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Difference Between Prepoo and Hot Oil Treatment

[1] The difference between Prepoo with oil and hot Oil Treatment? To me, the basic difference is that prepoo with oil is done before shampooing whereas hot oil treatment can be done any time without necessarily having to wash the hair. [2] How do I  protect previously relaxed hair before relaxing? I use either sheabutter or my oil mix. I use roux porosity control conditioner when I have it. You can also use regular vaseline to protect the scalp and the already relaxed hair. [3] What i s your favourite moisturizer? So far, the African pride olive miracle anti breakage moisturizer lotion. [4] Why do you use a sulfate free shampoo? I was curious to know how it will reduce dryness considering the absence of sulphates which dry out the hair.

Product review: ORS Aloe Shampoo

New packaging This review should have been done a long time ago as I've restocked about 3 times; not too late though. I've had this shampoo as part of my stash since 2011 I think and my views about it today haven't changed. Full name:ORS Creamy Olive oil Aloe Shampoo Price: 20-25gh Old Packaging Purchase: Any cosmetic shop My Thoughts: 1. ORS aloe shampoo is a Multi purpose shampoo you get value for your money. This is a neutralizing, chelating and clarifying shampoo. For those suffering from hard water, this is for you. If you use a "box cream", i.e. no lye relaxer, you can use this to get rid of the calcium deposit which tends to make the hair dry and brittle after relaxing. You can use it to get rid of product build up. I use it for all these purposes. 2. Slip: awesome slip which leaves my hair tangle free. 3. Easy to pour out though it has a thick consistency. This thickness makes for easy dilution and that still doesn't affect its effectiveness 4. Nice ci

Beautiful Textures Tangle tamer leave in review

For those who've been following my blog for ages [lol], you know my struggle with finding moisture based products. Fortune smiled on me when I discovered the beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in. I've been using this for some months now and it's time to let you in on how it's been working for me. In the review, I explain it's ingredients, how I use it and how my hair responds to it. Please, don't forget to subscribe to support my channel. ou For those who can't view the video, here's the text. Purchased: 22gh My Thoughts 1) Slip: enough to allow for easy spread. I haven't used it for detangling because once it sinks into the hair, the slip reduces. 2) Consistency: thick and creamy in colour 3) I use it daily too and it still doesn't weigh the hair down. 4) Smells good and does linger for a while. 4)Quantity: a little goes a long way! I really gauge it when pouring in order to control the quantity I use. 5)There are oils in it so I add just a