your faces but let's be honest, hair can sometimes be a problem during intimate moments in our relationships. We would do everything possible to preserve a hair style even to the extent of choosing how we lie during sleep time.  What would be your reaction if  bf/dh wants you to lay your head on his lap. You would make sure you tilt your hair to preserve your hair do! But have you considered the fact that these men are in our lives not only for our outward beauty but for our inner beauty? Do you wonder why you bothered to get the hair done in the first place? Ok, ponder over this. Your girlfriends will applaud you on your hair style but at the end of the day, the number one priceless comment will be what your partner says. Laughing? Yet, we get uncomfortable should our partner makes an attempt to touch the hair. Grumbling, frowning, mumbling things only we understand are some of the reactions we put up in defense of our hair style. The next t

Isn't It...?

Isn't it hilarious when your hair dresser can't read anything on a product? Isn't it ironical when your hair dresser gets angry because you brought your own hair products? Isn't it funny when your hair dresser gets frustrated because you kept telling her what to do? Isn't it absurd when your hair dresser charges you the same amount after using your own products? Isn't it comical when your hair dresser doesn't know the tool or product you are describing? Isn't it amusing when your hair dresser can't prevent  you from coming to her salon  after a disagreement? Emprezz

Our Men and Natural Hair

Many of the fears we have concerning natural hair is related to our relationship with the man in our lives; whether our boyfriend or husband would be appreciative of our choice of going natural. Our situation in Ghana, perhaps, isn't different from what pertains abroad. Most Ghanaian men are accustomed to straight hair or weaves. To keep the natural texture of your hair might raise some concerns like: * Would he still find you attractive? One gentleman,  sjsafety18 , addresses this in his video and provides channels for handling such matters. Take a look at it.