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Nuage Skin Facial Scrub Review

The Nuage Skin Facial Scrub hasn't disappointed me at all. I bought it some weeks ago when I revamped my facial care and have been consistently using it in my routine.
I talk about how I use it, its effectiveness and where to purchase one.

Nuage Skin Facial Scrub Review: [YouTube=]

EASIEST TWA Afro Puff (4B/C Natural Hair)

The Afro puff is a go-to hair style for naturals with medium to long hair and here's how to the the easiest twa afro puff(4b/4c natural hair).   i
Even though my hair is very short, at least, I'm able to put it in a puff. I don't wear it frequently in order not to put pressure on my edges.
The fun part is that it takes less than 2 minutes to create and requires only a scarf and a bobby pin!


Why Does Your Hair Look Like That?

This information about the structure of the hair is aimed at all my new ladies embarking on a hair journey. Know your enemy before you go to the battle filed so digest as much as you can so you can maxim growth and retention.
The Cuticle
The Cuticle is like the skin of your hair.The Cuticle itself is colourless.Melanin is more concentrated closer to the Cuticle of the strand.Cuticles opens and closes depending on the environment around your hair.They can contribute to dry, brittle dull hair or soft shiny moisturised hair, together with other external and internal factors.

Read more

My Regimen For My Growing TWA

I certainly had to switch up and tweak regimen to cater for those changes that are coming up as a result of the twa moving into the awkward stage.
1. Prepoo/Detangle: This is the most tedious stage of my wash day. As at now, I finger detangle. As the hair gets longer, I plan to incorporate a comb just to see how it will work. For now, oil plus a conditioner are key to a successful detangling section. Also, my ends are the driest and because of that, I'm very careful with using a comb to detangle. Finger detangling helps me to gently separate the strands which is reducing the breakage at the already fragile ends. I've seen a lot ladies with my texture type finger detangle so why not start early and enjoy the benefits early?

Shampoo: I'm still using sulfate free shampoos though I will be switching to a natural one like alata samina aka African black soap. This hair of mine can get very dry so I need to retain moisture at all stages of the wash day. However, the water here is v…

I Straightened My TWA 4b/4c Natural Hair

yes, I decided to straighten my TWA 4b/4c natural hair on Tuesday night.  I had the hair in twists for 2 days so I didn't blow dry before straightening.

Let's start from the actual beginning. I was contemplating on how I was going to either braid or weave or something like that because I was getting tired of retwisting every night. When somehow I saw my edges in a picture, I was totally disappointed that I'd been wasting my efforts. I nurture the ends and destroy them all over again! This cycle has to stop but with this short hair, how was I going to handle the daily twisting? Plus, it was getting frustrating trying to stretch it only for it to revert by evening time. As I laid watching 10pm movie, I got the urge to just forget about dealing with the  short hair and find an easy way out. The stress was getting to me; so I decided to relax the hair with a flat iron! There's no way I'm going back to using chemicals to straighten my hair but as I said in a previous pos

DIY Honey+ Coconut Oil Foot Scrub

You can't take care of your face and body and ignore your feet so why not try a diy honey+coconut oil foot scrub? Why? When harmattan hits, the first point of blisters and cracks are the feet. If in the course of the year you've been pampering and nurturing this part of the body, then, harmattan will have less impact on it. For this reason, I've been diligently using a home made foot scrub I created using some of my hair products!
All you need is honey, sugar, coconut oil and essential oil. The essential oil acts acts a preservative.
See how I created the foot scrub from scratch.

Taking Stock(By Patricia)

I was so excited about reader Patricia's Taking Stock that I had to share with you ladies. Enjoy it!

Making: time to focus more on my parents

Eating: my Pawpaw & carrots

Drinking: 3 liters of water a day

Reading: blogs that motivate me about hair & skin

Looking: forward to getting my new kenta cloth with amazing design I have been eyeing

Playing: Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood!

Wasting: not wasting anything including food

Wishing: For Favour for my Husband and kids, including the unborn

Enjoying: pampering my hair

Waiting: for the Grace to touch someone life with a great big surprise

Liking: myself and family

Wondering: if I’ll be grazing APL by December

Loving: how am enjoying my makeup practices

Hoping: to succeed in my upcoming exams

Marveling: At how God favours me and my family each single day

Needing: Aphogee 2 minute protein treatment

Smelling: my Colour-me spray

Wearing: straight dress

Noticing: that my friends despise me because of my new car, which is not actually a neces…

5 Local Oils For Natural Hair

If you are on the mission to use local products on your natural hair, then, take a look at these oils for natural hair .
1. Palm kernel oil: I was excited when I learnt about the wonders this oil can do for our strands. But as Ghanaians as we are, we disregard it😩😩😩. I know and understand how the smell can be a put off yet why not find a way to solve that? Well, I have chanced upon a vendor who has done that. Check out Wenaturals on Facebook and grab a bottle of palm kernel oil for your prepoo, hot oil treatment, sealing and also scalp oiling.
2. Palm Oil: OK, so, I haven't yet done my palm oil treatment as I had planned and that's because I've been tucking my hair away too much! That's even the reason why my products stay for 2-3 years in my stash; terrible, I know. This oil is so easy to find in our markets, something our sisters abroad will envy us for but we don't value it. Don't worry, I'll be running 4 days of palm oil wash challenge very soon so we …

Afrotastic Event Recap

Exactly a week ago, I had the chance to attend Afrotastic event. This aims at educating Naturals in Ghana about natural hair care. I had planned to be there right at the beginning but it seems fate has different plans for me. I ended up missing half of the event smh. It was still fun watching the segments and I won a twist & loc gel!

I got some samples from keracare and Cantu sheabutter.

My face at the end of day ( in a trotro)

I got to meet some readers too!

Scarf Style On Short Natural Hair

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="304"] With scarf[/caption]

I washed My Hair Using Bucket Method

And I thought I could go for another 2 more weeks before washing Lol.
Hi empresses, this funny lady here thought she was being smart by hoping to stretch her wash days. Alas! Her hair had other plans.
Since my eye infection was clearing up, I decided to wash the hair. However,
1. I wasn't prepared to hop in and out of the bathroom to shampoo, DC and rinse.
2. I wanted no lather on my face nor in my already fragile eyes
So, I decided to do a bucket wash.

I created a mix of these three products in the picture. The afroriri detangling conditioner, cantu sheabutter for natural hair detangling coil cream and jbco for my pre shampoo treatment as well as detangling mix. I topped up with about a tablespoon full of honey.
2] I allowed the conditioner mix to work for about 2 hours
3] Placed a bucket under the bathroom tap, tilted my face downwards into the bucket and allowed the flow of water to hit the head. This wash meant that I wasn't going to be wet from water splashing on the floor too.

5 Hair Tools For Your Hair This Rainy Season

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="396"] Protecting my hair with a scarf[/caption]

Hiiiii empresses,
The rains are getting intense , our hair is getting more moisture Lol. When you think you have a fly twist out going on and puff, the humidity gets the green card to play with your twist, the next best thing is to finger out how to prevent knots and tangles.  Here are 5 tools to help you handle your hair during this raining season.
1. Fingers: your fingers are your best detangling tools this season. With so much moisture getting into the hair, there's the tendency of your hair getting tangled and knotted or matted if you get soaked on the rain. Wet natural hair is very fragile thus it's prudent to have a finger detangling technique for such incidents
2. Protein treatment: I can't emphasize the use of protein this rainy season will prevent moisture overload which can also be equally harmful as protein overload. A mild protein product can keep t…

Hide Your Hair Challenge; Twisted TWA

Hi empresses,
It's another month and another time to achieve another hair goal!
You already know July is for hiding our hair [ Click here if you missed that post]. Since I can't commit to long term protective styles, wigs are going to be my best friends.
What I've done so far is to twist up the hair and cover with a scarf if I'm at home. When going out, I grab my wig and move along.
The twist regimen will help in several ways.
1. Make moisturizing and sealing very easy as I have access to already sectioned hair in the form of the twists.
2. Oil my scalp with ease using jbco as part of the jbco challenge hosted by hairequest
3. Allow weekly or bi weekly wash. I'll attempt washing my hair in the twists and see how it goes. If it doesn't go down well, I'll wash the hair loose.
4. Less tension on my edges which have been recovering from the harm I've caused it with all the extensions.
5. Save me money as I won't spend on any expensive style. I'll however be …

Defining 4C Natural Hair Curls

Hi empresses,
Did you know there are ways to define curls? I bet you do yet when it comes to the 4B and 4C naturalistas, it becomes a touch and go affair.
I was prepping my hair for a co wash and unintentionally ended up doing what turns out to be a form of tightly curl girl method( more on that later)
Apparently, there are 3 ways to define ones curls; the  curly girl method, tightly curly girl method and Maximum Hydration Method..I'll give you full explanations later
Have you tried any of these methods?
Anyway, back to the co wash.
After my wash day twist out, I, decided to co wash to remove the gel I had used for a hold during the second twist out.
I worked in a great deal of Afroriri detangling conditioner, followed up with oil and added the last bit of my Dove heat defense conditioner[ review is coming up shortly].

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="509"] 4B/4C short natural hair with conditioner[/caption]

Detangling wasn't just a breeze, my hai…

Freeman Peel Off Mask (Cucumber) Review"

About 2 years ago, I purchased the freeman facial peel off masque when I saw another youtube vlogger rave about it.
What is a peel-off masque? This facial mask has a plasticizing agent that forms a thin film over the face, when dried. This is peeled to remove dead skin, blackheads, and exfoliate (source:

When you decide to care for your face, you'll need to use a mask at least montly to help clear the pores. By removing dead skin, your skin gets the chance to regenerate healthy skin and also reduce or even remove blackheads.

I use the freeman peel off mask monthly in my skin care regimen and it's been very good.
I wasn't diligent with the freeman peel off mask until I revamped my facial routine and since then, I've come to value this mask. In the review, I talk about how I use it, how it works and if I've seen improvement in my facial skin.


Oils For Your Hot Oil Treatment

Every natural hair or relaxed hair lady has some oils stashed somewhere for moisturizing and sealing but do you know about using oils for  hot oil treatment ? I have a short post on how to do hot oil treatments (see here).  The next thing to tackle is what oil you can use for your treatment.
Coconut Oil

This is by far, the most popular oil in the hair care industry and it's for a good reason too. The coconut oil has been proven to have the ability to penetrate the strands far which makes it one of the most effective oils for hot oil treatments. It's able to prevent the hair from absorbing too much water which can cause hygral fatigue so go ahead and use your coconut oil

Palm Kernel oil

Although the smell of this oil can be a put off, it's benefits for the hair should motivate you to use it for your treatments. The good thing about the oil too is that it's readily available in the markets.

The other oils that you can use are:
Castor oil 
which does not only grow hair but it…

Healing The Body; Water Therapy

It sucks when you fall of your own bandwagon. What am I talking about? It's the water therapy.
I've been preaching about drinking at least 2 litres or more of water to keep hydrated yet for about 3 months now, I haven't even been able to go beyond a litre a day! I know some will think I'm being vain as you struggle with even a 500ml sachet. However, I've usually been taking 2-3 litres a day so that explains my sorrow Lol.
Anyway, since I've realized what is going on, I've decided to get back on track. Now, I need to identity why I fell off in the first place. Simple answer; I stopped putting in a conscious effort! Been able to take 3 litres of water a day requires a deliberate action on your part. You have to be fully alert when it comes to when to drink the water and how much.
My recent wake up call was in the form of this eye infection. Drinking water flushes out toxins from our bodies and since I was using eye drops, I should have realized that it is a form…

How I Clean My Scalp When in Braids or Twists

If you are a fan of doing hair styles  extensions ie braids, weaves, cornrows,twists among others, then, you've got to find a way to keep your scalp clean in those styles.

I have never been a fan of braid sprays as most of them tingle, something I don't want. As a result of that, I found the easy route was to just allow the hair to be. However, when dark and lovely released their range do braid care line, I wasn't still enthused about getting a product for my hair when wearing extensions. Thanks to curiosity, I grabbed the dark and lovely scalp wash and the hair refresher to try. I must say that these made cleaning my scalp and keeping it fresh very easy.

Here's a demo of how I clean my scalp when in braids or twists . The same routine applies to when wearing weaves.

See my review of the products here and here.

3 Problems of Naturals in Ghana

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="396"] Twist out on short natural hair[/caption]

Yes, the availability of hair products now hasn't totally made our hair journey easier. It has its own stress which together with together with other problems, make our journey difficult.
1. Internet services: when surfline sent my hubby a notification that our credit was finished, it just left my in a limbo. How could that happen when I hadn't viewed youtube videos??? With our mobile networks, internet bundles are so costly that it's virtually impossible to watch more than 3 videos even in a month! How would naturals access youtube videos and also even support channels like mine?☺ This is very frustrating! Any network willing to solve this?
2. Cost of item delivery; it's very annoying when I have to send items to customers and I'm charged more than the price of the product. How is that going to help the customer? Paying for something and having to p…

3 Easy Ways To Get Free Hair Products

Who doesn't like free stuff? Certainly, all of us love freebies. When you set your eyes on a product and you start budgeting for it, the waiting time can kill πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. So, how can you get free hair products?
Give Aways
Your favorite bloggers have give away contests that affords you the chance to win products. Just follow give away rules( like mine) and you are on the way to winning products!
The good old ways of getting freebies just got better even for our Ghanaian hair products. Our sisters are creating a variety of hair and skin care lines that will certainly get you daydreaming about them. All you need to do is follow them and support them.
Also, sellers do give aways so don't miss them too. You get to do a few things like share a post but hey, it's worth it! Some of the products you win are simply too expensive to miss.
You don't need to tweak and make sure every single product works for you by hook or crook. Why not swap or exchange it f…

Taking Stock #2

We've ended another quarter, praise be to God! I'm taking stock so let's dive into it.

Making : time to put down more thoughts as well as share more pictures here.

Cooking/ Eating Taking :hair vitamins

Drinking : less water; I need to get my 2 litres bottle again

Reading: Motivation posts

Looking: forward to some new additions to my wardrobe

Playing: Aye by Davido. I love the beat of this track as well as how Davido dances!

Wasting /Not Wasting: money, I've cleared almost all debtsπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Wishing: for God's miracle for my family

Enjoying: nurturing my body!

Waiting: for more opportunities to promote my blog and youtube channel

Liking: my phone; makes my day-to-day activities less stressful

Wondering: if I'll get to have my trim and fit belly by the end of July. I have to be in beast mode.

Loving: how I'm getting better with make up

Hoping: to reach 1000 youtube subscribers by the end of the year.

Marvelling: At God's miracle in my sister's life. Her baby was born…

Mane Choice (manetabolism vitamins) One Week Update

It's been almost a week since I started mane choice (manetabolism) vitamins. The picture below was taken on day 6. I won't comment about growth yet. I just want you have a view of what I have and compare it to day 14 update when the time comes. Thus, you will be the judge!

Castor Oil Challenge Starting Pictures

If I doubted the efficacy of Jamaican black castor oil, my edges are more than a prove that jbco indeed works. When I tried a different growth oil on my edges for a month, I didn't see any progress so I'm beyond convinced that consistent use of jbco yields results.

Because of this, I've decided to join another hair challenge by hairequest. I don't have any jbco challenge planned for this year so this is a good opportunity to get it done. I joined the hairequest Ultimate challenge.
-  Apply castor Oil to your scalp atleast three times a week

·       -  Use castor oil to seal after moisturizing your hair

·       -  Add a few drops to a tablespoon of castor oil to your deep conditioner

·         -Use castor oil in your prepoo mix or on its own as a hot oil treatment. Read more about prepooing here.

Some people may be concerned about moisturizing hair while in protective styles such as braids and weaves. Simply make a spritz of your own which can consist of water,…

How To Do Hot Oil Treatment

As part of our group challenge, we'll be doing hot oil treatments during this month.
What is hot oil treatment? You simply heat up your oil a bit, apply to your strands, cover up with caps and either rinse the oil out or leave it in.
The difference between this and prepoo is that the prepoo is meant to be done before shampoo and is not necessarily with oil.
There will be about 4 hot oil treatments for July which will be part of either my wash day routine or co wash routine. I only have one day in the week to wear my hair out too so that will be when I can do the hot oil treatment.
I have an already prepared hot oil treatment you'll get to know very soon! For now, let's call it "X factor" Lol.
Don't forget to enter my Instagram give

Or youtube give away

How do you do your hot oil treatment?

Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamins UPDATE!

Hiiii empresses,
It's been almost 2 months already since I started taking the nature's bounty Hair skin and nails
With all the crazy postpartum shedding that was going on coupled with the desire to gain length for more hair styles, I decided to give this hair vitamins a try.
The 250 soft gels seem to be much but with 3 capsules daily, this is just for 4 months.
Well, the time has come to let you in on how it is going. How I did in the first month, whether taking one capsule worked, why I switched to the recommended dose and if that is working.


Instagram Give Away!

Here's a way to say thank you for all your support. Since not all of you are able to enter the youtube give away, here's something for you too.
I'm @emprezzabena on Instagram or follow this link for details.
All the best!

My Hair Products Wish List #3

If you are not following me on Instagram, please do so you don't miss my daily updates.
As I'm using up hair products, I'm focusing on the specific products I want. I don't like haphazard purchases nor Impulse buying. At least, to minimize impulse buying, I always have the wish list as a guide.
Can you make out the link between these products?
I,mainly, want deep conditioners as they are products I use constantly yet are difficult to locate if you are looking for protein free ones. As I look at the sheamoisture, Creme of Nature and ORS masques, I simply can't wait to find new moisturizing deep conditioner. My keracare humecto is getting more and more expensive so I need alternatives which are less expensive too. However, I have a feeling I might end up not getting what I want considering the sizes of these deep conditioners.
Wenaturals have come out with a few products that have caught my attention. My eyes are on the palm kernel oil, hemp oil line and clay treatments.

Wash Day; No Comb Method!

I did wash my hair and decided to try the no comb method throughout the process. Here's what happened.
1] Applied jbco mix to the hair before finger detangling. I had to work in sections because my hair easily gets knotted.
2] Applied sheamoisture coconut and hibiscus shampoo to help with the detangling; I didn't add any water to the hair. If I add water before detangling, then, I'm in for a long section. However, using a product with slip minus water works well. That's why I used the shampoo and oil. I shampooed twice to get rid of build up. I'd clarified during the month so there was no need to do it again.
3] Deep conditioned with Aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor ( see how I use it here) and my review here
4] I left the deep conditioner on for about 3 minutes, rinsed and didn't follow up with any moisturizing deep conditioner for two reasons. First, I was feeling too lazy to do 15 minutes of keracare humecto as it meant coming back to the bathroom to wash it out.…