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Relaxer Stretch: 15 Weeks Post

Wow! I’ve now entered a new phase of my hair journey. I haven’t gone beyond 13 weeks of relaxer stretch before so this is totally new to me. I’ll be sharing some few things with you concerning my struggles.
First of all, the temptation still persists when it comes to relaxing. What has helped me is the absence of my relaxer box- which I have given away. Without this step, I know I’d have relaxed my hair. Also, 70% of the time, I don’t feel like relaxing, I don’t know how that has come about; rather, I look forward to seeing how my hair looks like in the coming months. Furthermore, haven ruled out a big chop has made me very relaxed (no pun intended). I adore my hair too much to cut it off!!!

Blog Camp 2013

I've been really busy with work this week and I also just realised that theres a long holiday coming up. It's better I get this post up and done with before I forget about the idea totally. So, last weekend, Blogging Ghana organised a Blogcamp for Ghanaian Bloggers. The evnt brought together soo many bloggers whom I din't even think existed in!!! I must say it was a great initiative on their part.There was even a Blog Awards, I couldn't stay because I have curfew.(I know right)

Some of the topics ranged from Social Media and the law, How do we increase content in a free world? Women and Social Media and so many more....
It seemed the event was mainly about word and photo blogs.Lets hope that next year,they'll talk about video blogging(I get the sense that its not very common). Happy Easter and Be safe!!!!

Week 14 Post Relaxer Update

I really feel great and truly loving my twist. I’m able to style them within a few minutes. What I don’t like about it though is that it may start emitting some nasty odour if am not careful with it; I told you before that I sweat a lot in my scalp so that will be the cause.

I’ll wash it when I return from the trip because my stylist is not available this week and I can’t trust anyone to touch these twists and leave them in good state! I do believe that my braid spray will also help keep that smell from developing so that is the number one product I’ll be taking with me on the trip.

I’ll do my best to get one or two hair related videos up and then another video update when I make it to 20 weeks.

Stay blessed Emprezz

Product Review: Creme Of Nature Detangling Shampoo

For my friends who want the written version, just scroll down; below the video!

Full name: Crème of Nature Sunflower and Coconut Detangling shampoo

Crazy Afro Day!!!

Hello everyone,
It's me again. Always posting about my!!!'amazing how I can always find something to say about my hair.
Anyway, over the weekend, I was looking for my thread to band my hair.I couldn't find it.Hmmnn!!! I seem not to find anything these days.

My Afro Technique

It's quite simple really. It's not very complicated as many people think.
People keep as asking me how I manage to comb my hair all the time.
And honestly, it gets frustrating sometimes.

New And Adorable Protective Style: Yarn Twist!!

During the week I got a video up on my youtube channel but I did some damage to the channel whilst trying to find my way round it so I had to recreate it. Sorry for the inconvenience; lesson learnt. Feel free to share, comment or subscribe!!

Preparing for that Special Day (Graduation Time!!)

I know we have all had times when we had a special occasion to attend, be it a wedding,graduation, a formal event and any other special occassion. We have our dresses, our shoes and other ornaments ready. But for some reason, we dont know what to do to our hair especially when its natural.

So for my graduation, I knew, I definately did not want to put on a weave or braid. I just wanted my hair and only that. But then, what to do, what to do? Twist out?, Twist?Braid outs?Flat iron?

So 3 weeks to the day, I started trying out styles since I had my cap and gown. I watched a couple of videos but I still wasn't satisfied.

How I Manage My Hair Products

After discovering the numerous hair care videos and  blogs, I took a step to ensure that regardless of my economic status, I’d do all I could to make the hair better than it was. However, upon purchasing my first leave in, I saw that it would be prudent to have a plan to cater for all my products needs whilst avoiding increasing my expenditure. I developed a time schedule for each product; when to buy a product, when to use it, how to use it and how long I would use it.

13 Weeks Post Relaxer: Keeping It Simple

As the journey continues. You'll find a previous update of all the stuff that went on within the week. Usually, I wash on Fridays but when I arrived home Yesterday, I was too tired to bother about this hair. The scalp itch twisted my hands into washing the hair.

Elegant Natural Hair Styles

Bored with the same style? Spice up your hair with these simple yet elegant styles by sdecordovaxxx.
You can share your version with me on facebook, twitter or instagram! The same username for all the sites-ghanaianemprezz

Stay blessed!

Marley Locs Failure Again

I've been so sad since Yesterday because of the difficulties I was having with this locs. This is not the first time I've attempted getting this style installed only to take it down for one main reason- pain.

12 Weeks Post Update And Ramblings!

It's been 12 weeks since my last touch up. How do I feel? Miserable and excited at the same time! I knew this transition business what not going to be an easy thing but when it feels like everything is working against you, it's hard to see the benefits.

Suma Cum Laude!!!

To God be the Glory, for great,wonderful and mighty things he has done!!!

2013 Hair Goals: My Current Regimen and Hair Products

Blessed be the Lord for seeing the first quarter of the year!
Today, I was prepping my hair for an instant deep conditioning treat when it occurred to me whether  I'd started fulfilling the goals I set for the year. I began to take stock of my current regimen products.
Pre-poo before every wash: So far, I've kept to this pre-shampoo treatment. I'm going to do all I can do stick to this.

Deep Conditioning My Natural Hair

I love the way conditoner makes my hair so easy to manage.It helps me detangle easily. It makes my hair soft and so on and on.

This weekend, I used two new products I purchased :Africa's Best Hair Mayonnaise (3 spoons) and Tea-Tree Cholestrol (1 and 1/2 spoons) and Amla Hail oil.

L4LPSC: 2nd Check In!!

Glory be to God!! I've stuck to this challenge to the teeth; incredibly amazing and this is the first time I've lasted this long in a challenge! Get the first update on Loving My Hair Update .It's been quite a smooth challenge, especially, as I'm able to keep my hair off my shoulders, which has become a habit. The big part of this challenge required me to learn how to style my hair in order to keep the ends tucked away.

Week 11 Update- New Wash Routine

Well, at least, a different approach.
For this week, I commenced the wash day with a pre-poo my oil mix as part of experimenting with the Crème of Nature detangling shampoo. What I did different with this pre-poo is that instead of just working the oil through the hair at once, I sectioned it into six and applied the oil to each section.  Covered for close to an hour and went under the shower to wet the hair, applied the shampoo to each section.