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4 methods of Trimming Hair

There's a term in haircare most people try to avoid at all costs: Trimming. Believe it or not, trimming does more good than we think, especially when you hit a growth plateau (a stage where your hair does not seem to grow anymore). What is Trimming ? Trimming is the cutting off of your ends, in a bid to rid one's hair of split ends and single strand knots. Some ladies trim yearly; some twice in a year and others every time they style their hair. Depending on your goals,your duration will be different. In trimming however there are four methods.  ▪ The Straight Hair Trim   Some natural haired ladies prefer trimming after they've flat ironed- this isn't compulsory, it depends on one's preference. An advantage however, is that the shrinkage element has been eliminated prior to trimming, so you probably will not cut more than you planned to.  ▪ Search and Destroy This method is one that conserves hair the most, even though it's been known to consume a lot of time.

Foam Wrap Lotion vrs Setting Lotion

We are all familiar with hair dressers mixing their setting lotion with water before use as directed. However, I find setting lotions to be too drying for my hair and haven ventured into the world of wrap lotions, I'm certainly looking forward great roller sets. I know some ladies also prefer setting lotions; we have different hair needs, textures and we live in different environments. If you have difficulty with any of these products, try water only roller sets too and see how it works. I used to do water sets until I discovered how well wraps work on my hair.

3 Ways To Neutralize Relaxed Hair

When you relax your hair,  the relaxer changes the pH of your hair. To restore the pH, you need to Neutralize the hair. There are 3 products that can help you. Neutralizing shampoo: Some salons  have neutralizing shampoos but to be safe,  carry your own bottle to the salon. The one I use is the ors creamy aloe shampoo. Apple Cider Vinegar: Dilute apple cider vinegar in water and apply to the hair after rinsing out the relaxer. The vinegar will restore the pH of the hair. [caption width="278" align="aligncentre"] Roux Porosity Control Conditioner [/caption] Roux porosity control: This line helps a lot and I loved it when I used it.  All the products claim to restore pH balance so give it a try. There are other porosity control products you can add to your stash.


Every once in a while, we all love to switch up the look of our hair. We see the wildest colours all over Instagram and Facebook and we wish we could try at least one of them. But then we think of the reviews we’ve heard or read about dyes, and how they dry out your hair, causing tons of breakage. This discourages many.  One thing we don’t realise is that, those who experience breakage most probably tend to have very little knowledge on the use and implications of dyeing. Dyeing your hair means your hair’s structure has been altered in one way or the other and as such, it will not be able to hold as much moisture as it did before. As a result, you have to provide your head of hair with extra moisture treatments to make up for what it loses. So in conclusion, dyeing simply means EXTRA MOISTURE . If you’re like myself and would like to switch up your colour about 3 times in one week lol, then dyeing permanently is probably not the answer for you. It’s with this thought that I’ve decided

Natural Hair Inspiration: lizlizlive

Liz is a Ghanaian living in the UK and making it big time in the YouTube world with  her beauty and fashion tutorials. She also wears her hair natural. Which one is your favorite look?

Product Review: Eya Naturals

Hi loves! I trust we are having a great week. This week I decided to make a review of some products from Eya Naturals in response to a special request by a cherished reader. 😘 These are specifically Eya Naturals detangling conditioner, black soap shampoo, leave - in conditioner and Aloe vera hair mist. Disclaimer I bought these products with my own money. I wasn't paid to make this review neither do I intend to make any monetary compensation by doing so. The opinions about these products were objectively made devoid of any bias. The purpose of this review is to share my experience but does not however serve as a guarantee that they may or may not work for you. Eya Naturals Black Soap Shampoo Description : This product is formulated with the time honoured african black soap and coconut oil to hydrate and condition the hair while you shampoo, to help reduce breakage, and promote growth. African black soap is known to thoroughly cleanse the hair and skin. Coconut oil is known to hydr

3 Deep Conditioning Mistakes To Avoid

After deep conditioning according to the directions on products, my hair has certainly gained it's softness back. It stays moisturized for longer periods too. In all this, I've learnt 3 mistakes that can occur with your deep conditioning process. 1. Not using the product as directed: That was my first mistake with deep conditioners. Most dcs take about 30 minuted to an hour to work if you use body hat but 15 minuted under a hooded dryer or steamer. I hardly went beyond 5 minutes with the deep conditioners and that was my downfall. Now that I can't cut my hair again,  I have to be diligent in keep the hair healthy. 2. Not using the right deep conditioner: Using a regular conditioner and leaving it on for even 20 hours doesn't make it deep conditioning. I've personally been against using eggs because it's unable to penetrate the hair. To benefit from deep conditioning,  you need to get a deep conditioner aka steaming cream. 3. Not deep conditioning often: The ladi

Treating Hair Loss At The Edges With Supplements

The new thing I've discovered about treating hair loss at the edges is that aside using topical products, the problem can be dealt with internally too. I know we take hair vitamins for general  but I wasn't aware the growth  could also be specific. That is more targeted at a part of the head which in  this case is the hair line. A YouTuber recently shared her battle with receding hair line and explained how she was only able to control it with supplements. The key ingredients in the supplement were biotin, zinc and amino acids. In regular multivitamins, I look out for zinc so I was happy she mentioned it as a key ingredient. So, if you are struggling with your edges, you may have to combat it with internal strategies and not external alone.

5 Hair Dye Tips To Consider

Follow the INSTRUCTIONS : I used the dark and lovely permanent black hair dye and didn't have any problem with dryness. The instructional manual is added to the product not for decorative purposes; it's to protect your own hair. Be patient when applying: each dye has its own application method. My semi permanent dye required heat to work, the dark and lovely one doesn't. Skipping a process may end up damaging your strands. Deep condition very often to ensure your hair stays moisturized as some dyes can be very drying to the hair. Blonde, red and others can suck the moisture out of your hair; using moisturizing deep conditioner is the key to keeping your strands from breaking off. Read previous reviews about the dyes. There are a lot of articles on people's experience with different hair dyes. You also get to choose based on the purpose of your color change. I used semi permanent for a while   and also tried a permanent dy e 5.  Check your hair's pH before and after

Beauty Benefits of Dates

If you haven't tried dates, then you are missing a lot!They are so sweet and yummy. Its sweetness can't be compared to ice-creamand candies..When you think of a soft drink ,think dates. When you think of a gum,think dates. They are delicious to eat and high in natural sugars.The date fruit pulp contains some wonderful phytochemicals (plant nutrients) like polyphenols, carotenoids, anthocyanins, and flavonoids, plus minerals such as selenium and manganese – each of these play an important role in slowing down the aging process (including greying and hair loss). Dates are also a good source of iron, deficiency of which can cause hair loss and hair thinning Dietary fiber in dates binds to the bad cholesterol in the digestive tract and removes them from the body. Date fibers also help to move food slowly and smoothly through digestive tract – this helps to keep blood sugar levels steady, so you’re less likely to feel hungry and over eat. This is great for someone like me who has st

How To Grow Beard

In as much as women are attached to their hair on the head, some mwn are equally attached to the hair that grows on their chin aka beard. Lately, a lot of my male customers have been requesting for products to hold them grow their brand long. It may sound funny but a neat and we'll groomed beard is most definitely a plus to a gentleman. So, how can you grow your beard? I guess I'll attempt this from the same point as growing your hair on the head. Wash and condition the hair. By washing, I realized that when guys take a shower, they rinse their face but neglect the beard. Make efforts to at least apply some shampoo and conditioner to the beard once a week. This will strengthen the beard and prevent breakage. Bathing soaps can dry out the hair unless it's Alata samina aka African black soap. Also,  be sure to whip food from the beard. I've seen some foods stuck in beards and they aren't  cute. Dried food in your beard?  Oil your beard whilst it's still damp.

Braids Shouldn't Hurt!

I follow a certain page on Facebook which posted this picture. I was amazed about the comments ladies made. Almost 95% saw the post as being true and what more, very normal to have braids hurting after installing! About 6 years ago, I'd have thought the same. If you braid your hair and it hurts, please change the stylist. In fact,  take down the braids asap! I've fallen sick due to painful braids and it wasn't good.  Another danger in having tight braids is loss of the hairline. When your hair line recedes, you know how awful your hair styles turn out.  Lastly,  tight braids can weaken your strands. You don't want broken hair and dry hair, right?  Knowledge is power! 

Mane Choice, Hairfinity and Mielle Organics vitamins Ingredients Comparison.

[caption width="279" align="alignnone"] [/caption] Since the vitamins we have are competing against each other,  why not show you a breakdown of the ingredients of each one to help you make a decision when buying them.  What differences do you notice? 

5 Essential Nutrients For A Healthy Hair

 I would like us to delve into some essential nutrients that contribute to a healthy mane.  As the saying goes,'our bodies are a reflection of what we eat.' Our bodies as we all know depends on a regular supply of a variety of nutrients to promote growth, generate energy, repair worn out tissues and of course boost immunity . A healthy and lustrous mane doesn't depend on expensive hair products or a luxurious salon's in a healthy balance diet which is a right mix of proteins, carbohydrates, iron, vitamins and  minerals. Health experts agree that a healthy diet can improve the overall health, look and feel of our hair. Let us look at some of these key nutrients that will help us in our quest for a healthy and a gorgeous mane Protein The bulk of our hair is mainly made up of a tough and fibrous form of protein called KERATIN. This means our hair needs protein to grow. According to a health article featured on WebMD, at any given time 90% of our hair is