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What Would You Stand In Line For? (Hair Bloggers Edition)

I found this hair vlogger's tag on youtube and decided to do a blogger's edition. I'll be tagging other hair bloggers at the end!
What would I stand in line for?
Organic Root Stimular Replenishing conditioner: This stuff is one of my all time favourite deep conditioners. It has a good balance of protein and moisture. Plus, the slip is awesome, especially, when am deep into a stretch.

Planning For A Long Stretch

Why am I stretching? I've been doing 12 weeks but this year, I haven't relaxed and I intend to experience the joys and trials of stretching beyond my comfort zone.  Am currently 10 weeks post; 2 months plus 2 weeks.

Wash Day With A Twist

I'm two days shy of 10 weeks post relaxer ( I know I keep giving updates two days short!) How did this week's wash go? Very smoothly!
With all that is going on with my hectic schedule, I had decided to move my wash day to next week when I felt more comfortable to spend time on my hair but I changed my mind this morning. I came up with a different formula because I realised I needed more moisture and protein in the hair whilst reducing time and energy spent.
Skipped pre-poo because the Creme of Nature detangling shampoo does not leave my scalp and hair dry ie squeaky clean. I'll post a review on it soon.

I Henna-ed my Hair!!!

I tried to dye my hair over the weekend.

I don't want to go into detail about henna. However, more information about henna can be found here : and

You can get Henna or leele in Ghana, usually from muslim dominated markets like Madina or Nima.Just ask for lele(what they use for their tattoos).The women who usually sell lele sell other herbs and spices as well.

I, on the other hand, bought a bag of Henna during my trip to the North of Ghana , a month ago.
I decided to give it a try last week. I watch a couple of videos. It seemed a bit technical,but I gave it a try anyway.

Shea Mixtress- How I whipped my Shea Butter

So, this past Valentine, I got myself a  hand mixer to help whip my shea butter.

Shea Butter
Borges Olive Oil
Jamaican Castor Oil
Mustard Oil
Jasmine Oil

I just dumped all the ingredients in and whipped for 10-15 mins!!!

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Ecostyler gel- 1st Attempt

I know,I know!!!This product is not available in Ghana(at least not yet - But I can assure you its coming very soon).
Check out the take down video!!!

I did a twist out with it and totally amazing results, even though it wasnt thoroughly dry.
 Products-Ecostyler Gel,Jamaican Castor Oil and Hawain Silky 14-in-1.

Product Review: Vitale Hair Growth Serum

Ok. Remember my post on this product? I bought it and put up a sort of initial review but never came back with a feedback. By request from (Stella of, I'm going to give my thoughts about this product. Check the initial review- Growth Aids Vitale Olive Oil 4-in-1 for its ingredients and what it promises.
Note: I used it till the last drop.

New Protective Style - Crotchet braids

Happy Val's Day!!!

I woke up and felt like wearing a straight hair via flat iron. To do that, I used ORS replenishing conditioner to ensure that I strengthened the hair for the heat. I mixed that with Sheabeutimia moisturizing conditioner, covered with cap and went about my business. I washed it out during my bath and decided to air dry it. That was around 8:00am. Around 9:30am, I decided to apply heat protectant and blow dry on cool setting before straightening. Right after plugging in the blow dryer, the lights were off (courtesy of Electricity Company of Ghana a.k.a ECG)!! Here I was with partly dried hair, sitting in front of my mirror with a miserable face. However, I've conditioned myself not fret over situations so I went over to my neighbour stylist and asked her for ideas.

Valentine's Day Hair Styles Inspirations

Check out these wonderful hair styles you can rock for Valentine's day. I know I'll be wearing one of these even if it means letting my hair stylist do it for me! 1. You can wear a Halo Braid from FashionIsARemix. This style can be done on either relaxed or natural hair!

Wash Day @ 8 Weeks Post

just two days shy of 8 weeks!lol

Prepooed with sheabeutimia hair growth serum and Tropic Isle Living Jamaican black castor oil from Friday (8/02/2013) to Saturday morning (09/02/2013)

Braid Bun Tutorial (Wedding Hairstyle)

I can't wait to try this gorgeous and exquisite style by melizabethmac. Enjoy it!


Roll n Tuck - The Tutorial

Hi, Ladies (possibly gents) If you are with us on instagram or facebook, then, you are not new to this style that I wear so often. I'm not good at videos so am attempting a pictorial representation of the roll n tuck styles I've been rocking since last week to protect my ends and look fly too!! First, part the hair into two- side ways. Then, make another part from the top to down side (2nd pix and 3rd pix on the first row.

HAIR TYPES- My 4Z hair!!!

A while ago,one of my friends who is newly natural asked me what my hairtype was. I didn't have an answer then. Mainly because for me, my hair is as kinky as hair can be and so I wasn't really bothered about hair types.
But I decided to do some research about it and I realised that there were some discrepanies with the hair typing system.

Loving My Hair - An Update

It's update time! Yippy!!!!

I can't believe that I've actually stuck to a challenge (L4LPSC) this long! I'm not usually patient enough to handle the "disappointment" of not wearing my hair down to show it off. However, am truly in love with this challenge; I don't have to worry about my hair when at work and with all the harmattan "breeze" alongside its dust.

So far, these are some of the styles I've tried. The pictures at the top are styles with my own hair and the bottom has those with extensions and scarf.

I continue with my once a week co-wash/instant deep conditioner and weekend deep conditioning. Additionally, I make use of green house effect and moisturize and seal twice a day; morning and evening. I don't have plans of braids or any complicated style for that matter so I'll be rolling n tucking or bunning -and find more cute styles

See ya later