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Wash Day (Tea mist update)

This wash day went pretty smoothly and the fun part is that I can actually tell the changes in the length of my hair each week!One thing that helps me track is front part which is now able to cover the *bald* hair line lol. For 3 months growth, I think my hair is going to be the most longest its ever been very soon. The Wash I shampooed with Hotfro shampoo and used Auntie Jackie deep conditioner. I'm using this deep conditioner to fortify the hair because I moisturise daily and don't want moisture overload. I alps need to empty it! I followed up with my moisturizer mixed with water and sealed with Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I've been alternating the Jamaican Black Castor Oil with the Vitale Hair oil by ORS.Im supposed to do coffee rinse so the next wash will feature it. Stay tuned for that update.

My Skin Care Routine Using Cleansing Oil

Wondering why your skin still breaks out though you use make up removers? Watch this.I discovered double Cleansing as one of thr best ways to ensure your skin is properly cleaned at the end of the day. In this video, I show how and why you need to do the double Cleansing Method for your skin to glow!Double Cleansing 

Alive Hair skin and Nails Gummies

This is the vitamin I've been taking for the last 2 weeks. The biotin in it is 5000mcg for the 2 gummies taken daily and the collagen content is also very good.The sugar content seems quite low which is a plus for me as well as less starchy than the nature's bounty gummies.I haven't had any break out from taking it  and it's most likely because I take one in the morning and one in the evening. I intend keeping it that way to allow my body utilize every gummy I take. Fortunately, I'll be able to see how fast my hair will grow as I'm just a few weeks post relaxer. For thr 2 weeks period, I can see some growth sprouting in so I'm hoping for good growth.

Wash Day at 2 Weeks Post Relaxer

Time really flies and I am just excited about each progress my hair makes.I used the Hotfro Black soap shampoo to cleanse and deep conditioned with Aunt Jackie's deep conditioner.The air drying seems to be working but I can't wait to get roller sets again. For the edges, I feel better about it now as it's gradually filling in.I still use thr green tea mist daily and it's going to be a constant feature of my hair journey. I was supposed to do a coffee rinse but I'll do that during the week when I Co wash. I take Alive hair skin and nails gummies too and frankly, I love the new growth coming in. I take 2 a day so in  30 days time, expect a review. Now that we are in March, I'm eager to see my growth by the next touch up on April 20th or thereabouts.