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Shea Mixtress- How I whipped my Shea Butter

So, this past Valentine, I got myself a  hand mixer to help whip my shea butter. Ingredients Shea Butter Borges Olive Oil Jamaican Castor Oil Mustard Oil Jasmine Oil Procedure. I just dumped all the ingredients in and whipped for 10-15 mins!!! Enjoy!!! And Please subscribe to my channel!!!!Thanks!!!

Product Review: Vitale Hair Growth Serum

Ok. Remember my post on this product? I bought it and put up a sort of initial review but never came back with a feedback. By request from (Stella of ), I'm going to give my thoughts about this product. Check the initial review- Growth Aids Vitale Olive Oil 4-in-1  for its ingredients and what it promises. Note: I used it till the last drop.