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Wash Day With Steam Cap

During the week, I would apply Sulphur oil on the scalp at night and do a green house effect every other day.  I've noticed the growth coming in so I'm going to keep doing that. I'll also do scalp massages at night whilst watching TV. I just need to stop being lazy and use the massage brush. The last time I did this, I had a lot of new growth coming through so I won't sleep on it. I apply oil to the hair and wear a cap to bed for the green house effect to increase moisture due to the dry weather. I look forward to my hair at 3 weeks post as well as sharing more interesting stuff about my daily regimen. The Wash I decided to wash on Friday so I could install flexi rods.  I wore my hair out to work on Friday for a change. Since the weather is pretty much cold, I didn't sweat with the hair though the hair hanged around My neck. My hair felt like I'd fried it. I managed to shampoo in the evening and used the scalp massage brush to clean the scalp properly. I deep co

My Moisturizing and Sealing Routine for Harmattan (2017)

It's just fair that this dry weather is met with serious moisturizing and sealing routine. Moisturizing has to do with using a water based product and sealing is done with oils or butters. I follow the liquid, cream, oil routine (L.C.O) as I find that to be a better option during this harmattan weather. To effectively moisturize your hair, you definitely need to apply moisture first. Using oil first is like wearing your trousers before your underwear. You block out any moisture loss when you seal with oil that us why you need the water first before sealing.  For each month of 2017, my moisturizimg and sealing will be planned for the month for effective routine. For January, I planned my hair routine ahead of time to reduce the amount of time spent on organizing my thoughts Lol. Spray the hair with rose water  Apply a bit of Mielle organics avocado hair milk Seal with my oil mix.   I do this at night because my morning schedule is whack! I try to sleep with a bonnet to m

Mielle Organics Hair Vitamins First Review

If you've not read my previous posts, then, do check it out ( side bar). I've been taking the Mielle organics hair vitamins some time now. In the video, I talk about the packaging, the size of the pills, the directions to take it and the duration I'll be taking it.