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How To Use Chebe Powder and Oil On Relaxed Hair

In case you have relaxed hair and wondering if you can use chebe powder the answer is a yes. All you need is to be able to plait your hair or twist up. You can also use cornrows. To prepare the chebe mixture, add a few tablespoon full to a creamy product. I usually recommend your moisturizer or butter for a good hold. Shampoo and condition your hair well and apply the chebe mixture. Plait up the hair and leave it for at least 7 days before reapplying the chebe mixture. When you are ready to wash out, which could be in a month or whenever you want, just shampoo the hair and condition as usual. You can use the mixture again for another couple of weeks. In case you need chebe powder or chebe oil, call or whatsapp 0541458372.

Neocell Super C Collagen in Ghana

If you've not tried collagen supplements, this is the best time to do so. Collagen helps in diverse ways but the key ones I've personally experienced are thicker hair and glowing skin! Within a few days of taking the collagen tablet, a lot of colleagues remarked that I was glowing so much! That was the first time I've had so many comments about my skin in a day! In addition to that, I notice my hair got thicker and darker. The pigmentation of the dark colour was the best I'd seen since my high school days. With these benefits, I always ensure I take at leat 2 tablets a day in addition to the Hairfinity vitamins. You'll get the neocell collagen as well as the Dr's Best Collagen Powder and Tablet at or call or whatsapp 0541458372 to order.

Jamaican Black Castor hair growth oil

The excitement over seeing the actual hair growth oil from Tropic Isle Living was simply unimaginable! I mean after several years, they've finally made one oil purposely for our hair to boost growth. I've seen a lot of growth from my own ESO scalp oil so I always expect other hair growth oils to be that potent. When I used the Ecoco Flaxseed and castor growth oil, I was a bit disappointed with that so I'm hoping this makes up for it. My first impression: it tingles a bit, smells slightly minty too. The smell doesn't linger so I'm certain those who hated the Jamaican Black Castor Oil will love this one. I guess the makers listened to the complaints of customers. Have you tried this new black castor hair growth oil? Should you want one, call or whatsapp 0541458372 to order or visit to order.

Beautifully bamboo Hair Growth Tea (2)

As part of detoxing my body, I've suspended all vitamins for a couple of weeks to allow the body revamp and rejuvenate itself. As my morning beverage, all I do is brew it and drink it - no milk nor sugar! I enjoy my slim tea that way too. As for my hair, I'll show a picture of it at the end of May. Have you tried the tea before?

Life Essentials 30 Days Beauty

I was contacted and given the life essentials 30 days beauty supplement to use and review and possibly stock up for those interested. Hence, there is a lot at stake here. The first impression I had was it looked like it was powder form but I was wrong. It's tablet! There's are 3 tablets in a pocket which makes it 10 packets of tablets for the 30 days. Of the 3, one is golden colour. It has to be taken 3 times daily so I took one in the morning after breakfast. I thought I would be nauseous or probably feel bitterness of the herbs but nothing of that nature. Now, I had a buzz cut 4 days ago therefore it is a good opportunity to see how fats the hair grows back with this supplement. I was a bit skeptical about taking it until a friend remarked that it helped with her monthly flow and that's when she takes it. If it is like that, then, it would be worth having in your stash. I should be done by 7th June to give you a full review so stay tuned. As for my semi bald hair