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Stretching: The Natural and Relaxed Version

--> "Stretch" is such a complex word both within the natural and relaxed hair worlds. Why? Well, let's examine  the connotative meaning then we'll look at the denotative meaning.

Connotatively, in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, there are more than eight meanings which include the following:
to amplify or enlarge beyond natural or proper limits to pull taut to expand (as by improvisation) to fulfill a larger function Now, with the denotative meaning, let's take a look at what it means with respect to natural hair.

Boho Braided Headband On Natural Hair

Learn how to do a Boho Braided Headband on natural hair. Check out iknowlee

Three Strand Twists

Learn how to do a 3 strand twist with Channyboo9023

LYE or No LYE Relaxers?

Lye relaxers do not straighten the hair as completely as no lye relaxers. Disulfide bond breakage is reduced because the chemical's aggressiveness tends to put time constraints on the straightening process. However, while the bonds responsible for the curl/coil of the hair are left intact, other critical hair bonds are destroyed on the external layers of the hair.

No lye relaxer formulas are best for self-relaxers or "do-it-yourselfers," people who have fine hair, children, and those with sensitive scalp conditions. They are also better for those who prefer a straighter relaxed hair turnout.

Chinese Bang On Natural/Relaxed Hair


Growth Aids: Vitale Olive Oil 4-in-1 Growth Serum

--> I went to a cosmetics shop to purchase some flexirods for my friend. As I skimmed and scanned through the hair oil section, I found Vitale Olive Oil 4-in-1 Growth Serum. The price is 8Gh.

What The Product Promises:
Olive Oil 4 in 1 Growth Serum designed with botanicals like Olive Oil, Black Seed Oil, Arnica Montana and Capsicum Annuum along with other ingredients to prevent hair breakage, revitalizes the hair & scalp, promote & stimulate the hair growth. It is excellent for weaved, braided, relaxed and permed hair.
Arnica montana 
According to, Arnica montana  is the only type of arnica with medicinal properties and is the type used in many herbal remedies including many hair care products.The use of arnica extract in hair conditioners and oils is used to rejuvenate the scalp and also to stimulate hair follicles, which in turn will strengthen the hair and keep it from falling out prematurely. Arnica extract may also help to prevent premature graying of the hai…

Mohawk (or Frohawk)

--> A mohawk or frohawk can certainly be regarded as every natural girl's version of a funky hair style. This hairstyle has become part and parcel of natural hairstyles and the beauty of it is that it doesn't require much effort to create either on short or long hair.  Learn how to create your own mohawk or frohawk hairstyle courtesy of jerseystylezz.

Growth Potions: Sulphur +Oil

Sulfur is a naturally occurring element found in nature and the human body. Many rave about the effects that the use of the substance can have on hair. Many have testified of its ability to reduce the shedding of and to increase the growth rate of hair. It can be consumed orally, in pill form, as MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane. Alternatively, it can be applied topically to the scalp in an oil mixture using sublimed sulfur powder. Despite the benefits, caution should be taken when using it. Do your research and consult your doctor to determine just how much you should take daily if you op to use the pill form. Most importantly, be sure that you are not allergic.

Don't Throw Away The Beer

Since I don't take beer (and most ladies don't), we can  put it to a better use.

Seven Things (TAG)

I got this  from Ally at myhealthyhairjourney in a 7 things about me tag. The rule is simply list seven things about myself.   I completed my senior secondary school education at the age of 17. The average age is 18!I love watching "House of Payne" by Tyler Perry. Curtis Payne keeps my day fresh.I prefer a dog to a cat. I can't stand the hairs that come off cats.I can't swim but I love going to the beach. The feel of the sea water on my feet is just amazing!I spent more than half of my life in Tamale (the Northern Region). I'm from the Central Region. I miss the place so much!!!!!I love to surf the net. I started checking my mails when most people were learning the parts of a computer. I visit my facebook page mainly to send goodwill messages to birthday celebrants. But I do chat with friends occasionally.Emprezz

My Relaxed Hair Regimen

Step 1-Moisturizer
Hawaiian Silky Moisturizer
Step 2-Seal
Coconut Oil mixed with Castor Oil

Wash Days
Friday or Saturday (depending on my schedule)

Shampoo Wash
 Once a week
Step 1- Prepoo
Olive Oil infused with garlic

 Step 2-Deep Conditioner
Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise. Cover with 3 poly bags and plastic cap for an hour.

Step 3-Shampoo
 Mane N Tail Moisturizing shampoo
Step 4- Conditioner
Organics conditioner

"Nicki Minaj" Inspired Signature Style

A classy hair style for all occasion! Enjoy and be sure to share videos/pictures of your version!
By MsJazzy2Classy

How To Wash Braids

Do you still believe that it's impossible to wash braid? Let me shed some light on this for you.
Whether in braids or not, you can wash your hair and clean your scalp. In fact, washing your hair whilst in braids prevent fungal infections, clogged pores, dirt accumulation as well as prevent smelly braids.

The process of washing the braids differ from washing loose hair but you still end up with fresh,with clean scalp. You may  use either diluted shampoo or conditioner to  wash the hair. If you  don't wish to use these, you can reach for the dark and lovely scalp wash which equally cleans the scalp without needing water. Here is a tutorial on how to wash your braids.

This is a simple method for washing braids. Watch silentchic.

Herb : Neem

Now, the Neem tree is so common  in Gh. I know some of its medicinal uses include fighting malaria and typhoid.

10 TIPS on Growing Long Healthy Natural Hair

If you are reading this post, it means you want to grow your hair long and healthy. Your healthy hair journey will be much easier when you avoid setbacks. One way to do this is to get tips from others who have successfully achieved your goals too. 
When growing long natural hair, you will definitely need guidance and directions with regard to hair products, hair techniques, hair styles as well as regimens. 
One of my favourite youtube vloggers, Naptural85 gives some tips for growing out healthy long natural hair. 

Hair How to: "NINJA BUN"

Ninja Bun is a very creative and chic hair style you can wear on relaxed hair as well as natural hair. The best protective styles involve tugging the ends away from the shoulders as well as from rubbing on your shirt. Ninja bun is a type of bun that helps to give the ends from drying out and also afford you a style you can wear to work, church, parties among others. All you need is your weave to create a ninja bun. 
MissLBailey has a very simple but elegant bun that I love! Check her out!